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Considerations on Golden mean According to Aristotle, the golden mean forms the guiding principle of balance between two extreme dispositions. It involves the aspect of choice and balance and is essential in virtues. The golden mean is a model for making an ethical decision in a given context. Indeed, it is neither an arithmetic meaning nor about moderation. It of...
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Knowledge can be depicted in many ways. In Plato’s foundational text on Western philosophy and justice, Republic, true knowledge is represented in terms of permanent and immortal truths that can be represented only by the absolute reality of Forms; whereas in John Milton’s biblical epic poem, Paradise Lost, knowledge is symbolized by an all-knowing God and the Tree of Knowledge....
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Journalists being free to publish information is vital to a functioning, democratic society, and an informed population. However, a number of checks and balances are required to ensure that this right is not abused. As the Council of Europe’s guidelines on safeguarding privacy in the media state, “a journalist’s right to freedom of expression is not absolute. Journalists have rights...
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In almost every decision we make there is an ethical choice that come along with it, some more pronounced than others, and still, some more demanding than others. Some choices are clearly the “wrong” one, for instance to kill someone or not to, but others are not as clear cut. The potter box, developed by Dr. Ralph Potter, is designed...
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