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Philosophy as we have come to know is a reflective and critical activity that can be undertaken by man. Man cannot avoid philosophizing, because philosophy is an integral part of him. Every tribe, race or people have their own notable philosophers. In a wider sense, every man is a philosopher in as much as he reflects over fundamental problems of life or existence in one time or the other. A thought is said to be philosophical when it expresses a...
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The first task we are required to make is to give a definition of what philosophy is, if not, the term can be used broadly and can contain any number of subjects therefore the definition of philosophy I will use is “the critical study of the basic principles and concepts of a particular branch of knowledge, especially with a view to improving or reconstituting them” ( Secondly, the question at hand is, does philosophy have a use outside of the...
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Ancient political philosophy was mainly based on the premise that human potential is fulfilled in the Polis and on the citizen life itself. It encompassed ethics, justice, and politeia, (constitutions) thus implying how society is or how it should be organized (M. Lane, 2018). From that period many of the most relevant concepts and works came from the all-time most important philosophers, that set the foundations of Western Philosophy and the Political discourse of more than two millennia – Plato...
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Two of the most prominent philosophers of the 20th century, John Rawls (1921-2002) and Robert Nozick (1938-2002), disagreed as to how best to provide distributive justice. In philosophy, distributive justice can be defined as “The justice that is concerned with the apportionment of privileges, duties, and goods in consonance with the merits of the individual and in the best interest of society” (Merriam-Webster, 2019). Rawls’ theory of distributive justice asserts his interest in fair and equal opportunities for every individual...
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Political and social philosophy examines the ideas of rights and justice. Distributive justice is defined as “a concept that addresses the ownership of goods in society” where it is assumed “that there is a large amount of fairness in the distribution of goods”. Robert Nozick criticized John Rawls’ theory of distributive justice as using government too forcefully, but this criticism fails to acknowledge the benefit of lessening the often harsh lottery of life. Nozick’s argument will be dismantled by Rawls'...
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Do we have a moral duty to accept the role of the state? I was first faced with this question when reading ‘An Introduction to Political Philosophy by Jonathan Wolff. This fundamentally changed my outlook on political philosophy as a subject because it presented a more abstract view, not only of the contemporary political climate but of the concept of political power. This question inspired my passion for political philosophy due to the rising levels of political discourse in post-modern...
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Introduction Democracy remains a strong aspect in the determination of efficient governing systems all over the world. Democracy is defined as a governance system where the decisions made are an agreement of the people and passed by the people. This normally means that the election of representatives of the government, the local leaders, and even the passing of laws is considerate of the intentions and input of the society. However, even with the concept of democracy, two subsystems have to...
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Modern politics are the actions or activities concerned with achieving and using power in a country or society. In this modern world modern politics is playing a major role in shaping and developing the society into a better place to live in, but at the same time it can also be lethal if it falls under the person with no sound knowledge about how modern politics. So basically it is like a necessary evil in the society. Now there are...
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Manifold attributes of modern-day civilization, if slightly taken heed of, predominantly carry the traces of concepts that were constructed and long conferred in the ancient Greek civilization. More precisely, it provided the basis for the foundation of the political system and its philosophy, bearing in mind that the word “politics” itself comes from “polis”, which simply refers to the Greek city-state. Despite the fact that the ideas and methods were generated and practiced in the olden days within the block...
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Aristotle remains, to this day, a huge influence in various fields of studies like logic, psychology, metaphysics, ethics, and many more. His writings still prove to be a subject of further studies and debate to this day, more than 2300 years after his death. One of the many subjects he touched upon, and had a fascination towards, was the nature of man. In his work Nicomachean Ethics, he called man 'Zoon Politikon' which means a 'political animal.' This particular description...
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Political philosophies determine how societies should be set up and how citizens are expected to act. Democracy, legalism, and tyranny are all political philosophies. Each political philosophy has varying advantages and disadvantages. Out of these philosophies, democracy is the best, oligarchy is the second-best, and tyranny is the worst. Out of the three political philosophies, democracy is the best. In a democracy, the people make the decisions. Citizens are able to vote on political, social, and economical issues, and can...
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