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Introduction Hassan and Bhat (2012) noted the main reason for education is to lay a solid foundation for personal development and to enhance learning in a self-directed manner. Students motivation is essential for quality education. When students are motivated, they are happy to learn and engage in academic activities which could lead to success. Students can be motivated by their teachers, peers, content of a lecture, process of learning, environment etc. and demotivated by lack of funds, interest, unfulfilled psychological...
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Humanistic theory gets its beliefs from the basic goodness and respect of humankind. It is based on the existence of an understanding of the acceptance of one’s life and responsibility. The two leading theorists that made the way to this theory are Abraham Maslow and Carl Rogers. They made it easily approachable to understand the personality and improvement of the overall satisfaction of oneself. In the humanistic view, you are responsible for how you live and the actions you take...
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Abraham Maslow was born in Brooklyn, New York on April 1, 1908. His parents were Jewish emigrants from Russia. Abraham was the first of seven children describing his young childhood as unhappy and lonely. He spent much of his time in the library absorbed in books. Maslow studied law at City College of New York. According to Cherry (2014), Maslow married his first cousin Martha Goodman. (Cherry, 2014) Maslow switched to the University of Wisconsin where his major changed to...
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Literature Review Abraham Maslow is considered the Father of Motivational theories. In this book, Maslow's theory is that human needs are arranged in a hierarchy composed of five categories. The lowest-level needs are physiological needs and the highest-level needs are self-actualization. As the lower needs are fulfilled higher needs emerge. These Higher needs cannot be satisfied unless lower needs are fulfilled. He states that a satisfied need is not a Motivator. The hierarchy of needs at work in the individual...
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Motivation is the driving force within an individual that affects their attitudes and persistence towards a certain behavior (Bratton, 2007). Motivation in relation to a work setting is the attitude and persistence towards a work-related task. The well-known saying of ‘money motivates’ suggests that workers are motivated by monetary rewards such as pay, bonuses, and other incentives offered by a company. (Curtis and Upchurch, 2009) believed that hourly workers weren't motivated by programs designed to increase enthusiasm and loyalty but...
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