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The Effects Of Advertisement On Girls

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There are many factors that contribute to the overall influence that an advertisement can have on an audience. In 2011 the Girl Scout organization placed an advertisement to spread the message and increase the awareness of this program, which was created to appeal to parents and a variety of girls with different personalities. This ad’s effectiveness relies on the choice of text, its arrangement, and rhetorical appeals of ethos, pathos, and logos to appeal to the young girls as well as show the organization credibility and the reasons why you should join a girl scout troop.

In the advertisement, it establishes ethos as a credible company whose ad is reasonable due to the fact that they incorporated their website for people to go on and see this program. Also, the advertisement uses ethos as a structure in fonts to emphasize the euphoric emotions experienced by girls in the program. The font for the phrase, “What did you do today?” is not straight like essay font. Instead, it has angles and fun edges. Therefore, the audience is convinced that the program goes to be fun expertise if they are a part of it. The font on “Girl Scouts 2011” is additionally a bit fancy, suggesting that the folks that are part of the program can relish the experiences they had and be proud enough to sell those to others. In those ways, the advertisement is able to convince more people to join the Girl Scout program in America.

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In addition, the ad uses an arrangement that influences a big role in attaining the intended audience and appealing to the interest of the readers through a distinction of color and the usage of pathos. The ad shows you a black and white image of the three girls who are going about their day in a meaningless and unproductive way. Through this image, it portrays an emotion of boredom and stimulates the feeling of not having a “successful day.” After the text, there are four smaller and colorful images of girl scouts doing some of the activities that they do in the program and having a blast. The pictures depict girls who are smiling and with their friends which advertised that the program wants girls to enjoy being kids. The pictures show the reader all of the fun activities they could be doing in Girl Scouts but also the alternative which is going day by day with nothing to do. Because this advertisement is trying to appeal to a young audience it uses pathos saying that if girls joined they would have much more fun than if they did not.

More specifically, the Girl Scout Ad uses logos through the pondered question of “What did you do today?” With this question, the Girl Scouts organization makes a point that what you’re doing is monotonous and not as entertaining as you could be having if you enlist in the girl scouts. It is also a question that grasped the attention of parents, numerous parents want their kids to not always be on their phones, or inside and be bored. For some parents, it is hard for them to get their kids to be productive and leave their technology devices for some time. This topic connects with the parents and leads to a solution to their dilemma.

In conclusion, the 2011 Girl Scout Organization ad uses rhetorical devices to spread the message to join and increase the awareness of this program to a variety of girls and parents. The three major ways that this ad was able to get their point across is through ethos which allows for the young girls to want to join, pathos to show the organization credibility, and logos to show the reasons why you should be in it. The ad fulfilled its intentional objective by creating a proposal of meaningful, boredom fun, that many girls and their parents would respect and want to adopt.

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