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Mexican Culture Essay

I have lived in Florida my whole life. I’ve had many interactions with lots of different cultures in my eighteen years of living here. The one culture besides my own that I’ve intermingled with the most is Hispanic/Mexican culture. The 2013-2017 American Community Survey 5-Year Estimates found that Mexicans make up 3.4% of the population of Florida, and this doesn’t even account for all of the undocumented Mexicans (DADS). This is why I’ve chosen to study Mexican culture for my...
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The Purpose of Maquiladoras

A Maquiladora is a Mexican assembly plant that imports materials and equipment on a duty-free and tariff-free basis. Maquiladoras receive raw materials from companies in the U.S. to assemble and export back as finished products. Maquiladoras are generally owned by U.S. companies that are incentivized to build Maquilas in Mexican border towns in return for low-cost labor and savings . The free trade agreement (NAFTA) was entered in 1993. This allowed Mexico and the US to import goods duty free...
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A Review on “Mexico’s Drug War’

Mexicans were killed in Mexico in August 2011 when members of the Zetas drug cartel entered through the door of a Monterrey based casino and poured gasoline and set it on fire. Former Mexican President Felipe Calderón responded to the killing by condemning it as an “aberrant act of terror and barbarity.” Also, he later asserted that “it is evident that we are not faced with ordinary delinquents but by actual terrorists who know no boundaries.”[ Jennifer Gonzales, Mexico Offers...
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Role of Catholicism for Mexicans

Catholicism has played an important role in Mexico since its introduction to present day. With a majority of Mexican people being catholic, 85% in 2010 according to a study done by the Pew foundation (Liu). Mexico’s catholic population is second in the world only behind Brazil which leads with a catholic population of roughly 126,750,000 while Mexico has a Catholic population of roughly 96,450,000. Catholicism was first introduced to Mexico through Spanish conquistadors or conquerors in their conquest of the...
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The Conjuring of Ridiculous Things: Value of Mexican Philosophy

An occupational hazard of studying, writing about, and teaching Mexican philosophy is that there will always be someone who asks, “What makes it ‘Mexican’?” Or, “What’s so different about Mexican philosophy?” A more pernicious line of questioning might include dismissive queries such as: “Why study ‘Mexican’ philosophy at all?” At some point, I ignore these entreaties as background noise. But before that happens, I have to address some version of these questions, if only to show critics that I am...
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Life and Thoughts of Frida Kahlo

Frida Kahlo is a female Mexican artist. You might have even seen her in an animated movie. Coco is just one example of an animated movie that was touched by Frida Kahlo’s artistry beside her Hispanic heritage. Despite making a minimal appearance in the film, it conveyed how much of an effect Kahlo’s artistic abilities had on her country even until today. Kahlo’s legacy began in Mexico City, Mexico. She was born on the sixth of July in the nineteen...
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Mexico’s Mitigation and Adaptation Methods

None of the Mexicans I sent the questionnaire to feel they had been personally impacted by any natural disasters however, the most common impact is getting a flat tire because of holes in the roads. Also, my participant from Mazatlán, Sinaloa stated that they lost their car due to one of the really heavy floods. Another one of my participants from Guadalajara said that they feel they have lost the beauty of the countryside as the forest fires has resulted...
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Mexicans Stereotypes in Movies

Films and movies are incredible creations that can inspire people, make people laugh, make people cry, and change peoples lives. That is because movies reflect everyday life, and people. However, Mexican people have always gotten the short end of the stick when it comes to representation and portrayal in Hollywood. When Hollywood first made films about Mexican people, in the 1940s and 50s, Hollywood directors created the Mexican stereotypes by grouping together different cultures in Mexico to create “Mexican culture”...
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Globalization in Mexico

The topic of globalization has been a popular one among social scientists for several years. Debates have raged over the years regarding the economic benefits of a more integrated global economy, with some saying there is a significant benefit to incomes and production, particularly in developing countries, whereas others believe that globalization has led to the downfall of some regional economies. This is a pertinent argument in the country of Mexico. Ever since the rise of trade liberalization in Mexico,...
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Color in Two Vibrant Cultures: Contemporary Mexican and Cambodian Art

Historically, cultural traditions in Asia and South America have played a large role in artistic style and content in those respective regions. From ancient pictographs to passionate paintings depicting a region’s triumphs and losses, art records memories of millennia past. Symbols of the past can still be found in modern art. In Mexico, pieces may combine the culture of the Aztecs with Catholic symbols. Cambodian artworks might depict traditional colors and a remembrance of the pain caused by the Khmer...
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The Education and Political Systems of Mexico and the United Kingdom

In Mexico the primary language is Spanish, the population is of approximately 129.2 million people, and traditional foods includes tacos, enchiladas, and pozole. On the other side of the Atlantic Ocean the primary language of the United Kingdom is English, the population is of 66.02 million people, and traditional foods include fish and chips, bangers and smash, and shepherds pie. Mexico and the United Kingdom are two countries whose culture, history, political and education systems, really show how different they...
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Analysis of Symbolism in Works of Famous Mexican Muralists

Over the past century, muralism, the art of social and political engagement, has become a staple of Mexico’s identity. Analyzing the visual, cultural, symbolic, social, and historical work of the three most famous Mexican muralists such as Diego Rivera, David Alfaro Siqueiros, and Jose Clemente Orozco is an obligation when trying to understand the history of Mexico. Murals, to start things off, is a piece of artwork, most commonly a painting that is so huge and requires so much time...
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Comparison of Mexican and Nigerian Culture

Growing up my two favorite dishes were all I would think about the minute the sun set down and the kitchen lights turned on. I knew it was time for my mother to serve up a quesadilla with jollof rice. A quesadilla is essentially a tortilla bread with cheese prepared with various spices and vegetables, while Jollof rice is a rice that’s made with tomatoes, tomato paste, and cooking oil served with fried plantains and chicken. The aroma of these...
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Mexicanization and Cultural Globalization: New Words for Concepts as old as History

The term globalization is frequently used today. It has become a familiar term to most people. However, the word globalization is relatively recent. According to the Oxford dictionary, the word was first used in 1930 with the basic meaning of “one world, one planet or one globe”. Over the years, the term has been used in various aspects of life with a much more complex meaning: “the word globalization can apply to global society, global community, global ideas, global beliefs,...
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Destroyed Relationships: Machismo In Mexican Culture

In “A Rose that Grew from Concrete” by Tupac Shakur, he symbolizes the concrete as the ghetto which is where he grew up in. The second symbol in his poem is a rose which represents himself and all the difficult things that he has went through. In a similar way, the rose is the women and young men who are going through the concrete, which is Machismo. Many people believe that machismo makes a man’s life shorter. One of the...
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Authoritarianism and its Effect on Nationalism within Russia and Mexico

The 20th century marked turning points for many nations in terms of governance and governmental structure. Two nations that were no exception include Russia and Mexico. Both of these nations went through a revolution; Mexico in 1910 and Russia in 1917, which led to vast changes in their governments. Although the Mexican revolution resulted in a constitution and and outline for democratic principles, the nation quickly became a one party state. After the 1917 revolution in Russia, the Soviet Union...
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Educational Leadership: The Case of Graduate Students In Mexico

Research suggest that educators implement techniques like coaching and mentoring to help their students achieve higher levels of efficacy, which link with superior academic performance (Jain, Chaudhary, & Jain, 2016). Moreover, Dimotakis, Mitchell, and Maurer (2017) argued that assessment and feedback are important for the development of self-efficacy, but cautioned that assessment centers often require investing resources that may be hard to find. It is the job of educational leaders to ensure these types of activities take place, but it...
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Analysis of The Philosophy of Mexicanness

Samuel Ramos dedicates a section in his book Profile of Man and Culture in Mexico to a ‘psychoanalysis of the Mexican character’. In that essay, he writes: Others have spoken about the sense of inferiority of our race, but no one, as far as we know, has systematically used the idea to explain our character. For the first time, in this essay, we make methodological use of these old observations, rigorously applying [Alfred] Adler’s psychological theories to the Mexican case....
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