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Essays on Philosophical Theories

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The Rise and Decline of Japanese Pacifism

The Japanese pacifist constitution, unparalleled in its idealistic vision for the renunciation of war as an instrument of the state, has been the battleground of competing political forces in Japan ever since its conception in 1946. The conservatives’ creative interpretation of the constitution largely evaded...
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Pacifism in the Early Church

The early church understood the meaning of peace in the New Testament as a positive and creative force — the fruit of love. Its peacemaking was not based on a specifically political opposition to an unjust state, on the abhorrence of idolatry, or on apocalyptic...
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Injustice of Crisis in Yemen

Yemen is facing with problems they have been struggling to resolve for a long period. Their incapability to fix these obstacles is putting them at risk with even greater ones. Due to the years of conflict, they have dealt with they are on the brink...
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The Future of Pacifism

There is no paradox in the fact that the American people are profoundly pacifist and yet highly impatient of the present activities of many professed or professional pacifists. The disposition to call the latter pro-German and to move for their suppression is an easy way...
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Ideas of Cultural Relativism

Albeit cultural relativism before the mid‐1950s was a build utilized by both Western anthropologists and indigenous people groups to oppose European activities for cultural authority, since decolonization, the idea has been appropriated by third world bourgeois‐nationalist elites to undermine pre‐colonial privileges of individuals from different...
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Puritans Contract with God

It is difficult to have people maintain the same governmental and religious beliefs if they are allowed to have an option. Viewing a relationship with God as a contract allowed the religion to stay the same throughout generations. It ensured that people would do and...
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Building a Just Society Through God’s Love

Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was 35 years old when he was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1964. He was the youngest person to have received it at that time. This grand achievement was in recognition of his efforts to end racial segregation...
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Principles of Nonviolent Civic Resistance

“Not one hair of one head of one person should be harmed”, this is the motto of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC), presided by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. who was at the wheel of this instrumental organization. Dr. King not only witnessed racism...
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A Critical Analysis of Utilitarianism

In spite of debate with regards to the inception of ethics- are they natural or are they learned, are they God-given, or are they manmade develops – the way that ethics are priceless to people stays uncontested. Imagine a reality where we don’t have ethical...
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