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Stanford Prison Experiment Versus Milgram Experiment: Comparative Essay

The Apples in the Barrel Humans are intricate and complex creatures, capable of great things like landing on the moon with advancing technology but also capable of disastrous and horrible things such as committing genocide against a minority group. There’s a thin line between the great things humanity can achieve to the very horrifying tragedies that we can inflict on others. To study human behavior we use social psychology which is an interesting subject especially when experiments defy expectations and...
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Notorious Experiments in Psychology: Milgram Experiment

In 1971, the scene of the most notorious experiment took place at Stanford University. Professor Philip Zimbardo was interested in what happens when you put good people in an evil place. Does the situation outside of you, the institution come to control your behavior, or do the things inside of you, your values, and your moralities allow you to rise above a negative environment? The negative environment he chose to put his participants in was a prison. He converted the...
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Informative Essay on Milgram Experiment

Exposure to electricity at even 50 volts can potentially be fatal, yet will people go as far as administering 450 volts? Will people comply with acting out heinous deeds instead of disobeying authority? These questions are addressed by controversial obedience studies including the Stanford Prison Experiment (1971), and the Milgram Experiment (1974) highlighting the critical relationship between obedience and authority. Milgram’s shocking experiment was conducted after the Holocaust and Nuremberg Trials (1945-1946) to explore people’s tendency to disregard one’s ethics...
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Ethical Issues in Research: Milgram Experiment

This assignment will analyze three issues in psychology, ethical issues, the right to withdraw, and the protection of participants will be addressed. Examples will be given throughout along with reasons to why ethical guidelines are in place, gaining an understanding of the science of morals and rules of behavior in all professional activity. Ethical guidelines exist and are a required code of conduct that is needed to be maintained and present through professionals’ actions within their working environment, whilst working...
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Essay on Psychological Research Methods: Analysis of Milgram Experiment

Today I am going to talk about the different types of psychological research methods. The three types that I will cover are experiments, Observations, and Survey Methods. I will take two examples for each method and summarise the strengths and limitations of each one. The first area I will look at is his experiments. There are two types of experiments. These are lab and field. The first type of experiment I am going to discuss is a lab experiment. A...
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Essay on Ethics and Psychology: Analysis of Milgram Experiment and the Stanford Prison Experiment

Psychology and ethics coincide because psychology is the study of human behavior. The American Psychological Association (APA) Ethical Principles of Psychologists and Code of Conduct was created to protect research participants, the reputation of psychology, and psychologists themselves. The first version of the guideline was published by the APA in 1953. The need for such a document came after psychologists were taking on more professional and public roles post-World War II. However, there were a few studies during the middle...
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Analysis of Philip Zimbardo’s 'The Psychology of Evil': Milgram Experiment

For centuries, people have always wondered where evil comes from. Although humans think that there is a fine line between good and evil that is simply not the case. Humans actually have the capacity to be both good and evil. The real question is why evil continues to foster and affect good people in committing heinous acts. According to Philip Zimbardo, there are several reasons why people commit evil. First, evil is needed in order to balance out the good...
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Modern Milgram Experiment Sheds Light on Power of Authority': Article Analysis

What is the title of the text and what is the text about? The chosen article: “Modern Milgram experiment sheds light on the power of authority” (Abbot, A. 2016) explores two similar studies. Firstly, the controversial 1963 study by Stanley Milgram (Milgram, S. 1963) and then the 2016 study by Universite´ libre de Bruxelles that mimics the original study but with important ethical boundaries (Caspar, E.A, Christensen, A.C, Haggard, P. 2016). The objective of both studies on coerced action is...
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Why People Might Do Harm to Others

After the events of the Second World War, the world was left in disbelief as to why or how so many seemingly ordinary people, were capable of committing such terrible crimes, excusing their actions and behavior as ‘following orders’. Psychologists sought to understand why people would act in the way that they did, but also how it happened on such a large scale. Shortly after the end of World War II, Nevitt Sanford and a small team of psychologists, including...
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Significance of Milgram's Study of Obedience for Social Psychology

Hogg and Vaughan (2017) have observed that “social psychology offers a special perspective on human behavior”. Undoubtedly, studies have shown that it is within human behavior to be influenced by the presence of others. Milgram’s ‘Behavioral Study of Obedience’ (1963), highlights in particular the impact of social roles on behavior, i.e., obedience. Obedience can be defined as “the act or practice of obeying” (Collins English Dictionary, 2012). During World War II, it was estimated that around 6 million Jews were...
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