Procrastination Narrative Essay

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We all occasionally postpone our tasks at hand due to various reasons, these reasons may include fatigue, laziness, unwillingness, or even lack of spare time to spend on these issues. This has also become the habit of others of delaying things that they have to engage in. This issue causes some trouble to us and those around in disregard to the deadlines given.

It was on a Monday morning and I had slept in, thanks to Thanksgiving. In Fact, it was twelve o'clock and I was free for the whole of the afternoon. As usual, I used to sit in front of the television after cleaning the house and myself silently staring endlessly at the screen with my fingers clicking on the remote. I later realized that I had a draft that was due on Thursday, but I justified my procrastination with some reasons like: 'There is still more time to work on this assignment. Life nowadays is much faster and people in the 00s were supposed to organize and plan in order to keep up with the schedule, however, it seemed to me that more people were procrastinating than ever before. When I asked this person the reason behind why they procrastinated the main reason they supplied was that this task wouldn't take much of my time, and so this pressure makes me work more efficiently and other excuses like some emergencies arising and other important things. Some of these reasons sounded very legitimate but I think that these reasons are just some excuses that are made for people's fear of failure and also fear of lost security including the need for pressure.

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Back in High school, I had a close friend, Lucas who dropped out of school because of his bad grades. As his close friend, I knew whatever he was going through and what he was doing until the period of final exams. He was always a smart and responsible student and laziness was not any factor that affected his bad grades. Lucas could not pick up the books for revision soon enough before the examination because he was always afraid of failure. Since his older brother has already achieved excellent academic records and also achieved greater careers. Lucas's parents expected him to follow the lead from his brother's footsteps. As a result of this, Lucas was more afraid of trying this because he feared that he would not accomplish his parent's expectations. When he later came to realize the main problem it had already been too late.

It was already two o'clock in the morning, my computer was on and the coffee maker was still cooking, I was currently under a lot of stress and pressure. There wasn't enough time left, this kept ringing in my head as I watched the blank piece of paper in front of me. I kept telling myself I could do it and also encouraging myself while my mind generated zero ideas for this final draft, which was due four hours before that time. Everyone I know is procrastinating, my relatives, friends, and even the people I know in the government. Back in Blue City, Mayor Chris had delays in getting rid of the major gangs in the city. He promised the people of Blue City during his elections that he was going to issue the policy that would stop these gangs from spreading to our communities.

Procrastination has been rooted in many different causes, this may include numerous distractions, lack of motivation, failure, and fear of uncertainty which leads to a negative consequence that concerns our careers, health, studies, and our personal qualities.


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