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White Fang Written by Jack London: Reflective Essay

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Welcome to the wild where you have to hunt, or be hunted. Where White Fang has to learn the rules of the wolves, and obey those before him. Will White Fang pull through? Let’s find out.

White Fang is a book written by Jack London about a young wolf who must find food and shelter to survive. The book starts with the she wolf and her pack stalking 2 men, Henry and Bill and their sled dogs trying to escort the coffin of a man named Lord Alfred to Fort McGarry, but every day when they go to sleep one sled dog gets taken and eaten. When 2 more disappear Henry runs after the pack with a rifle that contains 4 bullets and keeps up the chase. He fires at the she wolf and runs after them until Henry goes out of Bill’s sight. Bill then hears the 3 remaining bullets fire and a scream of Henry before it goes silent. Bill goes and puts the coffin of Lord Arthur in a tree and returns to camp then waits until it’s night time and starts a fire then goes to sleep. When he wakes, the wolves are nearing him. Then a group of men run in and scare the wolves off. They bring Bill and his dogs, along with the coffin to Fort McGurry.

I think White Fang is considered a classic because it uses vocabulary that is different from what we use at present time like, “Well i’ll be gosh-swoggled” and “tip-top.” White Fang was written in 1906, 115 years ago. It has been enjoyed all over the world and has been read countless times. The author of the book Jack London went to where the setting of White Fang is and got to know the territory.

I’m choosing to count down my top 5 favorite fights in White Fang,

Number 5. White Fang vs deer-hound. When White Fang is in California chasing after a carriage he gets aware of an attack coming from the side White Fang tried to turn but was knocked clean off his feet. White Fang got to his feet and surprised the hound and clamps his jaws barely missing the hounds throat. Before he is able to make the finishing blow, a sheepdog named Collie, runs in and knocks White Fang over.

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Number 4. White Fang vs John Hall. John Hall is a wanted criminal after he was sentenced to prison for something he didn’t do. And so he broke out of prison and went after Judge Scott who sentenced him but the judge was staying with Weedon Scott White Fang’s new owner. So when John Hall breaks into the house, White Fang goes to stop him.

Number 3: White Fang vs Lip-Lip. This fight was really quick, after White Fang leaves the Native American camp after a famine he runs into the woods seeking new food and shelter. Then he runs into Lip-Lip, his bully while at the camp. Lip-Lip tries to back away but White Fang knocks him over and defeats him.

Number 2: White Fang vs Cherokee. When White Fang is in illegal dog fight tournaments he defeats several wolves and a lynx, but then a bulldog Cherokee is brought in. White Fang uses speed to his advantage but can’t do much damage to the throat of the animal because it’s being covered up. But when White Fang takes his chances and goes for the throat, Cherokee catches him in his strong jaws. White Fang struggles to break loose but before any of this happens a man named Weedon Scott and his crew comes in and buys White Fang from his abusive owner Beauty Smith. Weedon Scott and his crew break White Fang free of his jaws and attempt to tame him.

Number 1: White Fang and the she wolf (or his mom) vs A Canada Lynx. When One Eye, White Fang’s father, gets defeated by a Canada Lynx when trying to take it’s litter for his family. When he doesn’t return, the she wolf goes and finds the remains by the lynx’s cave, she completes the job by snatching the lynx’s litter and takes them for White Fang. The lynx seeking revenge goes into the cave that White Fang and the she wolf are staying in. Then the fight breaks out. The lynx starts biting and attempting to scratch the she wolf, but the she wolf also plays aggressively. When White Fang sees his mom struggling, he bites the lynx’s ankle but the lynx kicks him back and scratches his arm until the bone is visible. That enrages the she wolf causing her to go into rage and pull out a victory.

Jack London was born on January 12th, 1876. His mom Flora married William Chaney. Flora was living in the San Francisco Bay when she got pregnant. Chaney then left her because she wouldn’t get rid of the baby, and Flora shot herself but survived. She then gave birth and remarried John London, a partially disabled Civil War veteran and brought her baby John, later Jack to live with them around the San Francisco Bay before moving to Oakland. In 1897 Jack was 21 and attended school at The University of California, Berkeley. He then dropped out of school and went to the Klondike during the gold rush. On July 12th of 1897 he struggled in many jobs. He decided to go back to California in 1898, and published ”To the Man on the Trail” his first published work since high school “To the Man on the Trail.” When the Overland Monthly offered $5 for it London came close to abandoning his writing career when The Black Cat accepted his book “A Thousand Deaths.” He got $40 dollars from it. He then continued writing and in 1900 he made $2.500 from writing. In early 1903 London made “The Call of the Wild” and sold it to The Saturday Evening Post for $750 and the rights of the book to MacMillian for $2,000 and the book was a success. Then in 1906 he published White Fang, which was intended for a companion piece to The Call of the Wild.

I would recommend this book to everyone 9 and up because it has some not kid friendly scenes but it’s overall a good book.

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