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Have you ever wondered if laws were different a long time ago? I have, and they definitely were. There were unfair laws that separated black people from the white people. These laws were called Jim Crow laws. Jim Crow laws made black people’s lives horrible. They were kept from using the same things as a white person. People had to go through a lot of horrible events to get where we are today. Civil rights were made to treat everyone...
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“One has not only a legal, but a moral responsibility to obey just laws. Conversely, one has a moral responsibility to disobey unjust laws” - Martin Luther King Jr. Background information strategy used during the 1950-1965, strategy used in North Carolina, and Alabama. Strategy used to get more rights that the black people should have. Strategy used by Rosa Parks, Greensboro four, and Martin Luther King Jr. Nonviolence civil disobedience has proved to be the best strategy used during the...
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Throughout history, society has been evolving and growing with the voice of the American people. This voice has sparked teachings in schools, organizations, and other places all around the world. Two voices in particular have sparked and contributed to these teachings and how it has educated society. These voices are E.D. Nixon and Jo Ann Robinson. It is true that these two have been taught in our school systems as ‘civil rights activists’, but they also contributed to the movement...
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During the 1940s-1960s, America's Civil rights movements and the treatment of African Americans from the Jim Crow Laws was ongoing issue for generations. I decided to choose the Montgomery bus boycott as my topic because of prior knowledge about the first black women’s arrest against the laws of racial segregation which sparked my interest in The Montgomery bus boycott as they were both on the constitution of segregation. research shows that The Montgomery bus boycott was one of the first...
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The Civil Rights Act of 1964 was not a result of the black civil rights leaders. This can be seen in Mark Rathbone’s work when he states that in recent years the PBS documentary series ‘eye on the prize’, which was broadcasted in 1987, shows a breakthrough in the transition, placing more focus on common citizens who took part in the civil rights revolution. Additionally, the National Rights Museum in Selma, Alabama, which, was opened in 1993, puts an emphasis...
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There were many rapid changes in America in the 20th century, some of which shaped entire generations. One of the major historical events that had a significant impact on how Americans redefined themselves during that century is the Civil Rights Movement. Minorities, specifically black Americans, had always been kept inferior. This movement reinvented the way they were seen as a result of them actively fighting for their equal rights; which created a foundation for the next generation. The Civil Rights...
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This essay is written to inform readers of the Civil Rights Movement, the Montgomery Bus Boycott as the key its event, the importance of the movement to the African American race, and the Civil Rights Act. On December 1, 1955, the life of our nation changed forever. The start of the Civil Rights Movement began with the Montgomery Bus Boycott in the 1900s. December 1st, 1955, was a day many African Americans marked as the day to stand up for...
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Human rights are an important aspect to your life and to law making and everyone needs them to have a good life. If you live in the United States, you have many rights unless you're trying to do something wrongful like murder or steal. It wasn’t always like this however, before the Civil Rights Movement you could be denied public access to a public area because of your race or religion. Thanks to the Civil Rights Act, the Voting Rights...
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The holy trinity of sociological variables that unite us and divide us are class, gender, and race. The most sensitive topic of these three is race which is defined as a group of people who share a set of characteristics—typically, though not always, these are physical characteristics—and are believed to share a common bloodline. Race is a social construct; it is biologically unreal, but sociologically real. In the last 200 years, scientists have attempted to pin down racial categories through...
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A harmonious urban society is dependent on basic civil rights. If these rights are severely compromised, then urban progression will only drive a further divide between the have and have nots. Those above the gaze of discrimination will remain untouched while the others will be submerged in an unjust and prejudiced city. Housing for non-white citizens in Montgomery, Alabama was severely inferior in both value and amenities. In 1950, Montgomery was heavily segregated; there were distinctive wards that housed white...
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