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Procrastination: The Main Thief Of The Time

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Time is money, many people say time is life, actually. Time should be definitely the factor human beings appreciate the most, and while many may be aware of that, there are others that probably are not. Consequently, people do not use their time wisely, and they put things off as if they are sure time will not go by. It is exactly what a procrastinator does, that is to say, procrastination is an invisible enemy that steals a huge part of human's lives in different matters.

Laziness is a common habit that affects people from all edges. This habit ends in deferment of activities or tasks; for example, a normal student tends to put activities off when he or she thinks there is enough time to submit them. Sadly, the student in this case uses his or her free time to do nothing for being a victim of laziness. It may seem simple, but its consequences make the person regret the time lost; in other words, they realize that they wasted the majority of the time they had thought they knew that they had a lot to do. In the same way, this phenomenon drives students to become mediocre in their duties. A lazy person would barely develop a good task of any type, for he or she will decide to postpone activities at the endless time to work. Consequently, laziness makes students lose not only time but also their skills as talented people lose their shine if they fall into this habit. For this reason, time should be used wisely, particularly in the educational area. Nevertheless, only some people understand the importance of it. The habit of laziness strongly affects people's time when developing any task.

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Overconfidence seems to be the principal reason why students decide to procrastinate in making their homework assignments. Many pupils decide to delay because they believe they can do the homework assignments later. Students prefer to invest their free time doing other things instead of spending it doing school tasks; besides, they usually think assignments are not important. A schoolchild who procrastinates says that homework can be easily done in just a matter of minutes, especially in this technological world we live in. She/he thinks it is not necessary to spend a lot of time doing the tasks as she/he just needs to look for it on the internet. When this happens, students get no knowledge since they just copy what they find on the websites and do not care about learning. An undergraduate who adjourns is not aware of the resources they must collect or do. These kinds of students tend to avoid analyzing the things they are going to need to do their projects. So, when the deadline comes, they do the assignments only with the things they have and usually get poor results. Undoubtedly, overconfidence is a serious problem that influences students to procrastinate in their assignments´ development.

The excessive use of social networks makes students procrastinate because they prefer to spend their time checking the internet instead of doing their homework assignments. Nowadays, students are plugged into technology, but in most cases, they do not do good use of it, and as a consequence, it distracts them from their academic responsibilities; thus, many times they prefer to postpone their assignments to the last moment, so they can have more time for the internet. Students realize the consequences when they see the bad results at school. Since they do everything at the last minute and in a hurry, they do not learn anything meaningful. Therefore, it is reflected in their performance inside the classroom. Besides, it also happens when studying for an exam, for they prefer to make just a review of everything so that they have more free time to surf on the internet. These kinds of guys are like that because they are never pushed by their parents to work hard. Certainly, the wasteful usage that students make of their social networks makes them put everything off, and therefore they do not accomplish their assignments.

Procrastination gets in trouble for young people because they are the ones who have free time therefore they do not take advantage of using it to learn something meaningful because of their laziness, Overconfidence, or the excessive use of social networks. All these phenomena steal the time of young people as they are also easy to persuade by anything. Undoubtedly, procrastination is a silent thief that has many ways of stealing time.

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