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We talk a lot about aesthetics in a contemporary sense, referring to art and culture but I think Dr Quigley presents an excellent point and food for thought when using aesthetics to refer to the Great Barrier Reef and further link it to idea of the human sensorium and how it can describe certain experiences. In terms of having an ethical responsibility for beauty, especially when referring to the reef it is an important question to ask ourselves. I think...
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Traditions are past through generations of families through-out the world and it is what keeps cultures intact, but when it starts impacting the eco-system in a negative way one should rethink that tradition that has been kept in families from childhood to adult life then onto their own children. Hunting is branded as this unethical practice that should be illegal because it is obsolete, it serves no purpose to common life, and it is affecting animal population. Many believe that...
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Environmental activism is related to different people and organizations working in different areas like scientific social conservational and political fields related to environmental. Those people and different organizations in nineteenth century when the conservationists and that are included in this movement are also known as green movement as it relates to our environment. It began natural historian groups formed in Europe and North America in different fields like animal welfare, forestry, national parks and wildlife preservation as well as urban...
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Development begins the moment of conception and continues throughout the entire lifespan. the human body goes through many transformations. Psychologists, Erikson, Peck, and Levinson all contributed different theories expanding on adult development. According to Erickson development occurs in eight stages beginning at birth and ending with death. Each stage consists of a task or crisis that we must complete. The sixth stage, intimacy vs. isolation, occurs during young adulthood and focuses on searching for intimacy. Erikson describes intimacy as more...
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Ecology is the scientific study of the relationships between organisms and their environment. – Ernst Haeckel Ecology is a branch of biology that include interactions between organisms and their biophysical environment as well as with the members of the same and other species. It includes the relations among all the biotic and abiotic components of the environment but tends to exclude the context of human behaviour and civilization. The science of ecology has complex roots pertinent to three levels of...
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