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Essay on Newspaper in English (225 words) The newspaper, often fondly referred to as the “morning friend,” plays an indispensable role in our daily lives. Born out of the necessity for communication, newspapers have evolved over centuries, metamorphosing from simple handwritten news sheets to today’s digital versions. With the advent of Gutenberg’s printing press in the 15th century, mass production of newspapers became possible, sparking the spread of information like wildfire and igniting a revolution that fundamentally changed the world....
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Comparative Analysis of Newspaper and Magazine

A magazine is a regular publication printed in gloss-coated and matte paper, or distributed electronically. Magazines are usually frequently released and contain a range of materials. In general, they are financed by ads, a sales price, discounted cards or a combination of the three, while newspaper is a daily publication that provides written material on current affairs and is mostly printed with a white or gray background in black ink. Newspapers can cover a broad variety of topics such as...
1 Page 466 Words

Newspaper as the First and Longest-Lived Media Platform

The newspaper has a long and storied history, with major advancements throughout human history. Mass media as a whole has developed gradually over time, but the newspaper was the first medium for spreading news and advertising to the public. While technologies like radio, television, and the Internet developed later in time, newspapers still exist and are widely read around the world- a testament to their longevity. Because the newspaper was the first and original platform for mass media, for a...
2 Pages 870 Words

The Current State of the Newspaper Industry in Bangladesh

Bangladesh has currently 3025 newspapers in total. This total number includes 1078 daily newspaper, 1947 weekly newspaper and fortnightlies and monthlies. The newspaper media industry had its best time where the circulation of newspaper and the rate of newspaper reader were increasing until 2013. As the literacy rate increased, the number of newspaper reader increased as well. People would wake up and they would read the newspaper while having a cup of coffee; they would read the newspaper while going...
1 Page 434 Words

Peak into the Old and New World of Newspaper

The thing which develops persons rationality. The thing which make a person aware of what is happening around him or her. Now it is present in your cell phones you are carrying always around just like extra but necessary baby. It also can be seen in one hand of old people with a cup of tea in other hand. While taking a sip, they read and tell each and every house member who is passing by about any news which...
1 Page 506 Words

The Evaluation of Newspaper Registration Laws And Compliance by Newspaper Proprietors in Rivers State

1.1 Background to the study In the passage of time, the Nigerian press has been frustrated by the problems of freedom that have become more difficult since 1960. After independence in the light of this, the Nigerian Press Council was established by Nigerian Press Council Decree No. 85 of 1992. This was announced by the government of General Ibrahim Badamasi Babagida to handle the complaints by members of the public in opposition to the conducts of the journalist in their...
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Observations of a Non-academic Text: Analysis of Online Newspaper Article

Introduction The text- ‘The new rules of eating al desko” mentions an array of opinions concerning the issue of eating or drinking at people’s desks from some experts and office workers’ perspectives. Thus, aspects of genre, audience and purpose are going to be discussed in order to analyze the above text’s different features. Genre To begin with, the genre of the text should be an online newspaper article which may belong to the aspect of lifestyle. It is obvious that...
2 Pages 728 Words

Historic Newspaper Assignment: Critical Analysis of the Article

Historic Newspaper June 28, 1914 marked the day that would turn the world upside down, this is the day that Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his wife Sophie, Duchess of Hohenberg were murdered in Sarajevo. They were severally wounded by Gavrilo Princip a 19 year old from Grahovo, who was a group of six assassins ( five Serbians and one Bosnian. The original political objective of the assassination was to essentially cut off Austria-Hungary’s South Slav provinces, so they could be...
2 Pages 1112 Words

Promotional Campaign Of 'Jeeto 21 Crore' for Divya Bhaskar Newspaper: Multidisciplinary Action Project Report

Executive Summary The executive summary gives an overview of our internship which includes of learning, meetings and experiences. Our project starts with an introduction and market analysis of the Newspaper industry. This is an attempt to know how the theories can be applied in practical life so as it becomes helpful for the company to create awareness and sell of the Product as per the customers’ choice and requirement to fulfill their demands. The first part of the project report...
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Critical Analysis of Newspaper Article: The Shooting of Sammy Yatim

The shooting of Sammy Yatim On July 26, 2013 Toronto was crawling with events, streetcars were filling up quickly. Yatim was seated near the back when four girls got on and sat near him. Without any warning Yatim took out his penis and got up, he then pulled a switchblade on one of the girls and tried to slit her throat. which got everyone else’s attention (Rogan, M. 2014). At first Yatim didn’t want anyone to get off the streetcar...
2 Pages 1041 Words

Supply Chain Management of Newspaper: Analytical Essay

Finding the value: press operations In general, the critical time for press operations is the fixed run time. Papers per hour output is limited by the speed of a press and the number of presses. The number and type of press is difficult and costly to alter. Remaining opportunities inside press operations involve eliminating any barriers to maximum sustainable speed. The value of each stop and start, each edition change, or once weekly collect run, should be assessed versus its...
6 Pages 2651 Words

The Adaption of Newspaper in the Development of Digital Journalism

With the increased development in digital age such as the widely use of mobile phones, the phenomena of news publication also changed, basically from print-only to either online-only or both. In the following four journal studies, it will demonstrate the adaption of news work through the changes, like readers favourable news factors published online, the affects to journalists and editors to the change of journalism, the transform to absolute online-only news and the effect on local commercial news. Buhl, F.,...
3 Pages 1471 Words

Newspaper Journalists' Motivation

National Careers Service website describe newspaper journalists as those who investigate and write on broad range of subjects, from reporting on international and local news to politics, business, science, sports, arts and culture. Low motivation negatively impact work performance, which threatens an organisation’s ability to remain competitive in the market (Küng, 2008). Given fluctuating public attitudes and expectation on newspapers today, steady stream of creative content is more crucial than ever. Readers no longer look simply for the news, but...
2 Pages 976 Words

Attitude to Newspapers among Different Generations: My Grandfather, My Mother and Me

Over the years, mass media has developed, and it is essential in one’s daily life. What is the mass media? By using mass communication, mass media indicates an array of media technologies that are used to target the public. Media can be classified into 4 groups which are print media, broadcast media, outdoor media, and the World Wide Web. In this assignment, I interviewed my grandfather, Yap Choon Yin, and my mother, Sophia Yap. The reason that I decided to...
6 Pages 2896 Words

Print Media in Development Communication in India

Development communication is a communication used for the development of the society. The role of Print Media and Electronic Media plays a part in the development communication of any country. The Government of India, Print Media is used to obtain a wide coverage of messages through various newspapers and journals. Print media is a classic media plays a remarkable part in the development communication. Print media sculptured India by its historical experience in specific by its association with the freedom...
3 Pages 1380 Words

Critical Analysis of Innovation Opportunities and Challenges for the Guardian

What are the innovation opportunities and challenges for the Guardian? Introduction The Guardian Newspaper is considered a British daily newspaper, which was founded in 1821 by a cotton merchant, John Edward Taylor. At that time this newspaper was known as the Manchester Guardian. However, in 1959, the Manchester Guardian became The Guardian. This was to exhibit the manifesting weight of both national and international business within the newspaper (1-3).The newspaper is owned by the Guardian Media Group (GMG) of newspapers....
4 Pages 1933 Words

Exploring the Relationship Between the Political Leaning of Newspapers and Their Portrayal of Adults with Anxiety Disorders

People form impressions of others they see, have described to them or encounter in the media (Schneider et al, 1979). It is common to save and store information about people, places or events as schemas. A schema is a defined and rational set of related thoughts and beliefs. When a schema is activated the mind fills in the missing details to have a better understand of the happenings (Hogg and Vaughan 2010). Schemas are sometimes related to stereotypes. Stereotypes are...
4 Pages 1943 Words

The Historical Path of the Media

Media is the way in which mass communication and information is spread to the public, and in today’s society, it is spread through broadcasting, journalism, the internet, and so much more. However, the ways of mass communication have changed over the past 150 years. Media is ever-changing and evolving to fit the status quo of society, and it has been since its beginning. Media does many different things for us as humans. For one, it fulfills us with entertainment. It...
3 Pages 1141 Words

Overview of Nigeria's Most Circulated Newspapers

The most popular newspapers in Nigeria are The Nation, Vanguard and Daily Trust. In this essay, I am going to review them. The Nation The Nation was launched on July, 31 2006 and published by the Vintage Publishers Limited, Lagos. The newspaper has a two -term former governor of Lagos State, Senator Bola Tinubu, as the proprietor, who also has a profile of having represented Lagos West Constituency in 1992, 1999 and 2007 on the platform of the Alliance for...
2 Pages 790 Words

Black Press Celebrates Freedom-Fighting Journalism: Analytical Essay on Newspapers

Newspapers owned by African Americans caused conversations for the truth and equal opportunity. On Monday, March 16, 2020 the one hundred ninety-third anniversary of the Black Press of America was commemorated and still continues to be irrefutable worldwide. This was generated by The Freedom’s Journal, the first newspaper for African Americans, distributed by John B. Russwurm and Samuel E. Cornish. Russwurm and Cornish publicized the newspaper’s inaugural issue with the first page containing the words, “We wish to plead our...
2 Pages 738 Words

National Newspapers of the United Kingdom: Comparative and Contrastive Essay

A large percentage of newspapers in the UK are held amongst five billionaires. Ownership and Control The Daily Mail is one of the top five largest circulating newspapers in England. Statistics presented by the Audit Bureau of Circulation show The Daily Mail has an average per issue print circulation of 1,136,247 (, 2019). ‘The Daily Mail is said to have 3.4 million daily readers’ (, 2019). It is published in London and set out as a tabloid newspaper. Cambridge dictionary...
2 Pages 696 Words

Overview of Major News Media in America: CNN, The New York Times and Fox News

In this paper, I have written about political and national news media in America. I have selected three major television and print outlets in the United States. I chose CNN, The New York Times, and Fox News. I researched the three outlets ownership, their expected audience, their political affiliations, notable writers, and anchors. Each company has its own highs and lows in their reputation history. Lastly, I will compare and contrast the differences between my chosen groups. Every reporting association...
2 Pages 959 Words

Comparative Analysis of the Internet and Print Media in Terms of Accessibility

Accessibility is the quality of being able to be reached or entered a certain type of something or someone. Internet and Print are two mass medias that have caused accessibility issues, but one is able to conceal the information better. Internet and Print both have their positives and negatives about accessibility when they are being used. The revolution of technology has even had an effect on this where Print media used to run everything and was necessary to have in...
3 Pages 1516 Words

Essay about Printing Press

An enduring issue is an issue that has existed for a very long time. It is an issue that many societies have attempted to fix with multiple degrees of success. The enduring issue that is being expressed in this research essay is the Impact of Technology. The type of technology that is going to be expressed in this essay is the Printing Press. The printing press affected people in a positive way. The printing press was very significant back in...
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