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Abolitionism Essays

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Exploring the Prison Crisis: Influence of Radical Theory on Abolitionism

This literature review will overview current theory and knowledge regarding the crisis facing the British prison in the UK. It will utilise prison based literature to highlight a radical theory of penality (Paris, 2007) presented by Angela Davis, Joe Sim and others. The current situation surrounding the British prison is often cited in official reports and academia, alongside the strong presence of mainstream media control (Ibid). Using prison based literature, this review will use existing empirical evidence to draw data...
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Modern Abolitionism in US Criminal Justice System: Disproportionate Incarceration of Ethnic Minorities

The primary focus of New Right Criminology (NRC) is on the prevention and control of criminal behavior. This is our current system in which the criminals are to be prevented from breaking the criminal law and punished if they do. With origins in Classical Theory, NRC accepts rational choice theory in which people act fails to consider why people may choose to break the law; or the concepts of power and structures in society (Haines, White, & Asquith, 2017)....
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History of Abolitionism and Antebellum in the United States

In my course, I read about the forms of resistance to slavery, pro-slavery justification, life for “free” Antebellum Northern blacks, and all the hateful discrimination that occurred to African-Americans during that time period. I also read about political and social conflicts that created policies that led to the Civil War which was the war that shaped America to where it is today. Slavery in the South all the way to the Antebellum period During the period of the domestic slave...
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The Women's Suffrage Movement and Abolition Movement: Analytical Essay

It is often pointed out that the word history is a conjunction of the words “his” and “story”, but from a modern point of view, it is quite obvious that women have had a profound impact in shaping history. Historically, within American culture, women have been oppressed and subjugated to conditions alike to slavery. And yet, even with these deterrents and obstacles, they have made American Society what it is today. In the early nineteenth century, as societies within the...
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Impact of Narratives from Slave on Political Rhetoric of Abolitionism

Elizabeth Hobbs Keckley (ca 1818- 1907) was born as an enslaved person in Dinwiddie County, Virginia, to Agnes Hobbs and George Pleasant. Keckley experienced harsh treatment under slavery, including beatings as well as the sexual assault of a white man, by whom she had a son named George. She was eventually given to her owner’s daughter, Ann Garland, with whom she moved to St. Louis. There she became a dressmaker and supported Garland’s entire household for over two years. She...
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Argumentative Essay: Advocating the Abolition of Sex Work Will Not Stop Prostitutes Being Stigmatized

Prostitution is one of the most acute problems of modern society. Despite formal prohibitions and various measures aimed at combating illegal prostitution, it is quite widespread. The turnover of the commercial sex market is billions of dollars, and it employs millions of people. Sex work is the primary source of income for some adults in most countries of the world in the 21st century. While estimates of the number of adults selling sex services require careful methodological approach, and also...
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