Research Essay: Social Media on Laziness

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Is social networking a benefit to society? Many consider these to be an accurate statement. Social networking means to browse through the internet for general interactions with people. I believe social media is not a benefit to society, because it credits lies and allows them to spread faster than the truth, develops a space for laziness, and makes it easier for bad people to acquire your personal information and use it against you.

Social networking enables the spread of lies through the internet faster than it spreads the truth. A story published in the journal Science found that lies spread six times as much faster than the truth on social media. Not only that but, 64% of people that use Twitter for news say they discovered something interesting one day and later they found it wasn't true. This creates an environment of untrustiness. It may also cause one to retweet something that wasn't true, accidentally starting a continuous chain of lies to spread.

Social media not only creates an unreliable environment but also causes a student to get lazy with their work. A survey of internet users aged 16-4 found the average time wasted to be 1.72 hours accounting for 28% of total time spent. Local college students’ grades dropped by 0.12 points for every 93 minutes above 106 minutes spent on social media a day. The time passed on social media increases the more you look thanks to how addicting it is. The more time you spend the lazier you get and the more time you waste. These typically cause your GPA to decrease gradually.

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Social media is also unreliable to carefully keep your personal information safe. Social media sites do not check private messages for viruses or phishing scans, causing large-scale problems like viruses. Even worse nothing can be deleted or covered up. Nothing on social media is temporary, anyone can discover anything you previously believed you deleted. Not only that but hackers can obtain money from you by manipulating the personal information you typically share or hide under private messages.

Some would say social networking opens you up to more information, faster and simpler ways of finding it, and easier methods to talk to people. Being open to all of these is a good thing unless you don't know how to utilize it correctly. These are what may cause lower test scores. Students who typically use social media have a standard GPA of 3.06 versus non-users who have an average GPA of 3.82. These are proof that the media causes one's grade to drop at apparent ease.

In conclusion, social media has a harmful impact on the self. It can steer you to become a lazy individual and cause you to believe in lies that people keep spreading like wildfire. It's risky and can typically lead to bankruptcy which is terrible for a person's commonwealth. I don't have much against the internet but when it inevitably comes to reliability it doesn't help much. That is precisely why it is unhealthy for you and why you shouldn't utilize it too much.

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