Comparative Analysis of Newspaper and Magazine

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A magazine is a regular publication printed in gloss-coated and matte paper, or distributed electronically. Magazines are usually frequently released and contain a range of materials. In general, they are financed by ads, a sales price, discounted cards or a combination of the three, while newspaper is a daily publication that provides written material on current affairs and is mostly printed with a white or gray background in black ink. Newspapers can cover a broad variety of topics such as politics, business, sports and art and may also contain resources such as opinion columns, weather forecasts, local service reviews, obituaries, birth notes, crosswords and editorials. Newspaper and magazines may have a couple differences in several things.

To begin with, the newspapers are somewhat different apart from the magazines. Newspapers are more motivated by readership than by adverts. Newspaper editors prefer to print contentious stories, and would loathe having an advertiser, no matter how big, tell them what they can and can't run in their paper. Those who read a newspaper, however, do not have the time given to read the magazine, so newspapers are made very readable, so the articles are shorter, have more punch and get to the point quicker. Magazines concentrate on catchy headlines rather than the definition of baseline, in an attempt to grab the reader's attention and get him to read the whole story. Newspapers do appear to have a variety of authors all triving for the same reader.

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On the other hand, in a general rule, magazines are more advertising-driven than newspapers, and material in larger magazines is also reviewed very carefully against the criteria of those advertising. For example, a friend of mine who works at a major women's magazine tells me there's a list of fifteen-page guidelines for all products put opposite full-page advertisements for any General Foods product. Part of the explanation is that people sometimes equate what they're reading with an ad that they see near the item. It's a form of neural association, which is not much different from the way you actually remember exactly what you did on September 11 when you learned about the terrorist attacks.

In addtion, to write a newspaper, you'll need to come up with a catchy, fast article on something that the people would enjoy reading in a few minutes over a breakfast. To include a similar piece magazine, you have to bring out something special, something specific. A magazine reader is looking for an article that makes them feel that either they have learned something of value, or that they have interacted in some other way with the rest of the population, or the world, or at least they have gained value in the form of entertainment. They want something that makes them feel like they've had that enjoyable time reading.

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