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Reasons Why America Is The Land of Opportunity Essay

Millions of people from all around the world see the United States as a land of opportunity. They come here, whether legally or illegally, in order to find better jobs, get a better education, and improve their standards of living. Most importantly, however, they come for the freedoms and human rights guaranteed by the United States Constitution. Many of them are escaping war zones, high crime rates, extreme poverty, and political and economic instability in their home countries, and come...
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Opportunity In America: Critical Essay

The Elusive American Dream America’s greatest allure is its promise of equal opportunity and fair treatment. This promise dubbed ‘The American Dream’ has encouraged many people to escape suffering from their country in the hope of obtaining a better life in America. Sadly this promise remains a dream for most Americans, one they can never hope to realize. The roots of the American dream can get traced to the Declaration of Independence in 1787 which conceived democracy in America. At...
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Freedom and Opportunity in America: Thesis Statement

The controversial question of whether immigration is a threat to the U.S. or not has plagued American Society ever since a huge influx of immigrants came during the 1900s. Some Americans then and now called “Nativists” who are considered to be “the most outspoken critics of immigration, feared that the American way of life and even the republic itself, was in danger from the constant stream of newcomers” (Damms and Jensen par.1). In simple terms, Nativists’ seen immigrants as a...
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Essay on Opportunity of a Lifetime

Imagine living 15 years of your 17-year-old life in one city. Imagine every memorable moment in your life pinned onto one location, growing in one house and finding comfort in its familiarity. Now imagine given a sudden opportunity to move to the United States and live the American dream. This was the opportunity that I was presented with when my father received a job offer to come to work here. For as long as I can remember, my parents have...
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Effect of Poverty on a Child’s Opportunity for a Good Education: Analysis of The Other Wes Moore

The world’s economic turbulences have vastly affected the lives of many people, perhaps to the tune of billions. Across generations, education has always been a priority due to its eventual benefits in life. In today’s world, described by the global competitive nature for survival, especially in the job market, education comes in handy in determining a person’s skillset and the prosperity of their future. Nevertheless, some children from the said poor families have been able to fight their way out...
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The Opportunity To Save Animal Lives in Cosmetic Industry

Studies in the beauty industry have shown that the over 170,000 vulnerable rabbits have experienced pain in laboratories around the U.S. annually (Nava-Martinez 53). Animal testing in the cosmetic industry consists of chemicals intentionally being seeped in numerous places of an animal’s body to monitor any damage to the body that may occur (Doyle). An initial thought of animal testing in the cosmetic industry is that the companies are required to utilize animals as subjects in testing their products, but...
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To What Extent is Populism a Threat to Democracy? Essay

Populism is notoriously difficult to define but most academics appear to agree that it has two main elements: firstly a claim to speak on behalf of ordinary people and secondly the ordinary peopl must stand up in opposition to an elite establishment or institution which stops them from fulfilling their political ambitions. In this essay, I am going to use a definition created by Cas Mudde, Professor at the University of Georgia. He defines populism as, [An] ideology that separates...
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