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Fundamentals of Humanism in Architecture

Identification This research analyses the interior aspects of the National Parliament House in Dhaka by comparing the key importance in the response to three chosen scholarly texts. By analyzing three scholarly texts: (1) Architectural culture in the Fifties: Louis Kahn and National Assembly Complex in Dhaka by Sarah Ksiazek, (2) Louis I. Kahn: The Idea of Order by Klaus-Peter Gast and (3) Louis I. Kahn by Robert McCarter. In the first text, Ksiazek explores how the combination of humanism and...
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The Aspects of Liberal Humanism

Liberal humanism is one of the earliest literary theory. It is the traditional approach of literary criticism which did not appear suddenly. The concept of liberal humanism come to site as a piecemeal of progressing English literature. The history of English study influenced liberal humanism. However, English was not introduced as a subject till 19th century because it was not considered as a significant subject. In the middle age in England there were only two universities Cambridge and Oxford to...
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Theoretical Approaches In Psychology

This essay will explore three psychological approaches. Further comparison and contrast made from assumptions about human behaviour from the selected three approaches will be deeply discussed throughout the whole essay. Modern psychology branches out into several approaches that are currently used nowadays. In psychology, an approach is a point of view that includes different kinds of beliefs carried out by the most famous psychologists towards human behaviour. This also discusses the way they function, what areas of them are worthy...
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Crucial Ideas of Humanism in Renaissance Era

The Renaissance was the era, where it undergoes a change in human perception. The change was identified from a new philosophy, which involved the rise of humanism, individualism, and secularism. As philosopher focused on humanism, they concentrated on the idea where humans were significant to the world. The human right was one of the important topics which occurred in the Renaissance as it was the time when people started to change their thoughts on humanism. The human right has always...
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Christian Humanism during Renaissance

The Renaissance, which occurred from 1350 to 1550, caused new ways of thinking and new forms of cultural expression to be developed. Humanism, education, political thought, Christian humanism, artistic styles, and artists and their patrons were all new ways of thinking and cultural expressions that developed and changed during the age of the Renaissance. One new way of thinking that was developed was humanism. In the 13th century, Francesco Petrarch believed writers and artists from Rome reached the perfection that...
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The Ideas of Humanism in Italian Renaissance

The Renaissance refers to an era of intellectual excitement when art, literature, and science blossomed and groundbreaking humanistic ideas started to make way. The impact of the Renaissance was powerful and has endured for centuries. This important era changed the concept of what it means to be human and emphasized the beauty and intelligence of the individual forming the principle of the Italian Renaissance, the philosophy known as “humanism.” However, what did change man’s view of man in this bonanza...
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Architecture in the Terms of The Philosophy of Humanism

Throughout history, many factors influenced the way western architecture developed. The most powerful movement in classical architecture was humanism during the early renaissance. The philosophy of humanism generally speaking is centered on the values, interests, and potential of the human being. Humanism influenced the western civilization in many ways particularly in the way architecture was formed. Humanism reformed people’s beliefs, and traditions and that was a key factor in why architecture began to change. Architecture changed in a way that...
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Humanism in Select Post War English Novels

As Literature is a part of man’s social and aesthetic experience, it always shows concern for humanism in its multiple forms. Different writers express humanistic thoughts in their works on the basis of their understanding and experience. Their understanding of humanism finds expression in their writings in different forms. The term humanism found various modifications and transformations since the time of its inception. Different socio-cultural, political and philosophical developments have affected this change. Today, when much is talked about globalization...
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Humanism and Urban Planning

The development of humanism has had arguably the greatest contributor to modern urban city development. Humanism established itself over a two-hundred-year period as a response to several monumental moments in human history, post modernity. Humanism can be sub-divided into the Humanist, Enlightenment and Capitalist phase respectively. These three phases developed separately yet interact incessantly. However, these phases do not necessarily work in tandem in a successful manner. It is important to understand and acknowledge transition periods and geomorphic particulars when...
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The Differences Between Religious And Non-Religious Ideologies

There are three ideologies under religious which are reveal and preserve, reveal but interpolated and not reveal but based on human wisdom. However, there are many ideologies under non-religious. For example, scientism, rationalism, humanism, agnosticism, atheism, materialism and etc. RELIGIOUS IDEOLOGIES “Religion usually describes the belief in a superhuman controlling power involving God or gods; it entails a system of faith and worship” (Burrowes, 2016). The three ideologies under religious are: Reveal and preserve Reveal but interpolated Not reveal but...
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Renaissance Literature, the Middle Ages, and Humanism

Literary movements are a way to divide literature into categories of similar philosophical, topical, or aesthetic features, as opposed to divisions by genre or period. Renaissance literature refers to European literature which was influenced by the intellectual and cultural tendencies associated with the Renaissance. The literature of the Renaissance was written within the general movement of the Renaissance, which arose in 14th-century Italy and continued until the 16th century while being diffused into the rest of the western world. It...
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Michelangelo Creation of Adam Humanism

To be human is to be both heroic and deeply flawed, self-sacrificing and selfish, competitive and giving. For the Greeks, the human body laid bare the divinity of beauty. The ancient Greek view of humanity is emphasized by the human body. Greek artists highlighted physical beauty and athleticism in their works. The Greeks see physical beauty as godly and divine. Ancient Greek art stands out among that other ancient cultures for its development of naturalistic but idealized depictions of the...
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Mona Lisa Humanism

There are pieces of art that are forgotten, others simple to understand, but there are pieces that remain alive and are still creating dilemmas; this masterpiece is well known throughout the world, and although it was created 1503-05 it remains as one of the most visited pieces of art and one of the greatest of all times. This is the Mona Lisa by Leonardo Da Vinci. This masterpiece is one of the most fascinating pieces in the world, and also...
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An Exploration of Renaissance Humanism in Relation to Art

With the nailing of the ‘Ninety-five Theses’ upon the Wittenberg Cathedral by the German monk Martin Luther, an uprising against the Catholic Church was raised. Soon, people began to really question the Catholic Church’s almost dictatorial attitudes, and the Protestant religion was created. Bearing its roots from the word ‘protest’, the new religion and its protest was facilitated by the invention of the printing press, which was present in every city, and too the younger generation of students who were...
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Analytical Essay on the Post-humanism

The Posthuman As the 21st century has come into focus we are confronted with extortionate doubt. We are facing the 6th anthropic cycle of existence on a planet in genuine environmental peril. At the Inhuman conference in 2016 feminist philosopher, Rosi Braidotti feverishly problematized what it means to be ‘human’ in the face of ‘cognitive capitalism. Braidotti conceives we are now at a Posthuman Convergence – of Posthumanism (the critique of ‘Man’) and Post anthropocentrism (critique of Anthropos). Her concern...
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Humanism Influence In Renaissance Education

During the 13 hundreds till the 16 hundreds, there was a period of time in which humans suffer a drastic change in the way of thinking they had; this period of time is called the “Renaissance”. They started to think that humans were the center of all replacing God; and the intellectual movements that focused on human potential and achievements. This way of thinking is called the humanism. The main cause of why humanism began was because the dark plague...
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Humanism: Personhood should Only be Understood from a Positivist Position

Personhood is a very controversial and complex topic that academics and jurists have different views on. Commonly, personhood can be understood from three main positions: positivism, humanism and liberalism. In this essay, I will explore the positivist position and the inherent flaws in its definition of legal persons. I will further incorporate and evaluate alternative approaches to personhood such as humanism and liberalism. Finally, I will discuss how liberalism is the most compelling out of the three positions, but how...
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Analytical Essay on Zambian Humanism

Introduction. Zambian humanism, a socialist ideology, was developed by Kenneth Kaunda, an independent Zambia`s first president. It was made the national philosophy and ideology of Zambia in April 1967. The ideology was composed of a combination of many elements which did not always fit together into an organic whole. Among them include African traditions, socialism, radical Christianity, existential humanism, and Kaunda`s personal convictions (Kaunda,1966). Kaunda`s motivation for proposing this ideology appears to have been the desire to break free from...
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The Renaissance Value Of Humanism In Tractate The Prince By Niccolò Machiavelli

As a leader living during the Renaissance, I am focused on the qualities of humanism, individualism and secularism based on Machiavelli’s book. The Prince, written by Niccolò Machiavelli, is a guide for successful monarchial rule. From its origins in 14th-century Florence, the Renaissance spread across Europe adapted to local cultural thinking and conditions. The Renaissance value of humanism greatly influences The Prince because Machiavelli, a humanist himself, targets human nature in portraying the ideal monarchy. Humanists of the Renaissance were...
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Behaviourism and Humanism as Psychological Learning Theories

Learning theories “date as far back as 500 BC” (Bates, 2016, p.3), which shows the continued importance of these throughout the years, and how it is essential for teachers and educators to be aware of these for effective teaching. Therefore, the focus of this essay is around the way different learning theories can have an impact on learning. It will explore differences and similarities between factors which can influence learning, which include psychological theories such as behaviourism and humanism (including...
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Impact of Renaissance on Man’s View of Man: Essay on Humanism

Did Renaissance Change Man’s View of Man? Did the Renaissance change man’s view of man? This question is debatable. There are so many points to prove the differences and similarities in theories like astronomy to medicine and humanism. The Renaissance, French for “rebirth,” was a period that started near 1350 A.D. after the Middle Ages when people started having more looks that focused on the man itself and not only God or listening to everything the Bible said. This led...
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Humanism In Maria Montessori’s Philosophy Of Early Childhood Learning And Development

Introduction This essay will explore how the humanistic perspective in psychology relates to Montessori education and how it can be applied in a Montessori classroom to enhance teaching and learning. The humanistic perspective was developed within the field of psychology in the 1940s onwards in critical response to the limitations posed by the reductionist and determinist dominant psychodynamic and behaviourist perspectives within psychology (Pavlovic, 2017; Jingna, 2012). Developed and expanded upon by theorists including Otto Rank, Carl Rogers, Abraham Maslow,...
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Renaissance Humanism: Descriptive Essay

Renaissance Humanism In the history of the world, many remarkable events have taken place that has led to a turnaround in the thoughts and general lives of the people. One of such period is renaissance humanism. Renaissance Humanism is the study of ancient Greek and Roman texts with the goal of promoting new norms and values in society. (Writers, 2019) Humanism was an optimistic philosophy that saw man as a rational and sentient being, which has the ability to think...
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Types And History Of The Development Of Humanism

Background of humanism Humanism is a philosophical and ethical stance that emphasizes the value and agency of human beings, individually and collectively, and generally prefers critical thinking and evidence (rationalism and empiricism) over acceptance of dogma or superstition. The meaning of the term humanism has fluctuated according to the successive intellectual movements which have identified with it. The term was coined by theologian Friedrich Niethammer at the beginning of the 19th century to refer to a system of education based...
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Is Post Human Fashion Having Socially Stable or Problem Free Relation with Society?

The Post humanism is theory which focus on transgressing and erasing the hierarchical boundaries between the humans, animals , technology, machinery or organic or non organic (Vanska, 2018).This post humanism has found its way in today’s fashion world, and has led to massive transformations. But there are some fashion scholars and analysts who believes that post humanist fashion is not having socially stable or problem free relationship with the society and on the other hand, some leading fashion brands such...
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Transhumanism and Posthumanism: Critical Analysis

As the 21st century has come into focus we are confronted by extortionate doubt. We are facing the 6th anthropic cycle of existence and we are living on a planet in genuine environmental peril. At the Inhuman conference in 2016 feminist philosopher, Rosi Braidotti feverishly problematized what it means to be ‘human’. Braidotti conceives we are now at a Posthuman Convergence – of Posthumanism ( the critique of ‘Man’) and Post anthropocentrism (critique of Anthropos). Her concern is that in...
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The Tragic Humanism Of Albert Camus: Book Review Of The First Man

is thе world of North Africa, to which hе fееls his dееpеst bеing bеlongs — a world of wind and sand, opеn rangеs and anonymity. Thе timе hе was writing thе book coincidеs, morеovеr, with thе turmoil of Algеria at war. Thеrе arе thе sounds of tеrrorists’ bombs, glimpsеs of jееps bristling with guns, thе awarеnеss that torturе is a daily occurrеncе. Thе titlе, ‘Thе First man,’ suggеsts archеtypal pattеrns. Thе sеarch for idеntity is linkеd to thе sеarch for...
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Analysis of Nature of Humanism in Renaissance in Italy

Q. Whose perspectives and objectives are evident within the assigned documents and what do they demonstrate about the nature of humanism in Renaissance Italy? Civic humanism is the advanced term for the ethical, social and political way of thinking that over the span of the fourteenth and fifteenth hundred of years started to be verbalized in Italian city-states and most quiet in Florence. Many historians gave her perspective on Civic humanism. It stands as a bridge between modernity and the...
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