Procrastination: Self Reflective Essay

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Somewhat almost as horrific as death (in terms of the brain) appears to be fundamentally wrong. Not just wrong, but seriously wrong or completely incompetent.

Have you ever felt like that? Would you do anything to stop your peers ' ridicule? It seems to me that persistent and outright avoidance is a similar kind of fear. Somehow, in the above example, the brain related the target of chronic substitution overdue taxes to a huge fine. In reality, there is a huge penalty that could result directly from the failure to pay tax!

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And why does the taxpayer continue to worsen the situation by refusing to fix the problem? In fact, I do not think that there is a 'natural' explanation for chronic delays, more than a rational explanation for depression or anxiety. The patient can feel that they can't do anything; they are powerless or unable to advance significantly.

This is pure motivational paralysis— a sense of deep inner conflict and sometimes unable to even recognize the problem.

Procrastination Cure?

So what can we do about both pedestrian and widespread procrastination?

Okay, if my thoughts above are right, we can only hope to minimize contraception. When delays occur because they are genetically modified into our organisms, then there is no 'cure,' except perhaps several million years of further growth. Perhaps not even then.

More people are turning to technology for one prevention option: productivity applications, organizational systems like GTD, and other hacking systems, which is a good solution, and many of them are helpful. This works for you because this works. On the other hand, it can only be beneficial in the short term. Too wide for productivity hacks is pathological procrastination.

Another choice is negative (punishment) motivation. It is the brute-force approach to solve the delay, and it works for a while. An example of using negative reinforcement against you is to make a promise to give money to your most despised group if you don't do a certain task. Unpalatable and self-abuse bordering, but it can be successful.

What about healthy motivation?

First, if you were already driven positively, then procrastination would not be an issue. Is there a way, so to speak, to 'produce' positive motivation? Can you be inspired positively to do something, even if you don't start like this originally?

I guess it's there. For example, after you have begun a task, it is easier to retain momentum. In reality, it actually begins to feel good to work on a job or project, even if it's not a subject that you love or even like. Participants are drawn up in a way that encourages continuing to work on a project after it is started, as illustrated in a study by Kenneth McGraw.

Obviously, 'starting' a job or project can be a challenging subject, but I believe it should be discussed more in the future.

Many of the above options work, some very well, for simple delays. Chronic degeneration is definitely a harder nut to crack because it is all-embracing and exhausting. You can't use a really negative incentive, for example, against a tax collector–they already have heavy fines or even time in prison! How much more can negative motivation be applied? And despite these potential punishments, they procrastinate. Buying a productivity app for your iPhone would, to say the least, be of questionable value.

The positive encouragement is also not a great influence if the reproductive is consistently resistant to even addressing the subject.

Everything is not lost on how to make any progress with procrastination. I believe it is possible to 'treat' both basic procrastination and chronic procrastination through attention management and metacognition.

If you get smarter and focus on the things you are doing— stuff you might not even be conscious of yet— you can at least improve your chances. At best, you will conquer the obstacles that were once unbeatable.

There are a number of ways to educate people. The Pomodoro technique can be used to step up your attention and develop good working habits.

Although I feel I threaten man-to-hammer syndrome, meditation is a great way to train attention and improve metacognition. It trains you to note the chatterbox in your mind, which distracts you, threatens you and implores immediate gratification. It helps us to know that, no matter how persuasive or seductive, you do not have to obey these orders.

Meditation also allows you to respond more closely to your feelings and to understand the patterns and circumstances that can cause them.

Types of Procrastination

There was a time when I trickled a lot. Procrastination was an important part of my life. So I have been learning and reading a lot about what delays are, what are the different types of delays, and how can I help myself avoid delaying.

One of the blogs has a few extremely insightful ideas about what delays are. If you know and want to avoid doing it, I agree that the first step is to explore the different types of procrastination patterns that may exist inside you.

    1. Ability deficits- Skill deficits are the first form of procrastination. If you do not have the ability and the aspect in you that can assist your project or concept, you can wait. One easy way to avoid ability deficits is to begin quickly or simply leave the project and focus on something you are eligible for.
    2. External obstacles–This is when you are distracted or when you think this isn't the right time to start. 'The best start time' isn't really an obstacle, because it's almost always the right time. The best time to start is to match yourself and your setting. A disturbed brain procrastinates.
    3. Emotional issues — Depression, loss of confidence, or even constant emotional tension are some of the main causes of this. This is because although you have all the skills and tools, you are unable to take real solid action to fulfill your tasks.
    4. Addictive diversion -Some people are just searching for a way to behave by attempting to find answers to their problems. Their problem is that they are constantly looking for a solution to their dilemma that they want to stop.
    5. Unknown inner truth — This is probably my explanation. Some of us agree that we are not allowed to do so. No matter how convinced or inspired we look from the outside, from the inside, we say that we are not going on the road. Your inner voice is procrastinating you.

It's important to know why you're going to beat it. Whenever you feel like you should not rush, make sure that you categorize it and step on with the most effective action.

Achieve the Life You Desire

Here is a different way of achieving your dreams, holding on to them, and achieving the life you want. This is a simple and practical exercise that takes a few minutes to complete but is worthy of reflection and can last a lifetime.

Create four columns for short bulleted lists using a blank sheet of paper. The first and second columns are from the heart. The heart answers fast with what you feel. The second and fourth columns are headed. The head offers a logical view with contemplation and calculated planning. Take a moment to make your four blank columns clear and remember the many other distractions that might lead you away from the idea of achieving the life you want. Go ahead and take a moment to prepare.

Mark the First Column 'WANT'.

With the first bullet, list something that you want in the next ten days. Note, that this collection is from the heart. Don't waste too much time worrying about your answer, just write down the first thing that comes to your mind and be honest with yourself. With the second paragraph, write down something you want in the next ten weeks. You may be inputting things that you want to do, things that you want to buy, or goals that you want to accomplish. In these words you won't find the answers, the answer must come from your heart to what you want. Write down what you want in ten months in the fifth newsletter. Write down something you want in the next 10 years in the fourth and final bullet of the first line. The last can take a while, but make the bullet as big as your dreams.

'To DO' mark the second column.

For the very first bullet in the left-hand column, publish what you can do to get or get the first bullet in the first row. Now it's time for your head to take the list as you need to plan an activity that helps you get what you want. For the second bullet, write down what you will do in the next ten weeks in order to accomplish what you want. And add the third element to accomplish what you want in 10 months. The final item is an event or procedure that leads to your 10-year objective. It completes the to-do personal list.

Sign 'TO KEEP' in the third column.

This line is from the heart again. The responses should be truthful and clear. The number of bullet points for this row is infinite, make as many as you like. Create a list of the things you have today that are important to you. List people you care for. List things you don't want to compromise to get the things you want. List objects you now have that reflect things you previously desired. These could be people, things, relationships, personal characteristics, or values that are important to you. This is a list of things that you serve or do not want to lose. It can include religious belief, morality, or a sense of humor for some individuals. For some, a car, a home, a car house, or a family heirloom can be included in the list. Your relationship with your spouse or children may also be on the list. There's no right or wrong answer, it's just a list of things you want to hold.

'THANKFUL' marks the fourth and last line.

The last row is where the head addresses the chest. Check the list of precious things you've built in the third column that you want to hold. You must create a corresponding bullet in the fourth column for each of these elements as to how you express your gratitude. For example, if one of the objects you are proud of and want to keep in your vehicle, this may be important to you by washing and cleaning your car. If one of the items on your list is something you cherish for the memories they evoke, you can place this object in a place where you can often see it and peacefully reflect on it. If your list includes personal characteristics that you would not sacrifice, consider how these characteristics can be used or strengthened. Think about something you can do to sustain this personal conviction if your list contains references to your faith. If your list contains people or relationships, think about what you do to show the person on your list the importance. Think of the little things you do to show your appreciation. The things you do in relation to express appreciation may seem small to you but may be very important to the recipient. Show the people you want to 'maintain' that they are important to you.

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