Everything We Should Know about Puberty in Girls

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As we get older, we will experience something in our life that might confuse us. Puberty. This word may sound scary, but it is just a part of our life where we are changing and growing up. The main reason girls go through puberty is to prepare for having a child.

Puberty happens because of hormones. The female hormone is called estrogen. Estrogen is the cause of secondary sex characteristics and physical changes in the body. Secondary sex characteristics are the physical developments that occur during puberty, such as breasts, pubic hair and wider hips. These characteristics are very important because they are all in preparation for a baby. Breasts carry the milk for the baby, pubic hair prevents unwanted infections and bacteria to enter the vagina, and wider hips to allow the baby space to grow.

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Once every month, girls go through something called the menstrual cycle. This is when blood or fluid comes out of the vagina. This is nothing to be scared of. It is just the egg is being released from the ovaries and not being fertilized by the male’s sperm. The fluid is just the lining of the uterus shedding. The period lasts for about 5 days. After this, the cycle continues as the lining thickens again in preparation for the next period.

Some products that can be used during this period are pads, tampons and liners. There are all different types and sizes of products because everyone’s period is different. When girls first get this period, using pads might be more comfortable than using tampons. Pads stick to the underwear and are outside the body, so they can be used for longer. The suggested time for changing a pad is determined on how heavy this period is. The tampon needs to be changed more frequently because it is inside the body. In extreme conditions, girls can develop toxic tampon shock syndrome, which can lead to death, but this is extremely unlikely and not something to worry too much about, but be aware.

As a child, your emotions are hard to deal with especially since you don’t know how to portray them. Now as you are getting older, you learn strategies to show your feelings and not take it out on other people. Part of puberty is emotional development. At this stage, girls might have strong feelings and unpredictable mood swings. Mood swings make them feel happy at one moment and mad at the next, but these are totally normal. During this time, they need to have the responsibility to recognize their own feelings and the responsibility to know how to control them in an effective way.

Summing up, puberty is an important period in girls’ development; it is nothing to be scared of. It is normal and happens to everything at different times in their life.

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