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Jack London Essays

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The Philosophy of Jack London Exposed in White Fang

“It was the masterful and incommunicable wisdom of eternity laughing at the futility of life and the effort of life. It was the Wild, the savage, frozen-hearted, Northland Wild.” In this quote, American author Jack London establishes the key theme of his novel White Fang. Throughout this work, London seeks to portray his conception of nature, which is dark, ominous, and all-powerful. In order to convey this belief, he utilizes unique personification and symbolism, a wild setting, and particular vocabulary....
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Analytical Essay on 'The Law of Life': Lessons Taught by Jack London

Symbolizes that the old man knows of his coming mortality and that he knows he is only hanging on for a short while. The survival of the fittest message is well conveyed by the actions of the members of the tribe who abandon the old man. These people have what it takes to survive. They have the strength and the speed to move away from the harsh weather, but the old man does not possess those abilities. As a result,...
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Symbolism In “To Build A Fire” by Jack London: Critical Analysis

Jack London’s “To Build A Fire” explores the stubbornness of man. And the risk men take to achieve something even if it is not in their reach. The setting takes place in the woods during Yukon winter which is one hundred and thirteen degrees below frezing point. Now throughout this story winter or nature symbolizes dominance you cant change the outcome of nature. The man, dog, and nature are all important symbols throughout this story as they show a characteristic...
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“To Build a Fire” by Jack London: Critical Analysis

In Jack London’s “To Build a Fire,” the author reveals how a man goes through a harsh winter in the forest. Through this journey, he faces multiple obstacles along the way. The main character has to fall back on his own critical thinking. He is left to depend on what he thinks he should do when problems suddenly arise. Before the unnamed man leaves on his expedition he was warned by an old timer “that no man must travel alone...
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The Call of the Wild by Jack London: Critical Analysis

How does the author begin the novel? The Call of the Wild, by Jack London, tells the story of a dog named Buck who goes through a challenging journey after being forced to work as a sled dog. The novel takes place in Yukon Canada during the Klondike Gold Rush in the 1890’s. At the beginning of the book, the author introduces the main character, Buck, who is a mix between a sheep dog and a St. Bernard. Buck was...
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White Fang Written by Jack London: Reflective Essay

Welcome to the wild where you have to hunt, or be hunted. Where White Fang has to learn the rules of the wolves, and obey those before him. Will White Fang pull through? Let’s find out. White Fang is a book written by Jack London about a young wolf who must find food and shelter to survive. The book starts with the she wolf and her pack stalking 2 men, Henry and Bill and their sled dogs trying to escort...
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The Life of Jack London as Reflected in His Works

Jack London was a prolific writer; over the period from 1899 until his death in 1916, he wrote 50 books and over 1,000 articles. Though he was made most famous by his stories of the Klondike, he wrote on subjects ranging from boxing to romance, from survival in the Arctic to labour strife in Australia. He led a harsh, erratic life; born illegitimate, raised as a poor ‘work beast’, constantly questing after every adventure and all the knowledge the world...
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The Social and Artistic Vision of Jack London is Relevant Today

Jack London was a socialist who lectured and gave speeches urging members of the working class to join together and fight for a better form of government than the one they were living under. His message to the capitalist class of his day was, “No quarter! We want all that you possess.” From an early age, London was determined to succeed as a writer. He soon discovered that he could make readers clamor and editors pant for his work if...
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