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Activism: Hear The People’s Cry For Help

“Oppressed people cannot remain oppressed forever. The yearning for freedom eventually manifests itself” (King, 1963). Few words in Letter from a Birmingham Jail from Martin Luther King Jr., an activist of civil rights and champion of human rights, equality and justice. In the society we live in, activism is like a coin. It can be seen with two sides. Some individuals would only view activism as an act of pure violence owing the fact that activists groups do rallies, sit-ins,...
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Online Activism Or Modern Activism

The unbelievable advancement in technology has made an impact on each and every sector of society. This advent in technology removed the geographical boundation due to which the communication with the people has become more diverse. Breaking the time barrier has transformed activism in numerous manner from the last few decades. The way people are now connected is broader in range. In the context of social media presence, platforms create a civic culture as it opens the path to the...
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Activism VS Slacktivism

Activism is the policy or action of using vigorous campaigning to bring about political or social change. The pros of activism are that it helps spread awareness about a cause or event, helps students engage and participate in educational activities, assists with networking and fundraising. The cons of activism are that nobody does anything about it although awareness has been raised these people do not donate to the cause. Slacktivism is the practice of supporting a political or social cause...
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Impact Of Activism On Health And Wellbeing

As to the discussion for when to intervene in situations of injustice arises, society is often caught in between two polarized options: action and inaction. And, often enough, inaction is the choice. Personal, alongside non-personal factors, directly contribute to this decision-making process. Personal factors can include relentless dedication, sustained effort to positively contribute, and even having “lived” the problem under discussion. For example, some self-entitled feminists refuse to consider this same right of entitlement for men. The motive seems quite...
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Teen Activism Changing The World For Animals

Most people today just worry about themselves or if they get paid to do something good, they do not do it out of their hearts. However, there is a small percentage of people that still care about others and society today. These amazing people are known as activists. However, I like to call them heroes. Teen activists are people who believe in themselves to bring a positive change to the world. They are believers, they care, and they are brave....
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Can Environmental Activism Be Seen As A Doomsday Cult?

Today most people would agree that climate change is a problem. We can see why this problem through out the world. The ice caps are melting at an alarming rate and forest fires have hit some of the most important places in the world. Environmental activism has taken over the news trying to show us what needs to be done in order to “save the world.” Their protest has caused more problems rather than shown us what needs to be...
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Social And Political Activism In Relation To Experimental And Radical Design

In her writing, Plant considers the role of Situationalist International “vanguard movement” and theory as an ethnographic catalyst and artefact for revolutionary change in a postmodern world. The group was a revolutionary alliance of European avant garde artists and writers that developed a critique of capitalism based on Marxism and surrealism (Plant 2). Forming from the Lettrist international and the international Union for Pictorial Bauhaus, the group has its origins deeply rooted in radical art and design. According to Plant,...
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PR VS Activism

The article by Laurie Honda on the “It gets better” project which focuses on the LGBTQ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer) community is a good example of the cultural hegemony theory which advocates equal rights and social status. The project, which started in September 2010 in the USA and spread over five continents. President Barack Obama lent his voice supporting the movement against bullying and in March 2011 First Lady Michelle Obama hosted a conference on anti-bullying. Its aim...
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Social Media Activism: Twitter And Hashtag

Twitter is “what’s happening in the world and what people are talking about right now” (Twitter, 2019). The platform is an American microblogging and social networking service. The site was first launched publicly on March 21, 2006, by Co-founders Jack Dorsey a computer programmer, internet entrepreneur, and current chairman of the board, Christopher ‘Biz’ Stone an entrepreneur, film director, and founder of various internet-based services, Evan Williams a computer programmer and internet entrepreneur and Noah Glass a software developer. In...
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The Peculiarities Of Judicial Activism

We should not be shocked that even within the courts, the judges can reach different conclusions. For example, a case in Alberta made its way to the Supreme Court of Canada. Hutterian Brethrens challenged a provincial regulation that required them to have photo identification on their driver’s licenses. They claimed that the law infringed on their religious belief. The SCC justices were split about whether the provincial law’s requirement for photos justified the violation of their religious freedoms. The majority...
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Balance Of Judicial Activism And Restraint

Introduction This essay concerns what degree of power judges should possess to change law. Essentially where on the spectrum between pure Declaratory Theory and condoned aggressive judicial activism lies the best balance between stability and modernisation. I argue judges should possess the power to alter precedent and form new statute interpretations but restricted to incremental steps only, halting the modern trend toward the excesses of judicial activism . In effect I argue for the contemporary jurisprudential state. Section II details...
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Queer And Disabled Feminist Activism

This week’s discussion takes a look into LGBTQ+ and disabled feminism and activism. In the articles written by Abelson and the speech given in the Incite page, we take a look at LGBTQ+ feminism along with black feminism. In the article written by Abelson, we begin by discussing both the inclusion and exclusion of transgender feminists, which begins in the 1970’s and continues into the early-mid 2000’s. During this time, lesbian feminists began to “turn from a patriarchal and male-centered...
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Youth Engaging In Political Activism

Identification of the issue The youth today use the means of advocating their rights of freedom of speech by actively rioting and professing their position on the issues they are fighting against or siding with. Youth activism usually starts when the major problem of the government affects greatly or even a smidgen connects with any youth, albeit their school, social life, families, etc. Since the youth had decided to take matters into their own hands, they use movements and organizations...
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The Role Of Teen Activism In Society

The use of direct and noticeable actions using vigorous campaigning to achieve a change, usually a political or social one. This is the definition of activism given by the Cambridge dictionary. If this definition is analyzed deeply, some of us, teens, might wonder if we could really be the motor of such drastic changes in our society and political arena. The answer is ‘yes.’ Teen activists have done amazing things by choice around the world. Our history and our present...
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Graphic Design And Feminist Activism

What is Activism? Activism is to promote and direct in political, environmental and socials in order to make changes in society. Activism can be in so many different forms. Some will protest, making campaigns and some sow their antagonism with silence and strikes. Social responsibility is that you have the duty to benefit society. That means if you work for an organization, you should act to maintain a balance socially, economically and environmentally. There are plenty of ways to be...
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A Discourse Analysis Of News Coverage Of Popular Culture Activism

Introduction Scholars have studied how mainstream media reports the activities of protesters and how news coverage influences the way the activists are depicted in those news stories (Harlow, Salaverría, Kilgo & García-Perdomo, 2017; Ismail, Torosyan & Tully, 2019; Kilgo & Harlow, 2019; Kyriakidou & Olivas Osuna, 2017). The dominant pattern which scholars agree that typically appear in news coverage of activism is what they call the “protest paradigm” (Harlow et al, 2017; Ismail et al, 2019; Kilgo & Harlow, 2019;...
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Tactics Of Activism Used By The Selected African Musicians In Tackling Global Injustice

Introduction The main objective of this essay is to examine the extent to which African Musicians have used their musical prowess as a tool for activism against global justice. This study was conceptualized to study the evolution of activists’ strategies of African Musicians relative to global justice. Furthermore, this study will evaluate the tactics of activism used by the selected African Musicians in tackling global injustice by examining the underpinning themes explored in the various songs of the artists relating...
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The New Age Of Student Activism Is Failing

The impact of activism can be felt worldwide. Done right, activism changes ideas and shakes the very foundation of society. Student activism is rising, but also falling, and the fall is cause for concern as insufficient vital changes are made after demonstrations and protests. Marx proposed that the economy colours our ideas, and indeed capitalism has infiltrated our thought process and been ingrained in our psychology. Therefore, student activism fails to make a dent in society. In 2018, the Marjory...
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Civil Rights Activism In Australia

Part of Australia’s history is the horrendous treatment of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders. The arrival of British settlers in 1788 set the stage of struggle with human rights for the Indigenous People, as they faced segregation, assimilation and the systematic attempt to erase their race, through the means of the Stolen Generation. It was only until the UN created the Universal Declaration of Human Rights after the disturbing neglect of human rights displayed in Nazi Germany during World War...
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Rising Employee Activism In Tech World

For the past decade, there has been a surprising increase in the number of employee activism instances reported worldwide, specially among the technical community. Almost all tech giants including Amazon, Facebook and Google have faced this struggle with their growth journey. Employees have now started questioning the project agenda, goals, company socio-economic policies and are getting their voices out by forming unions, staging walkouts, and going out for protests. They try to spread their message and put forward their views...
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Growing Phenomena Of Consumer Activism: Risks And Advantages

During this essay I will be arguing and explaining how the changes in contemporary society have influenced the growing phenomena of consumer activism and as a result have posed new risks as well as positive attributes and experiences for the stakeholders involved e.g. business organisations, consumers and employees. Consumer activism is the process of action with the intent to “protect consumers in their economic role by bringing attention to the political, ethical and moral aspects of consumption (behaviour) and consumerism...
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Identifying The Need Of Social Change In Environment

Environmental activism is related to different people and organizations working in different areas like scientific social conservational and political fields related to environmental. Those people and different organizations in nineteenth century when the conservationists and that are included in this movement are also known as green movement as it relates to our environment. It began natural historian groups formed in Europe and North America in different fields like animal welfare, forestry, national parks and wildlife preservation as well as urban...
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Effect Of Cultural Background Of Shirin Neshat On The Construction Of Her Artworks Used As An Artistic Activism

Introduction The creative power of art has been used to evoke emotion in people in order to bring up a social change as artistic activism. Activism challenges accustomed beliefs and power association. Whereas in Art, there is an ambiguity in the intention of the artist who makes the work. It is often to create a new perspective and a clearer vision to view the aspects of the world, which can be considered as another way of rephrasing the imposition of...
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The Aspects Of Teen Activism

Do you know what teen activism is? What do you think about teen activism? Teen activism is something that teenagers do to fix a problem in the world. They are usually affected by it before aiming to fix it, and they do it for the better of others. Sometimes they correct a problem in a community, sometimes it worldwide, sometimes it to adjust a problem in a country or county. Teen activism happens all over the world and it is...
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The Challenges Malcolm X Faced

Malcolm Little, later known as Malcolm X, was born in Omaha, Nebraska on May 19th, 1925. He was born into an extremely poor household. Malcolm and his siblings had to pick dandelions off the streets and cook the greens to eat. For most of his life, he had an absence of a father figure. When we were young, his father had been attacked and killed by the Klu Klux Klan (KKK). Not too long after his father’s death, the same...
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Social Activism from the Gilded Age to the Present Day

The Gilded Age or the idea of a better opportunity or quality of life, ‘covered in gold’, brought with it many different representations of people seeking this form of life. Between 1860 and 1900 alone the northern states grew almost fivefold. The bustling cities attracted native countryside migrants, European and Italian immigrants, and even African Americans. Cities like Chicago were heavily overpopulated, creating a cultural melting pot fueled by economic growth and attractive cultural amenities. The quality of life also...
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