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Negative Effects of Adverse Childhood Experience

Chapman et al (2004) describes adverse childhood experience (ACE) as a traumatic experience in a person’s life occurring before the age of 18 which the person remembers as an adult. Some examples of ACEs are physical abuse, emotional abuse, sexual abuse, alcoholism in the family, drug abuse in the family, depression or any other mental illness in the family, suicide in the family, incarceration of a family member, abuse of mother by her partner, abuse of father by his partner,...
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Adverse Childhood Experience Test: Analysis and Interpretation

Introduction Students entering today’s high schools bring with them a variety of experiences – from family interactions to school activities, and sports participation to community involvement. As the definition and dynamics of these institutions change over time, so too are the experiences of the students. Looking specifically at changes within families; some result in negative impacts on student’s experiences and lives. What is the impact of negative family experiences on a child/student? How many negative experiences can they withstand? And...
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Relationship between Substance Use Disorder and Childhood Experience with Violence among Youth

Research Question: What is the relationship between substance use disorder and childhood experience with violence among youth? Does it vary by race? The purpose of this study is to explore the relationship between substance use disorder and childhood experience with violence among youth. Additionally, we would like to analyze if this association varies by race. The theory that we will be using for our study is the stress and coping theory. Stress and coping is the most popular cognitive-behavioral theories...
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Role of the Accumulation of Adverse Childhood Experiences in the Health of Adults

Evidence from a rising number of epidemiological and neurobiological studies show that adverse childhood experience (ACE) such as abuse, neglect and related adverse experiences show long lasting impacts on brain function and physical health, resulting in a predisposition to physical and mental health disorders throughout their lives. Community surveys from Europe and worldwide show the great prevalence of physical (22.9%), mental (29.1%) and sexual (9.6%) abuse in addition to physical (16.4%) and emotional neglect (18.3%) (Sethi et al., 2013) within...
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How My Childhood Shaped Me into Who I Am Today

When I was a child, there were a lot of interesting things about physical cognitive and social life that enriched my childhood time and shaped my personality to make me who I am. Sleep was an important part of my childhood day. In order to make me keep energetic, my parents arranged a ‘going to bed’ routine for me. According to my mother, at about 8:30 pm she would urge me to go to bed and my time to fall...
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Psychological Factors of Violent Behavior

Violent crime is a notion of what constitutes violence can vary not only between different societies but also between groups with the same society at different times and in different contexts. Violent offending can have many factors explaining why a person would commit a crime that perplexed humankind; these include biological, psychological, social, and economical. Although, we will be mainly focusing on the psychological factors dictating how it can cause unusual behaviour; these include mental illness, depression (aggression), and personal...
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The Influence of a Binary Understanding of Gender on Children's Experiences

In this essay I will be discussing the different ways of how an understanding of gender as a binary, has an impact on the experiences of childhood and/or youth. I will be discussing several ideas/understandings of gender as a binary and review the influences on childhood and youth experiences. I will split this essay into three parts, starting with how binarism affects boys and young males, how binarism affects girls and young females, and the part will be how society,...
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The Long-Term Effects of Childhood Trauma

Parents want what is best for their children, and do what they can to provide for them. Protecting them from any harm or negative experiences they may face. Children have yet to go through development to be able to process different life experiences. Complex topics that children are not able to grasp just yet, such as death, war, poverty, natural disasters and things of that nature. With a full future ahead, their caregiver attempts to shield them from this in...
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Impact of Early Adverse Childhood Experiences on Development and Educational Progression of Children

This assessment will explore the impact early Adverse Childhood Experiences can have on the development and educational progression of children and young people who are looked after in Scotland. In order to understand the impact that Adverse Childhood Experiences can have on the behaviour of children in the classroom and attainment, first a definition of “looked after” and adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) must be determined. This assignment will also, with reference to literature discuss what support and interventions that are...
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Adverse Childhood Experiences: Review of Studies and Literature

Adverse childhood experiences are so prevalent today, that a quick search in the research database Academic Search Ultimate produced over 10 million peer-reviewed articles on the topic. The title of the article I chose is, “Childhood abuse, neglect, and household dysfunction and the risk of illicit drug use: The adverse childhood experience study. The authors of the article are Shanta R. Dube, Vincent J. Felitti, Maxia Dong, Daniel P. Chapman, Wayne H. Giles, and Robert F. Anda. The article was...
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Importance of Childhood Experiences: Review of The Childhood Trauma Questionnaire

Abstract Childhood trauma continues to be a problem psychosocially, medically, and as well as in the realm of public policy (De Bellis & Ziskm 2014). The Childhood Trauma Questionnaire (CTQ) was developed by Bernstein and Fink (1998) and has been widely used in research relevant to stress, depression, and substance use. The current paper discusses the development of the CTQ, the psychometric properties of the tool, the use and applicability in research, ethnocultural factors that need to be considered, and...
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Effects of Early Childhood Trauma

There is a lot of evidence to suggest that negative early life experiences have a profound impact on the growing brain. Changes in the brain that take place in response to early life stress can lead to lifelong trauma. Children who are exposed to sexual or physical abuse or the loss of a mom or dad are at higher threat for development of depressive and anxiety issues later in life. Clearly, exposure to early life stressors leads to changes in...
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Childhood Trauma and Its Negative Effects

As children, many people go through at least one of the various forms of trauma, affecting not only their development, but also their adult life. Childhood trauma is extremely common in this era as many children have the misfortune of being raised without sufficient love and attention or grow up exposed to things they should not be. According to the National Child Traumatic Stress Initiative (2015), abuse is one of the most common form of childhood trauma. This may include...
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Career Goal Essay

Reasons Behind Selection of 5 Years Term Period For Personal Development Leadership is defined as the capability of a person or group person to influence and guide people in an organizational setting. 5 years term period has been selected to develop my leadership development plan. The personal leadership development plan is a comprehensive tool that can guide me throughout my career, and result in career satisfaction at different times. And learning from others’ feedback is the core aspect of personality....
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describe your child's strengths and weaknesses essay

Anyone who has a child matures suddenly and awakens unconditional love. It is not even necessary to give birth to it, to know that you would do anything for it to become a mother or father is an experience that changes us forever and makes us stronger. If you have until recently believed that you are a weak, insecure person, but then held your child in your arms, then you will realize that you will get the most out of...
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Bullying in Childhood and Its Consequences

Through the years, individuals reach a stage of life called middle and late childhood. In this stage, children witness physical, cognitive, and socioemotional development that is most familiar in this phase. As a matter of fact, in this stage of their life span bullying is the most common among children between the ages of six to 12. Bullying is often a serious and sensitive topic that affects children in many forms, such as, physical and emotional. As mentioned in the...
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