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Abstract. Under the settings of the occupant population growth, higher building, and transportation masses, traditional houses in a tropical climate are not designed as a consequence of the optimal model in rural environments with improved air circulation and lower noise sources as original types in the past. Those conditions take consequences on occupational adaptation, physically and psychologically. The study intended to analyze the occupant’s sensitivity and adaptation to heat and noise environments. The tropical environment, which is represented by geographical...
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Adaptation Is a change or the process of change by which an organism or species becomes better suited to its environment. In biology, adaptation has three related meanings. Firstly, it is the dynamic evolutionary process that fits organisms to their environment, enhancing their evolutionary fitness. Secondly, it is a state reached by the population during that process. Thirdly, it is a phenotypic trait or adaptive trait, with a functional role in each individual organism, that is maintained and has evolved...
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In daily life, human beings meet different people every day so there is a need for individuals to identify and make a judgment of the people they encountered to interact with them. Much research suggested that faces are a major source of information about individuals and function as crucial communication cues for people to interact with others (Rhodes et al., 2015; Todorov, Mandisodza, Goren, & Hall, 2005). Faces also play a crucial role in shaping the way people perceive others...
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“Sensory adaptation refers to the fact that sensitivity to pro-longed stimulation tends to decline over time. According to the theory of natural selection, inherited characteristics that provide a survival advantage tend to spread throughout the population across generations. Why might sensory adaptation have evolved? What survival benefits might it confer to a small animal trying to avoid predators? To a predator trying to hunt prey?” What even is Sensory adaptation? “Sensation = bottom-up process (the output) brings information from the...
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Introduction The purpose of this lab report is to reflect on an experiment carried out on 30/01/2020. The experiment's objective “was to measure the minimum amount of luminance of a test spot required to produce a visual sensation which is the absolute intensity threshold (1/sensitivity) of the visual system to light in dark conditions as a function of time using the standard instrument for this purpose. By viewing the target extra-foveally, using part of the retina containing both cones and...
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The level of adaptations from foregoing existing source material (hypotext) as a function of transforming the culture which was originating through the intertexts of narrative, myths, folk tales, poetry, fiction, dramas, and films across a broad spectrum of culture and languages. Adaptation theory is always the challenge faced by a theory that changes the hypotext material to hypertext by considering the characters, narratives, signs, and motifs which cause unique difficulties in adaptation theory that have not been acknowledged by the...
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Small Island Developing States (SIDS) are on the front line of climate change-related perturbations due to their small land masses located in areas prone to natural disasters and extreme weather events. Their exposure is exacerbated still further by factors such as a reliance on natural resources for subsistence and livelihoods, inadequate infrastructure, high population growth, and limited health, education, disaster response systems, and adaptive capacity. This entails challenges regarding freshwater availability, agricultural production, safe housing conditions, food security, and health....
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Need and Significance of Saguaro removal services Saguaro removal service in Phoenix is high in demand. Cactus species are available in all sizes and forms and are quite prickly to be removed from client lands and properties. If you are in need of paid and skilled specialists to effectively remove the Saguaro from land then you may reach out to Az cactus executive specialists that are highly trained in providing Saguaro removal facilities to clients. These facilities are provided to...
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My story begins from starting with a place where I got lost in myself, and I was searching for my own identity and a place to call home. ‘Nepantla’ is a Nahuatl word meaning ‘tierra entre medio’ or in-between spaces. Nepantla is the idea of the liminal space, and finding places between different identities – the transformation and confusion from one world to another. The major question for me was who I am between two different identities, especially, and the...
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Nowadays, the amount of adaptations such as films, TV programs, or TV series is increasing dramatically. To a certain degree, many classic movies or interactive works are based on nice novels or real events. ‘The Shawshank Redemption’ is adapted from Stephen King’s classic novel (Different Seasons) and it can be seen how successful it is in being adapted into a meaningful movie. However, adaptations are neither simply adding a new ending to the story nor altering the name of the...
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The Inuits of the Arctic have been able to adapt to the extreme cold as well as the seafood diet. The Inuit people enjoy the benefit of a range of genetic adaptations to their climatic conditions and diet that help them to survive in harsh environments. The region has been considered to play a key role in the climatic adjustments of the Inuits by generating heat from the various forms of body fats. The scientists have been able to follow...
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