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Individualism describes the habit of being independent and self-reliant. In both The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time and The Call of the Wild, the main characters display the habit of individualism. Christopher takes himself from his home in Swindon to London. Buck travels from Santa Clara Valley, California to Canada. Both characters take their trips alone. In...
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The novel The Call of the Wild, written by Jack London, begins with a portrayal of Buck's happy life. He resides in the Santa Clara Valley with his owner, Judge Miller, but difficulties arose for the innocent dog when gold was discovered up north. Buck, a muscular dog, was in high demand among gold-rushers. Buck was walking through an orchard...
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In the book Buck shows great leadership, he is a born leader and proves this by taking down the current leader. This event proves it because when Buck first came there all the dogs were trying to take down Spitz (which was the current leader) but Spitz always won. Then Buck came in and failed the first time, but he...
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In the unforgiving and savage north, humans commit atrocities and make unwise choices but, many of these are unknowingly orchestrated by a hunger that burns inside of all, greed. The theme of greed is a key aspect throughout the book, The Call of the Wild. Buck, a civilized dog from the south, is taken from his home and paired with...
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The Call of the Wild is a novel of “devolution” which traces the process of releasing Buck’s savage, atavistic nature beneath its civilized veneer”(citation). Buck, a St. Bernard Shepherd mix, was a very loyal pet to his own family in California where life was easy and good. However, Buck is kidnapped during the time of the Klondike Gold Rush where...

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