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Is the Concept of Free Will Possible?

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There are certain things in life is more valuable to us than the freedom. Free will is the problem of modality and we want this one, we cannot live without it. On one hand we think that we have free will and on other hand we think that every event has a cause. The problems of free will is the challenge of determinism of our ideas about personal freedom. Human beings have choice to made own decision and they are responsible for what they do. Free will is idea that we have choice to choose our dreams and our work even we are self-determined. There are three solutions for free will problems like hard determinism, compatibilism, libertarianism. There is a problem of free will is that is depending on the elemental causes and effects.

The view of the hard determinism is that no one can free will. Hard determinism is the view that free will does not exist no one can act freely. Hard determinism accepts three proposition (1) determinism is true means that we denied the free will (2) determinism and free will are incompatible means that free will is possible but only in the in deterministic world (3) we never act freely. Determinism is depending on the laws. For example, Student x is preparing for exam and he is really try hard to pass on the exam but some reason he was fail on the exam. Student knew that if he is not study than he is failed but his failure is already determined. So, if determinism is true than everything in the word happened it has to be happen. According to d’Holbach science has proof that every event is determined by events and laws. According to William James free choice is not decided by the previous event. There is more than one way to determine your choice and it is depending on how you choose your choice it is matter of chance but if choice comes about by chance than it will follow by the previous event.

Incompatibilism is that if determinism is true than no one can free. Compatibilism is that if determinism is true than we can act freely. Compatibilism is believing that determinism is true and free will are compatible. In hard determinism that universe is operate with laws and regulation while compatibilism thinks about some of the human action which we take are free. Compatibilism is also known as soft determinism. For example, someone pushed off in diving board rather than jumping in both cases you are in water but in case one someone pushed off from the diving board and in case two you are jumping by yourself both action is determined but the action which is determined by them self which is considered as free. In compatibilism you are free to do something different than what you actually did it. No one can have prevented from doing it.

Libertarianism is the view that some actions are free if it is controlled by person. Libertarianism believe that determinism is not true and determinism and free will are incompatible. Libertarianism believes that we are free to choose our action and we are responsible for our actions. Hume defines this power of action which means that if we forced to act something than it is not considered as a free will. If our actions are coming from ourselves and is only decided by yourself than is considered as free. Libertarianism is believing in experience and feelings. Sometimes we have mixed feelings we decided toc choose one than we regret if I decided to choose another we still have opportunity to choose based on our feelings. Libertarians says that when we have make the choice we have multiple options to choose one of them that means that we have options to choose and what we finally choose do it.

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Some of the people in world they think “are we free?” some say yea because everyone can do anything’s they want also every one fill free also everyone can make decision about each and every topic base on their knowledge means believes and hope. The action of people think they are fee that called libertarianism. Libertarianism is not the part of the political libertarianism. They both different. Most of people in world they think action are free. But some case people not agree with other believes and hope, also some of the belief that all event is caused by past event such that “nothing other than what does occur could occur”. Libertarianism is people own thought and that not include any type of physical part. If someone planning to drink cock their own thought tells them do that they decide for that event so, they drink that call libertarianism.

Some case libertarianism is not possible without determinism. Like aircraft fly in sky. That is call libertarianism because the aircraft own thought. But without pilot really is possible? Not write now. May be in future. So, based on right now the aircraft fly in sky is example of the determinism. So that means physical world itself deterministic. Better way to say physical event happen because the previous physical event happens. Also pilot plan to drive to do aircraft so this happen. So, that also libertarianism. So argument about this topic is hard. because correct both way. So, best way to say just feels an awful free.

Some people think fill so free for himself may be possibility they are free. But they need to come up with unique idea that can make them to prove they really fee in his life. Without the unique idea they may be not be free. Base on the French philosopher baron D’ Holbach none of the people action is free. Free action is impossible. philosopher baron D’ Holbach think people fill free only because they ignore the force around them. Also, everything is the inevitable result of the what came before. That means human and their action is the part of the physical world and base on the physical laws that make them to do it. So, Physical world is deterministic. Also base on philosopher William James thought “first act of freewill shall be to believe in free will”. Some just don’t know what is the “free will” meaning and arguing about free will.

The problem of free will is challenging for everyone to determine our ideas and feelings about personal freedom. Freedom is based on the situation. The main idea of free will is depending on the determinism, compatibilism, and libertarianism. Hard determinism is the view that no one can act freely. Quantum physics gives an example to the notion of every event has a cause. Compatibilism state that determinism is true and our action can still free. Libertarianism says that some actions are free which is controlled by the person or agents. For many people free will is matter because is depending on the crucial role, punishment, praise and blame and responsibility. We think that we are free because we ignore the forces which bind us. So, Free actions are possible and free will is an illusion.

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