Informative Essay on 'The Call of the Wild'

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Buck was transformed from a pampered dog to a wild animal. Buck was deceived by Manuel and sold to an in a red sweater in the wilderness. The best way to understand Buck’s major transformation is by looking at the time with Judge Miller, his time with the wild dogs in the wilderness, and his time with, Charles, Hal, and Mercedes.

Judge Miller was a very nice man who treated Buck like a human. For example, Buck was allowed to go anywhere in the house or yard. Buck also played with the children and could eat human food. Furthermore, in the winter Buck relaxed by the fireplace to be warm. Finally, Buck was loved by Judge Miller and his kids and grandkids, and Buck was admired

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Buck has many negative interactions in the wilderness but he is treated like a savage by the wild dogs in the wilderness. For example, Spitz is a mean evil dog who bullies Buck and tests him. Also, Spitz is an experienced husky, Buck hates him after he steals his food and laughs at Curly’s death. Curly is a female dog whose face got ripped off by wild dogs, and she was also Buck's friend. Additionally, Solleks is half a blind dog, and he attacks Buck after he approaches his blind side.

Charles, Hal, and Mercedes led the sled that Buck was leading in the wilderness without any experience. Although Buck and the other dogs that he was leading were being overworked, they continued to walk, and they walked for 2500 miles in the wilderness. Finally, Buck lost weight and this shows that Charles, Hal, and Mercedes had no experience.

In conclusion, Buck has a major transformation from being with Judge Miller to going into the wilderness, and how he goes from a pampered dog to a savage.

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