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Reasons Why All Social Movements Need Leaders

As children we tend to see our elders and guardians as leaders, showing us right from wrong and teaching us how to fend for ourselves in this harsh world. In our teen years, we often rebel against parental guidance, as we are prone to see parents more as autocrats at this time and no longer as leaders. Once we reach early adulthood, we will have acquired enough knowledge to keep ourselves alive and stay healthy on our own. From here,...
3 Pages 1299 Words

Racism Leads to Social Movements

Racism is a constant issue going on in America. It does not matter how many years go by, racism is still brought up, fought over, and fought about every day. Over the last few years, many can say racism has gotten worse and needs to be corrected in the world. As an individual, race is seen differently through the eyes of that person. Race may be classified as a social group, gender, skin color, and even the location of the...
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Social And Protest Movements Of The 1960s

Introduction Social and protest movements throughout history, specifically in the 1960s, have significantly affected American culture and politics by pressuring elected and appointed officials to make changes. America was founded from a revolution; the original colonists of this country used protest tactics that led to the Revolutionary War and formed an independent country. Social and protest movements began the country, have shaped its history, and continue to presently shape American politics and culture. A social movement is formed when a...
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Critical Essay on The Black Lives Matter Movement: Use of Digital and Non-digital Methods of Campaigning

Question: Select an activist or activist organisation from the list below, describe their agenda and evaluate how their digital and non-digital methods of campaigning contribute to identifiable social change. During the reading of “The Tipping Point” – How little Things Can Make a Big Difference, Gladwell depicts how to look at social change. “any number of the other mysterious changes that mark everyday life is to think of them as epidemics. Ideas and products and messages and behaviours spread just...
2 Pages 964 Words

Analytical Essay on Black Lives Matter Movement: Background and Main Purpose

Since the beginning of time people have been exercising their social media skills without even being aware of it. Referencing, telling stories, creating an identity for themselves and simply sharing information are all things that eventually escalated into the social media platforms we all know and love today. The first social media site ever created was called Six Degrees, it was created in 1997. It filled all the criteria of social media such as allowing people to create a personal...
3 Pages 1283 Words

Taylor Swift as an Evolving Feminist: Insight into Her Personal Sphere

Taylor Swift has always been known as a great and feisty feminist. Her outspoken feminist voice is often reflected in the majority of her works. However, Swift’s creations cannot be understood plainly by disregarding her personal life. Her songs and videos give insight into her personal life, the challenges she has encountered, and so on. Going through her works can be like having to read her personal diary. This chapter will delve into a number of events in Taylor Swift’s...
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Informative Essay on New Negro Movement

The 1920s were the decade when the American economy grew by a percentage. Bulk production distributes new consumer goods in every home. Modern automotive and aviation industries were formed. U.S. victory in World War I gives the world the first feeling of being a world power. Soldiers returning home from Europe brought new ideas, strengths, and abilities. Everyone became an investor because of easy access to credit. Those hidden weaknesses help to cause the Great Depression. The lives of African...
2 Pages 721 Words

Female Voices in Media: Essay on Me Too Movement

Introduction America has been a patriarchal society since its founding of the country. The founding fathers of the government were all men. Even the Declaration of Independence states that “all men are created equal”, leaving women completely out of the text. While women are slowly fighting for more freedoms and rights, men in America hold most of the power in society. Along with patriarchy, comes toxic masculinity. Toxic masculinity is certain masculine social norms that harm society. Toxic Masculinity is...
5 Pages 2060 Words

Essay on Slavery and The New Negro Movement

Early Anglo-American colonizers were unable to imagine systems of shared land tenure and governance with Indigenous polities. They perceived Indigenous people to admit themselves to the racialization, and the justification they provided for the strategies they utilized to eliminate, displace, acculturate, and conceptually disappear American Indians. European settlers asserted an exclusive right to own the land based on their claims to be making it productive, which was in fact made so profitable by the bulk of the labor such as...
3 Pages 1158 Words

Essay on Pro Life (Abortion)

Abortion can be described in a variety of ways but the end result is always going to be the same as terminating pregnancies. Abortion can be performed in a variety of ways including unplanned, surgical, and medical abortion. For decades abortion has been a controversial topic or subject. Some people view, they see abortion as a sinful act taking an innocent infant’s life while some see it as a choice for an individual who is pregnant, and these people all...
1 Page 535 Words

Essay on Institutional Sexual Harassment and Me Too Movement

The MeToo movement is a movement started when an activist named Tarana Burke came out with her story of sexual harassment. The Story reached a lot of people making them want to join the movement and talk about their own stories and cases of when they were sexually harassed. Enough Stories built up where eventually it was involving high-profile celebrities. The men who commit these crimes are not apologetic at all and don’t understand the trauma they cause. The hashtag...
3 Pages 1195 Words

Essay on Harlem Renaissance and The New Negro

The ‘Black Capital’ of the twentieth century, Harlem served as a cultural nexus of black America. It was a refuge for African Americans fleeing from oppression in the South and a new home for those seeking new opportunities. Harlem was a haven, a place of self-discovery, cultural knowledge, and political activism for African Americans, especially during the first half of the twentieth century. It fostered an artistic new age of literature, painting, music, and cinema. The neighborhood was home to...
6 Pages 2670 Words

Essay on Civil Rights Movement

The traditional image of the Civil Rights Movement in the United States is one that spans over a decade and has its roots in the deep south, in places like Montgomery and Memphis. However, in lieu of new information, a theory has developed that widens the movement’s scope both chronologically and geographically. First coined by Jacqueline Dowd Hall, many Historians have embraced the idea of a Long Civil Rights Movement. This thesis argues that all post-war civil rights movements developed...
3 Pages 1493 Words

Essay on Black Lives Matter

Online platforms have become powerful components for the emergence of social movements in the new millennium. It is believed that social media has assisted social movements to ‘scale up’, which is described as the procedure that diversifies the influence of the movement and helps to bring social change (Mundt, Ross & Burnett 2018). Moreover, modern activist movements like the Black Lives Matter movement are differentiated from the previous movements as they use modern technology as a tool which is considered...
1 Page 642 Words

Essay on 'The Hunger Games': Analysis Using Marxist and Feminist Theory

This essay aims to examine Gary Ross’ The Hunger Games, a dystopian science fiction adventure film, using Marxist theory, and feminist theory. The Hunger Games was released in 2012 and took place in the future dystopian world of Panem where it follows the life of 16-year-old Katniss Everdeen who comes from District 12. The leaders of authoritarian Panem live in the Capitol where they control the twelve surrounding districts. And each of the districts produces a unique trade such as...
3 Pages 1413 Words

Crenshaw’s 'Demarginalizing the Intersection of Race and Sex' and Me Too Movement

In 2017, when actress Alyssa Milano asked her followers to tweet “#MeToo” if they had ever been sexually harassed, social media went into a frenzy. At that moment, activist Tarana Burke who started the Me Too movement in 2006, became a minor character in a global story. The spotlight that shines on privileged women who have the ability to share their stories without the fear of repercussions or penalty became even more glaring. This focus results in singular celebrity stories...
2 Pages 819 Words

Consequences of the Me Too Movement in China

In an effort to improve the integrity of the human race, there have been diverse policies, declarations, and movements that seek to make the world a better place. The existence of human rights forms one of the most fundamental basics of human living and practices, which are supposed to be inherent to every individual. These rights are definitive regardless of the background of a human being, their gender, race, and any attribute given to their person. Deneen (2) nonetheless highlights...
3 Pages 1391 Words

Analysis of Me Too Movement in India

A sexual offense is not a new concept especially to women, in every society one or the other woman has to go through the experience of sexual assault. Many women around the world in their lifetime have experienced sexual violence, assault, and harassment or have been pushed into a situation where they feel unsafe and uncomfortable at times. They have all had the same experience, yet it has been different for each of them. The mental and physical suffering which...
1 Page 577 Words

To What Extent Was the Civil Rights Act of 1964 the Result of Black Civil Rights Leaders?

The Civil Rights Act of 1964 was not a result of the black civil rights leaders. This can be seen in Mark Rathbone’s work when he states that in recent years the PBS documentary series ‘eye on the prize’, which was broadcasted in 1987, shows a breakthrough in the transition, placing more focus on common citizens who took part in the civil rights revolution. Additionally, the National Rights Museum in Selma, Alabama, which, was opened in 1993, puts an emphasis...
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Themes of Environmentalism and Feminism in the Movie 'Princess Mononoke'

The Studio Ghibli movie ‘Princess Mononoke’ is a Japanese fantasy movie that was released on July 12, 1997, directed by studio head, Hayao Miyazaki. This film was the highest grossing film of Japan after its release. The movie is based during the Muromachi period, in 1336 to 1573 CE; this period was likely chosen due to the progress of the era. It is about a prince who finds himself in a journey of conflict, a fight between gods of the...
3 Pages 1346 Words

Essay about Thirty Meter Telescope Protests in Hawaii

The scope of the problem I am going to discuss is on the issue that is happening in Hawaii about the building of the TMT. This social problem is becoming a big headline in Hawaii news because the protesters have blocked builders from proceeding with the building of the TMT. The TMT (Thirty Meter Telescope) is a project to build the biggest telescope and put on top of Mauna Kea. However, there is already 13 telescopes on top of Mauna...
6 Pages 2613 Words

Analysis of the Song '21 Guns' and Anti-War Protests

The thing with today’s society is that when people listen to a song, they don’t think twice about what the song really means. For decades there have been different social issues going on in the United States, one example of a social issue is from ‘21 Guns’. Unfortunately, the USA has not been thinking outside the box of using peace during a war instead of just sending an army. The song ’21 Guns’ by Green Day was released on May...
2 Pages 790 Words

Essay about Montgomery Bus Boycott

Have you ever wondered if laws were different a long time ago? I have, and they definitely were. There were unfair laws that separated black people from the white people. These laws were called Jim Crow laws. Jim Crow laws made black people’s lives horrible. They were kept from using the same things as a white person. People had to go through a lot of horrible events to get where we are today. Civil rights were made to treat everyone...
1 Page 408 Words

Importance of the Civil Rights Movement and Its Key Events

Human rights are an important aspect to your life and to law making and everyone needs them to have a good life. If you live in the United States, you have many rights unless you’re trying to do something wrongful like murder or steal. It wasn’t always like this however, before the Civil Rights Movement you could be denied public access to a public area because of your race or religion. Thanks to the Civil Rights Act, the Voting Rights...
2 Pages 1080 Words

Civil Rights Movement: Key Events and Importance to the African American Race

This essay is written to inform readers of the Civil Rights Movement, the Montgomery Bus Boycott as the key its event, the importance of the movement to the African American race, and the Civil Rights Act. On December 1, 1955, the life of our nation changed forever. The start of the Civil Rights Movement began with the Montgomery Bus Boycott in the 1900s. December 1st, 1955, was a day many African Americans marked as the day to stand up for...
2 Pages 1053 Words

Civil Rights Movement as the Most Influential Movement in the 20th Century

There were many rapid changes in America in the 20th century, some of which shaped entire generations. One of the major historical events that had a significant impact on how Americans redefined themselves during that century is the Civil Rights Movement. Minorities, specifically black Americans, had always been kept inferior. This movement reinvented the way they were seen as a result of them actively fighting for their equal rights; which created a foundation for the next generation. The Civil Rights...
1 Page 668 Words

Racism as a Significant Social Issue

The holy trinity of sociological variables that unite us and divide us are class, gender, and race. The most sensitive topic of these three is race which is defined as a group of people who share a set of characteristics—typically, though not always, these are physical characteristics—and are believed to share a common bloodline. Race is a social construct; it is biologically unreal, but sociologically real. In the last 200 years, scientists have attempted to pin down racial categories through...
1 Page 580 Words

Racial Segregation in Montgomery

A harmonious urban society is dependent on basic civil rights. If these rights are severely compromised, then urban progression will only drive a further divide between the have and have nots. Those above the gaze of discrimination will remain untouched while the others will be submerged in an unjust and prejudiced city. Housing for non-white citizens in Montgomery, Alabama was severely inferior in both value and amenities. In 1950, Montgomery was heavily segregated; there were distinctive wards that housed white...
4 Pages 1966 Words

Essay on Grunge, Post-Grunge and Women's Empowerment

“Measure 9 goes against American traditions of mutual respect and freedom, and Nirvana wants to do their part to end bigotry and narrow-mindedness everywhere”. “Kurt Cobain, lead singer of Nirvana, 1992, regarding a piece of Oregon legislation that would have eliminated protections from discrimination based on sexual orientation”. Nirvana and Progressivism Seattle sound or grunge is a style of music born out of the late 1980s and especially the early-mid 1990s that was born out of Washington State. Grunge is...
5 Pages 2326 Words

Fighting Injustice through Nonviolence Civil Disobedience: The Montgomery Bus Boycott and the Sit-In Movement

“One has not only a legal, but a moral responsibility to obey just laws. Conversely, one has a moral responsibility to disobey unjust laws” – Martin Luther King Jr. Background information strategy used during the 1950-1965, strategy used in North Carolina, and Alabama. Strategy used to get more rights that the black people should have. Strategy used by Rosa Parks, Greensboro four, and Martin Luther King Jr. Nonviolence civil disobedience has proved to be the best strategy used during the...
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