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Review of the Movie 'The Matrix'

The well-organized story, fantastically beautiful battles, and unique characters makes ‘The Matrix’ a must see. ‘The Matrix’ is one of the best classic sci-fi action films ever made, which is why I’ve chosen to write about how it has become one of my favorite movies of all time. The modern and creative story behind ‘The Matrix’ is what sets it aside from films that were released in the 1999s. It depicts a dystopia future in which truth as perceived via...
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Comparison of Plato's Allegory of the Cave and 'The Matrix'

A turtle and a salmon are swimming together. While swimming, the turtle asks the fish: “How does the water taste today”. After thinking about it for a couple of seconds, the salmon responds: “What’s water?”. The 2001 film ‘The Matrix’, directed by the Wachowski brothers is a science fiction homage to Plato’s allegory of the cave. Both stories tell of men living in delusional dream states who are inadvertently exposed to the truth of the real outside world. Neo discovers...
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Exploring the Depths of 'The Matrix'

Have you ever had a dream that you were absolutely certain it was real? Envision that you weren’t able to awaken. How would you know the difference between the dream and reality? This is the underlying theme to one of the most sought out transmedia executions the world has ever seen. ​The multitude of ways we communicate in today’s society allows for an alternate depiction in the ways stories are now told. The array electronics, platforms, and the Internet gives...
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Essentialism in the Film 'The Matrix'

Essentialism is a philosophy that believes all things have a set of attributes in order for it to be recognized and to know its function. Moreover, it believes that before anything could exist, there should be a purpose unto why it is made. This philosophy has been very evident in ‘The Matrix’. The trilogy is an American sci-fi movie that tells a story on how artificial intelligence has conquered humanity and trapped them in a simulated world called ‘Matrix’ to...
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Plato's Allegory of the Cave and the Movie ‘The Matrix’

As we have been going through the study of epistemology, we started off with an allegory. This was allegory was said by a famous philosopher named Plato. His allegory was called the allegory of the cave. This allegory was an explanation of how mankind live, its life and how our understanding are actually very limited. This is explained is multiple steps which show the evolution of knowledge. ‘The Matrix’ is a visual representation of the allegory. If you were to...
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