Similarities and Differences between 'The Call of The Wild' Book and Film

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Very long ago the Yukon Territory many people used to live there in the age of the 1800’s. Long ago there wasn't a mailbox so those people would rely on the mailman with sled dogs. The book and the movie “ The Call of the wild” are both similar yet different. Like any movie based on a book the movie The call of the wild presents different characters and events than the book so it can be more enjoyable and unique in a different way. In both the movie and the book Buck first lives in Miller's estate and is kidnapped by Manuel, the gardener.

To initiate, in both the book and the movie Buck is sold to the sled owners and we learn that Spitz feels threatened by Buck because he is a larger dog. As the team moves throughout the story Spitz and Buck fight for leadership of the sled which leads to Spitz losing. In the book, Buck kills Spitz in the fight and becomes the leader, however, in the movie, Buck is a nicer dog and lets Spitz run away rather than dying after the fight. The book puts in detail that the owners of the dogs know the dogs are fighting and don’t interfere, while in the movie they had no clue why Spitz ran away and why Buck wanted to be his replacement on the sled lineup.

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In my point of view , the movie shows us John Thornton’s friend, Pete more than in the book. In the movie John is attracted to a girl in the bar. A man named Black Burton doesn’t like John so he has his team stolen by some of his thugs. They then take the team to a town. On their way one man fell and he was killed. When the dogs get to town the only guy left on the sled is frozen and killed. A man later claims the dogs on the spot and passes them to Hal, Charles, and Mercedes. They plan to take the team to Dawson City where John is. On the way a dog named Dave is shot by Hal because he can’t go on. They come across John Thornton’s camp, John takes Buck and the other dogs drowned.

Lastly, the movie and the book have many similarities and differences that help set the two apart and tell the story in unique ways. The movie portrays a nicer version of the story with less violence and more sympathy while the book doesn’t hold back on the violence and detail. Both stories are told by a narrator in third person to help give detail and explanation to each event. It would've been nicer to hear the vision of the dog Buck to see what he felt and think about what had happened and what he had gone through.

In conclusion, the Yukon territory became Buck’s new home which wasn’t what he was used to and he had to learn how to fit in and be a part of a group. I thoroughly enjoyed watching the movie rather than reading the book because of the visual representation of the story and you are able to see and feel the emotion. The theme of the book and movie is when survival is the only imperative. And how everything contributed to the main idea, while the book and the movie had differences and similarities both shared a survival story with us.

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