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Essays on Philosophical Theories

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My Perspective on Moral Relativism: Reflective Essay

‘Conscience Hath a Thousand Several Tongues’ ‘Morality – like velocity – is relative. The determination of it depends on what the objects around you are doing. All one can do is measure one’s position in relation to them; never can one measure one’s velocity or...
3 Pages 1591 Words

Mona Lisa Humanism

There are pieces of art that are forgotten, others simple to understand, but there are pieces that remain alive and are still creating dilemmas; this masterpiece is well known throughout the world, and although it was created 1503-05 it remains as one of the most...
1 Page 678 Words

Michelangelo Creation of Adam Humanism

To be human is to be both heroic and deeply flawed, self-sacrificing and selfish, competitive and giving. For the Greeks, the human body laid bare the divinity of beauty. The ancient Greek view of humanity is emphasized by the human body. Greek artists highlighted physical...
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Individualism in Modernism

In this post-colonial world, we live in, an old philosophy such as Individualism can still be used by scholars of philosophy and social sciences to interpret the world. The ideology of individualism denotes that the individual life has a place with him and that he...
2 Pages 1064 Words

Transhumanism and Posthumanism: Critical Analysis

As the 21st century has come into focus we are confronted by extortionate doubt. We are facing the 6th anthropic cycle of existence and we are living on a planet in genuine environmental peril. At the Inhuman conference in 2016 feminist philosopher, Rosi Braidotti feverishly...
2 Pages 888 Words

Renaissance Humanism: Descriptive Essay

Renaissance Humanism In the history of the world, many remarkable events have taken place that has led to a turnaround in the thoughts and general lives of the people. One of such period is renaissance humanism. Renaissance Humanism is the study of ancient Greek and...
2 Pages 1115 Words

Analytical Essay on Zambian Humanism

Introduction. Zambian humanism, a socialist ideology, was developed by Kenneth Kaunda, an independent Zambia`s first president. It was made the national philosophy and ideology of Zambia in April 1967. The ideology was composed of a combination of many elements which did not always fit together...
5 Pages 2416 Words

Analytical Essay on the Post-humanism

The Posthuman As the 21st century has come into focus we are confronted with extortionate doubt. We are facing the 6th anthropic cycle of existence on a planet in genuine environmental peril. At the Inhuman conference in 2016 feminist philosopher, Rosi Braidotti feverishly problematized what...
3 Pages 1193 Words

Essay about Human Condition

The human condition has always been defined as the characteristics and situations which compose the essentials of human existence. Whilst some of these connotations have been reshaped in the modern age, guilt remains present and is a crucial characteristic of the human condition. A Simple...
2 Pages 703 Words

Essay on Gandhi and Nonviolence

The Gandhian strategy is the combination of truth, sacrifice, non-violence, selfless service, and cooperation. According to Gandhi, one should be brave and not a coward. He should present his views, suggestions, and thoughts without being violent. One should fight a war with the weapons of...
5 Pages 2285 Words

Absolutism VS Democracy

In past years, a democratic nation where autocracy has been recently on the rise is Turkey. The reason for this is the fact that the Justice and Development Party (now the AKP) and Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan have worked together to implement various laws...
1 Page 477 Words

Concepts of Class, Ethnicity, Religion, and Gender in Functionalism, Conflict Theory, Symbolic Interaction, Critical Theory, and Postmodernism

Introduction On the grounds of contemporary theory, it is satisfactory that it is perturbed with the understanding of deep structures of such as class, ethnicity, religion, and gender from the functionalism perspective, conflict theory, symbolic interaction, critical theory, and postmodernism perspective. However, as it is...
5 Pages 2277 Words

Sociology Theoretical Perspectives

There are various theoretical perspectives that provide assumptions and explanations to how various social events and ideas relate to each other. This includes viewpoints such as those represented in functionalism, conflict theory, and symbolic interactionism. While some may disagree with certain theoretical perspectives since they...
2 Pages 743 Words

Impact of Confucianism on the Ancient China

Throughout the history of ancient China, there were different philosophical movements. Considering the period when these philosophical movements began, it is necessary to pay attention to the so-called ‘Spring and Autumn period’ (from VII to V centuries BC), that gave breath to Confucianism. This ancient...
1 Page 555 Words

Sectionalism vs Nationalism

For nationalism to prosper, clearly the United States needed to demonstrate its test effectively. The War of 1812 was one demonstrating ground. More noteworthy than a strategic accomplishment against Britain was the marvelous ascent in the national economy, started by populace increment, regional acquisitions, and...
4 Pages 1626 Words
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