Why Are Students Procrastinating?

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Student age is an important period in a person’s life, during which a person determines his professional choice, acquires feelings of maturity and identity, plans for the future. Educational and professional achievements that firmly believe in themselves and their abilities for productive activities, and at the same time lay the foundation for successful self-realization in the future. However, a barrier to such achievements may be procrastination in which a person postpones other relevant issues and tasks that are most important until the deadline, as well as decision-making. According to the American Psychological Association, 80 to 95 percent of college students procrastinate their daily and academic affairs(American Psychological Association, 2010). Although procrastination is more or less characteristic of all ages, it is most common among students. There are three main types of procrastination, such as daily, academic and neurotic procrastination. Procrastination may be negatively affected to physical and mental health, academic success and self - development, but this can be solved by the right planning of affairs, self-control, and use several tips.

Procrastination in everyday life affects the increase in incomplete chores and dissatisfaction with yourself, but in combination with what you like to do and what you procrastinate on can be a solution to the problem. Many of the students live independently in a dormitory or a rented apartment. Most of the day they learn, practice and hone their skills. After a replete day, having arrived at home, thoughts and a prediction will appear that tomorrow it will be easier to do household things. Day by day, students deceive themselves, wait that day to finish all their chores, believing in future changes. Students feel dissatisfaction because of uncompleted chores but still, procrastinate on. By that time, a lot of unfinished things will be accumulated, such as unwashed clothes, dirty home, accrued garbage. All of this can be a reason for some health issues and decreasing self-conception. Research to date has demonstrated that procrastination is linked to problems with low immunity since procrastinators fall sick more often. This can be related to poor wellness behaviors such as a reluctance to eat right, exercise regularly, keep clean a house, or sleep on time(Procrastination, Health, and Well-Being., 2016). But follow the right lifestyle can be easier in combination with what you like to do and what you procrastinate on. For example, only watch your favorite show while ironing or doing household chores; only listen to audiobooks or podcasts you love while exercising(Verywellmind.com, 2019).

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Putting off things is considered the most common problem that occurs among students, because of routine or a busy schedule of education and daily emotional condition, but by splitting your task and manage your time wisdomly can be easier to achieve targetted results thereby emotional encouraging yourself. Students procrastinate on academic assignments and tasks till the deadline. Some of them believe that they have a lot of time and will be in time to submit their tasks. By the end of time to submit their assignments, students have big stress and fear of being late. According to scientific studies, frequent stress has 77% of the impact on physical health, 73% affects mental health and 48% on sleeping (Therecoveryvillage.com, 2020). Projects and tasks created in a short time have a different quality from those produced by the big responsibility and practice. Some of the students, console and assure that reason for low grades or poor quality of the projects is lack of time, where the cause of this can be poor knowledge or bad practice. Procrastination affects your concentration on doing tasks or solving problems, the ability to meet goals and challenges, which considered main skills in the digital century(Lifehack.org, 2019). However, we can solve this problem by splitting our assignments into small tasks, thereby make goals more achievable. Often most of the students procrastinate because of the large size of affairs. Finished small tasks give positive thoughts to do remaining matters(Jamesclear.com, 2015).

Neurotic procrastination is considered as fear of everything that is associated with any changes in life, and the way of solving this problem can be learning from the experience of others and take responsibility for own choices and decisions. People, who get used to living in the accustomed habitat, with the flow of life, afraid of the consequences of changes and trying to procrastinate this issue as long as possible. Because of this, they can stay at the same level in the whole of their life and set aside from the world. The solution to this problem is to analyze the experience of others and do not afraid to fail and learn from it (Jamesclear.com, 2015).

A lot of people putting off their future goals such as go to the gym and do exercise to keep good health form, learn foreign languages, improve needed skills, not including current affairs, because of this we do not have deadlines and society does not oblige, but these things important for self-realization and development. We find different excuses to do not to solve our matters, while successful people ready to pay big money to control finishing their affairs and do not allow them to procrastinate. Daily, academic and neurotic procrastination requires work with self-discipline, time-management, self-motivation to achieve the result, and objective view on own work. Procrastination may be the reason for health issues, productivity, development, emotional stability. However, it can be overcome by using previous tips and the right planning. In our century, most of the people practice good habits to achieve their life goals. After some years, the percentage of non-procrastinate people will be increased. Procrastination is a common problem in all ages, but overcome this in our hands to live independently and in all colors.

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