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Golden Mean Essays

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An Ethical Matter of Dr. Ralph Potter's Potter Box

In almost every decision we make there is an ethical choice that come along with it, some more pronounced than others, and still, some more demanding than others. Some choices are clearly the “wrong” one, for instance to kill someone or not to, but others are not as clear cut. The potter box, developed by Dr. Ralph Potter, is designed to help evaluate which choice is the ethical one is these murky situations (Apple, 1). The potter box is composed...
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Utilitarianism, Deontology, the Golden Mean, and the Golden Rule: Comparative Analysis

Journalists being free to publish information is vital to a functioning, democratic society, and an informed population. However, a number of checks and balances are required to ensure that this right is not abused. As the Council of Europe’s guidelines on safeguarding privacy in the media state, “a journalist’s right to freedom of expression is not absolute. Journalists have rights and responsibilities” (Council of Europe, 2018). This means that the press must be ethical and responsible and that, contrary to...
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Plato’s Republic and the Idea of Golden Mean and Moderation: Analytical Essay

Knowledge can be depicted in many ways. In Plato’s foundational text on Western philosophy and justice, Republic, true knowledge is represented in terms of permanent and immortal truths that can be represented only by the absolute reality of Forms; whereas in John Milton’s biblical epic poem, Paradise Lost, knowledge is symbolized by an all-knowing God and the Tree of Knowledge. In Thomas More’s socio-politically driven narrative, Utopia, access to knowledge is for everyone and it is complemented by religious faith;...
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Critical Overview of Aristotle's Theory of the Golden Mean: Analytical Essay

After speaking with students over various issues like the meaning of ethics, the duty of life, and other things they enjoy about school. It takes a turn by one of the students lighting up a marijuana joint and offering it to Aristotle then follows by asking him his opinion on the major topic that has been up for debate for years. Aristotle then goes into detail and states why he doesn’t support marijuana and why it should not be legalized....
3 Pages 1482 Words

Application of Golden Mean in Nicomachean Ethics: Analytical Essay

Video Summary: Altruism and Empathy Natural Selection can put certain facts or guides in our brains to allow for our survival. This has to do with kindness and being nice to others. Our ancestors were nice to people so they could stay alive in hard times. While at life and death situations they fought and showed no mercy to protect themselves. This is seen today around the world. We are all taught to be nice to everyone and many people...
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Moderation and Niccolo Machiavelli's Continuation of The Virtues: The Virtues of Aristotle Represented

Aristotle was a greek philosopher who lived approximately 2400 years ago. He is considered one of the great philosophers from his time, and he is still widely known and highly regarded today. During his lifetime, he came up with Virtue Theory. Virtue Theory is an ethical theory that focuses on a person’s character, not the set of rules a person is supposed to follow, to determine if they are a good person or not. This is largely based on Aristotle’s...
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Plato’s and Aristotle’s Views on Golden Mean: Analytical Essay

Part I – Plato’s quote “It seems to me that a fit body doesn’t by its own virtue makes the soul good, but instead the opposite is true- a good soul by its own virtue makes the body as good as possible (Republic III, pg. 443).” In the discussion of virtue, specifically as to its inter-relatedness to the soul, Plato claims that intrinsic virtue alone is the cause of a person’s good actions, and therefore, this results in a good...
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