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The new evil: Understanding the emergence of modern violent crime is written by two authors; Michael H. Stone and Brucato. Michael Stone is an American psychiatrist and teaches clinical psychiatry ('Michael H. Stone', 2019). This author has received recognition for his refining of the concept of psychopathy and has also provided support to the need for flexibility in the therapeutic approach for the treatment of Borderline Personality Disorder. Stone also received an award from the American Academy of Psychoanalysis in...
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The New Evil Book Report Name of Author Name of Professor Course Name Date of Submission The New Evil Book Report 1. About The Authors The new evil: Understanding the emergence of modern violent crime is written by two authors; Michael H. Stone and Brucato. Michael Stone is an American psychiatrist ad professor of Clinical Psychiatry at the Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons in New York City ('Michael H. Stone', 2019). This author has received vast recognition for...
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The question most consistently asked throughout time is; why do people commit violent crimes? Various perspectives, derived from one of two original theories: classical or positivist, have been pondered trying to discover an answer to this question. One modern-day theory, stemming from the positivist theory, that may be able to best explain the reasoning as to why people commit violent crimes is strain theory. There are two takes on strain theory, Merton’s classic strain theory, and Agnew’s general strain theory,...
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Abstract This paper discusses concerns surrounding violent crime in society. It compares statistics about violent crimes such as Burglary, homicide, kidnapping/abduction, and Assault/sexual assault in comparison with each other reflecting the low rate of victimization; Followed by a comparison of these statistics with the victimization rates of property crime and concluding that violent crime be less of a concern whereas property crime is more likely to occur. Violent Crime Can Be A Source Of Concern But Is It The Most...
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Being a resident of the city of Beaumont since birth, and watching the local news often, I have recently discovered the violent crimes that have taken place. Four innocent people have lost their lives in the South Park neighborhood one day. The Beaumont Enterprise states that “it is the city’s first mass shooting in five years (Moore).” One suspect was charged with four counts of murder. The suspect and the victims were all minorities, specifically African-American. Why did he do...
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Night after night on the news, there is always a new violent crime that is being reported on. It seems like as a society we can’t get away from the trend of violent crime. Most people relate violent crimes to only shootings, but violent crimes are actually and crimes that involve an aggressive acts such as; rape, aggravated assault, and shootings. The media has brought much attention to these crimes, especially the ones that involve massive death tolls from a...
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Have you ever wondered where the safest state to live in is? Situated in the New England area at the north tip of the United States, Vermont is a lovely, tiny, and wealthy state with the second smallest population in this nation and one of the lowest violent crime rates. Vermont has a violent crime rate of 1.2 per 1,000 people compared to the 4.02 of California. Thousands of crimes are committed everyday but what causes these crimes to happen...
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Violent crime is a notion of what constitutes violence can vary not only between different societies but also between groups with the same society at different times and in different contexts. Violent offending can have many factors explaining why a person would commit a crime that perplexed humankind; these include biological, psychological, social, and economical. Although, we will be mainly focusing on the psychological factors dictating how it can cause unusual behaviour; these include mental illness, depression (aggression), and personal...
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