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Career Goal Essay

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Reasons Behind Selection of 5 Years Term Period For Personal Development

Leadership is defined as the capability of a person or group person to influence and guide people in an organizational setting. 5 years term period has been selected to develop my leadership development plan. The personal leadership development plan is a comprehensive tool that can guide me throughout my career, and result in career satisfaction at different times. And learning from others’ feedback is the core aspect of personality. As I want to become a brand management expert professional, start a branding solutions business, and become a millionaire. Considering my future career goals and objectives, I have selected Boyatzis Intentional Change Model to develop a personal leadership plan. Boyatzis Intentional Change Model uses five steps to help leaders in the leadership development plan. These steps include discovering your ideal self and creating a personal vision, comparing your ideal self with the real self, developing a leadership learning agenda and plan, experimenting and practicing new habits, and relationship that helps us to learn. I plan to follow these steps and achieve my career goals and objectives. In this way, Boyatzis Intentional Change Model can help me to achieve my career goals and objectives.

Leadership is defined as the capability of a person or group person to influence and guide people in an organizational setting. Leadership emphasizes on making sound, easy and difficult decisions, creating a clear and concise vision, developing achievable goals and objectives, and providing necessary resources and knowledge to subordinates or followers (Pratt, 2018). In my opinion, leadership is all about guiding, assisting, influencing, and leading team members or individuals in organizational and social concepts. On the basis of this definition, I analyze whether someone is a leader or not. Considering the concept of self-development as a leader to build self-awareness, I believe that personal development is a lifelong process that involves various stages. And it is derived from Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs where self-actualization is the last stage of personal development as a leader. On other hand, personal development start with physiological needs which include food, water, oxygen, shelter, sleep, and relaxation (Skills You Need, 2018).

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Higher Self-awareness, self-esteem and motivation, and innovative ideas have become core elements of my normal life. As knowing self plays a key role in developing confidence and self-esteem, therefore I usually try to analyze different aspects of my life. Analyzing myself and the different actions of my life really helps me to know my life, strengths, and weaknesses, what changes are required in life and career, relation to others, most important beliefs and values, and self-perception. In this way, self-awareness really helps me to analyze myself and improve slowly and gradually (, 2018).

I have selected 5 years term period for personal and career growth and development. I plan to become an expert brand management professional and provide consultancy services to new and existing businesses. Throughout 5 years time period, I plan to achieve the following personal and professional goals and objectives,

  • Become an expert Brand Management Professional.
  • Acquire different certifications in brand management.
  • Do 7 different brand management courses.
  • Work on different brands and help companies to achieve their purposes.
  • Develop leadership skills and lead teams.
  • Improve communication and social skills
  • To become a millionaire.

Considering these different aspects, I have selected 5 years term period to uplift my career, and achieve my desired goals and objectives. Throughout 5 years term period, I plan to develop leadership skills and achieve personal and career goals. These are the main reasons behind the selection of 5 years term period.

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