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Ways of Thinking What is a philosophy and why is it important? Philosophy is a way that can get people to think and ask questions about things. Many philosophers have come up with their own beliefs and ideas. What makes philosophy interesting and great is that anyone can participate in it and that everyday people will use it without even realizing it. Philosophy can be an interesting subject because it is around people asking questions and forming their own ideas...
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Free or Determined “We learn the influence of our will from experience alone. And experience only teaches us, how one event constantly follows another; without instructing us in the secret connexion, which binds them together, and renders them inseparable.” (David Hume, 1737) When we broach the subject of whether we are free or determined, we must understand that there are some theories that accept freedom or determinism (regarding them as mutually exclusive), and some that attempt to integrate the two...
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Determinism is an idea in philosophy proceeding free will and is used to define human behaviors. This idea, like many others in philosophy, is based on what can be proven. Determinism states that all actions are identified by earlier occurring causes. The two main features of determinism are hard determinism and soft determinism. These theories of determinism have varied between philosophers throughout history. The main challenge of this theory comes from the theory of indeterminism. Indeterminism is unlike the other...
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Introduction Every day things happen to us; sometimes good, sometimes bad. This is something we’ve come to know and experience in our daily lives. The question, however, is not whether things happen to us, but rather how they happen and what causes them. This question has been on the minds of philosophers for a while now and no matter how much we’d like one solid answer to the question, there are a number of theories and philosophies that attempt to...
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Humanity has witnessed numerous philosophical theories that have attempted to offer a clear understanding of the universe. It is an extremely fascinating, yet controversial subject because it attracts different opinions from various spheres. In the field of philosophy, Baruch Spinoza`s views have had one of the most significant implications on how humans perceive issues related to the universe, and for that matter, God and morality (DeJoy 25). Spinoza`s discourse in philosophy has covered various areas, but metaphysics, in particular, is...
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Peter Van Inwagen was an American Philosopher born in 1942 and was a prolific leader in the field of free will. Incompatibilism or otherwise known as “The Consequence Argument” was made popular by the famous philosopher Van Inwagen. However, prior to discussing Peter Van Inwagen’s first formal argument for incompatibilism, it must first be established what incompatibilism is. Incompatibilism or The Consequence Argument claims that if agents have no control over the facts of the past then the agent has...
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Neuroimaging Topic 1: The upheaval neuroscience will bring to our legal system Free will refers to an individual’s capability to choose amid diverse conceivable sequences of actions unhindered. Free will is linked to the aspects of praise, moral responsibility, sin, guilt, and praise, as well as other judgments that are related to actions that individuals freely chose. In addition, free will is also linked to concepts of deliberation, persuasion, advice, and prohibition. Others perceive free will as the ability to...
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Throughout history, free will and determinism have been a longstanding debate. The question arises because, as in many other issues in philosophy, two of our basic beliefs about ourselves and the world seem to conflict. While some believe that we do choose our own paths and have free will to choose, others believe our lives are chosen for us based on past events, or determinism. In this essay, I intend to argue that humans are free and have complete control...
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The choices we make in life all depend on the situation we are in. Choices like choosing to go outside on a sunny day or eating ice cream on a rainy day. We are entitled to decide what we want to do without being forced. Some people would think otherwise. Others would object to the view of a hard-determinist in saying that there is no free will in our decisions. Whether we believe Free Will and Determinism are similar or...
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There are certain things in life is more valuable to us than the freedom. Free will is the problem of modality and we want this one, we cannot live without it. On one hand we think that we have free will and on other hand we think that every event has a cause. The problems of free will is the challenge of determinism of our ideas about personal freedom. Human beings have choice to made own decision and they are...
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