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Understanding Phobias. Everyone is not born with phobias, we might born with fear, but if you check on young children, they are born without fear until what they did harms them in some ways. A phobia is learned because it has become a connection with an object or an experience that is unpleasant and uncomfortable. According to the psychological behaviorist, a phobia has to be learned. This will happen in one or two ways: classical or operant conditioning. Everyone is...
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Phobias: A Closer Look Imagine being scared to go outside, to get on an elevator, or even to take a bite of food. For many people, this fear consumes their everyday life. It is a psychological problem called phobia. A phobia is a psychological condition that needs to be evaluated due to the impact that it can have on a person’s life. In the following work the definition, symptoms, types, and treatment options for phobias will be described. The writer...
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A phobia is defined as “a persistent, irrational fear of an object, event, activity, or situation called a phobic stimulus, resulting in a compelling desire to avoid it” [1]. Although we understand what phobias are, the reasons for their acquisition are a subject of debate. Many psychologists have presented theories as to why phobias develop. Some psychologists believe they develop on a biological basis, whereas Freud presented a theory in relation to the three stages of conscience, or the “id,...
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What do you fear? Some people might have to think long and hard for an answer, while some answer ‘clowns!’ And there are the plucky ones who answer ‘nothing!’ but secretly have nightmares about heights. But what lines must ‘fear’ cross, to be considered ‘phobia’? Fear is feeling threatened by a certain stimulus; an object, organism, or situation. However, phobias are self-acknowledged, irrational fears of stimuli. People facing that type of anxiety disorder, experience extreme distress in response to the...
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As a result of ever-changing conditions and environments, humans have evolved to adapt. Evolution has changed how we respond to fear. Fear can be defined as an intense negative emotion when an organism encounters a threat or dangerous situation (Gullone, 2020). In humans, fear can be displayed in multiple ways. For example, physiological symptoms of fear can include but are not limited to chest pain, shortness of breath and an increased heart rate (Fritscher, 2020). The individual may also feel...
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Introduction Nowadays, phobia is one of the major problems that affects in our society. Phobia is a severe fear of specific thing or situation. It is a part of anxiety disorder that results negative emotional responses. Phobia is usually happen when fear is formed by danger situation which can be moved to other situations that the fear is originally forgotten. For example, a boy had the experience that was bitten by a dog. The next day when he saw the...
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Fear. We all experience it universally every day as a basic emotion. Everywhere we go, everything we do, fear is hidden deep in our minds. Some might not consider fear’s power over us, thinking it’s too small of emotion to be in control of our ginormous body, and our even bigger life. Fear is just known to be a survival instinct, only to take control in dire situations, it sounds like we benefit from it, don’t we? Phobia comes from...
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Homophobia is defined as dislike of or prejudice against homosexual people. People being homophobic is causing children across the world to go through pain every day because of their sexuality. Most of the pain and suffering is caused by bullying in schools. Making children feel welcome in schools should be a priority, not a choice. Students can not feel welcome if they do not feel safe; No Promo Homo Laws make it where students cannot be protected. No Promo Homo...
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Understand, accept, realize, and dwell with the fact that failure is not fatal. There is a way to correct most of the mistakes we make, and most of them have a second chance you can use to right your wrongs, so you don't have to fear failure. Each time you try and fail, you're left with the wisdom to learn from your mistakes, which gives you a step ahead of those who never tried. Nevertheless, never start a task with...
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