Print Media in Development Communication in India

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Development communication is a communication used for the development of the society. The role of Print Media and Electronic Media plays a part in the development communication of any country. The Government of India, Print Media is used to obtain a wide coverage of messages through various newspapers and journals. Print media is a classic media plays a remarkable part in the development communication. Print media sculptured India by its historical experience in specific by its association with the freedom struggle and also the movements of social liberation, reform and development. Print media is used in developed as well as undeveloped countries with the modern technologies today. Now a day’s print media face heavy competition it has its own standard though. The press is still the presiding medium for advertising in the country. Even now people prefer print though the electronic media is more effective than the former. This paper studies the development of print media and how the role of print media in the development communication is making difference in modern era.

Human being use verbal and non-verbal form of communication. Communication is used as an empowerment aid for developing society. In other terms, communication is used to enhance the participation of people in the development activities. Millions of people in the developing countries are not aware of the wide range of information and knowledge so print media helps them to improve their live through communication technologies.

Development means change for the better and communication means sharing of experience. Hence Development communication could be about the change in the social and economic for the improvement and welfare of the society. The information which are designed to change the behaviour of people or for enhancing their life quality can be referred as development communication and this information used to transform the socio-economic condition of people. Hence it can be defined as the use of communication to promote in a better way. The offering of print media in contributing information and transfer of knowledge is sensational. Print media is faster than before because of the amazing advances in technology in recent years. The technical advancement changed the way we perceive universe and manner in which we communicate with one another.

As a classical media, print media in development communication is nearer to people who need messages of development like the farmers and workers. Such type of media is participatory and fruitful. As long as the print media is concerned, after independence when the Five Year Plans were begun by the government for planned development, it was the newspaper which gave great impact to development courses. They wrote on different government enhancement programs and how the people could utilize them. They include about farming and other related subjects and particulars about weather and implements. The development of scientific and technology improvements have brought about steady fast development in the world of media. New media are rising up and where the old ones are being improved upon and in this process their availability has increased manifolds. Printing media was the first one to be utilized as the mass media for communicating the information. Even today print media is one of the powerful media among the rural society.

Before freedom, print media and written communication attends the progress of civilization which results in the changing cultural technologies. The transfer of information, facts, concepts from one person to another undergone huge evolution since pre-historic times. The Indian press in particular the Indian language newspapers were in the lead of the struggle for freedom. Many leaders like Mahatma Gandhi used the newspaper to activate the people to join in the freedom struggle. Political leaders used the press to arouse people. Newspapers were used as a weapon.

The first newspaper published in India was the Bengal Gazette, commenced by James Augustus Hickey in 1780. Soon after this Bombay Courier and Bombay Herald were started in the country. Later the Times of India and Bombay Samachar evolved. Bal Ganghadar Thilak is a prominent staunch of the pre-independence era, who used his newspaper as the medium of communicating his ideas and the ideas of freedom struggle. Kesari newspaper industry had only one goal that is to escalate the cause of independence. After independence, British owners of newspaper like The Times of India also left and handover the companies to the Indian companies. Hence there was a change in print media. The quality of production has improved and the medium of the Indian language newspapers have taken power of the advancement in printing and communication technology to bring various edition dailies. Newspaper had the stiff competition with the other Newspapers due to the equal well production. Newspapers were concerned about the local problems acting the active role in fighting against poverty, disease etc. So people were aware about the happenings around them through the newspaper.

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Colour printing has created the newspaper more attractive. Areas of commerce found a prominent place in all Indian language newspaper so it was useful for the business people so that they felt easy for the social dealings and other stuffs. It made lighter for the business people to deal their business. Newspaper influenced the government and the people. Everyone was benefited with the news that was published in the newspaper which made them to know about the knowledge around the world. Government was also highly benefited with the newspaper in many ways.

After independence newspapers in India had the choice to make either situate with the government and support all its initiatives or act as a critic to the democratised country and its lead. So with the various aspects of the news made the people to understand the events happening in and around the world in different connotations which was much needed one for them. Most of the newspaper came into existence after the independence. And today thousands of articles and newspapers are circulation. In independence era newspaper was widely used as an instrument of social change. Now it’s acting as the agent to deliver the events happening around. At present in 21st century Indian print media is one of the biggest print media in the world which bears all the information; let it be universal or local. Hence people of different places are connected and through the newspaper the messages were shared worldwide. Times of India newspaper top the list of the best newspaper in India.

The publication of societal events, availabilities, trade, commerce, calamities, weather, share markets, price of gold, petrol, vegetables and so on will helps the people to understand the things and will make their movements in the profitable way. These profitable movements create the enrichment of the society. The newspaper also provides the information of the government and their schemes, which make the people aware of the good and bad deeds of the government, will paves way for the people to react accordingly, will make the people to fight for the proper society with proper dogmas. This enhances the development of the society.

Newspaper plays the important role in the field of advertisement. Press media is the dominant medium for advertising in the country even if television has increased its share continuously. Advertisement in the newspaper makes the people to get the information about the new things which came into the market and makes them aware of the things that are prevailing.

With the emergence of the new media though the importance of newspaper downed it has its own importance in the society. People still gets newspaper to know the worldwide news to get connected. The information delivered in the newspaper is genuine and authentic but it is not in the case of new media. So people trusted the print media. Print media is easily reachable by everyone. It is accessible even in the rural area. But it’s difficult in the case of new media.

Print media act as a tool which makes the people to engage with the stakeholders, policy makers, promotes conductive environment, create social change via its sustainable development. Hence print media plays a vital part in the Development Communication and enriches the grade of the society in every possible field. Many media can come and go but print media has its own stand and paves richest way for the development communication. Print media has its great share in the development communication of both developed and undeveloped countries.

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