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Laziness As An Underrated Virtue

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Some don’t consider it as a virtue but indeed it’s a virtue. Laziness is seen as the one responsible for the lack of success but lesser known that it is connected to efficiency. A lazy person may not be hard working but he can workout difficult things in a much simpler way. We tend to spend weeks, days and months to achieve our target but the same thing could be done in half of the time and we don’t opt it because who would like to be called a Lazy Person?

Slothful people are not mentally lazy. They lack the motivation to do things. Laziness becomes obvious to other people when we lose interest in doing things and the sloth inside us wakes up. The lazy group of people needs a deadline to do things and when they within the deadline their work becomes highly appreciable. A regular hard working person may work in the usual manner but a lazy person can do things in a much more creative way. His work may be late but will be better than the rest. So laziness is a tool rather than a curse.

We all have the tenacity to do things but it should be accompanied with tonnes of laziness. Without laziness, we won’t be able to discover an efficient path. People do several things without thinking about their use. But when we go deep into it, a question comes into a lazy person’s mind “Why am I doing this?” “Is it worth the time I am investing in it?”. A regular hard working man will never question. He will just do his job at the right time. Being a lazy person is a matter of courage also. We need to have the courage to question why is it important and if it not important then why am I wasting my time?

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Being lazy is not bad. Everyone should be lazy in their lives. They should learn to question “WHY”?. Delegating work as much as possible. Do it with efficiency so you have times for other important things.

Don’t you think that being busy is overrated? Working hours and hours and sometimes pretending to be the busiest so that our boss gets impressed and award us the Best Employee of the Month. It is for sure overrated. It is better to be your boss. And what the worse possible situation it can be. You won’t get the Employee of the month. To be true no one cares how many hours you are sincerely doing your work. Or how long it is taking to complete the work.

Why not work for the future version of you? It is the company’s policy to look busy all the time. Why can’t we just do things which we do better? Why our boss can smell from far away that we are busy or not. Being busy is so important that we become anxious to get busy and obviously under pressure we can’t our true self. Therefore our work lacks quality.

For all the busy people out there, let’s be honest “When we see a person relaxing and not so “busy” with their work we slightly get jealous”. So it is us who can be lazy and slouch around and be the best. Being on the top doesn’t mean you have to tire yourself out at the end of the day. Work can also be done by the LAZIEST SOLUTION POSSIBLE.

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