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Overview of the Documentary 'La Raza'

In the documentary ‘La Raza’, the history of East LA and the Chicano movement is portrayed as an important part of Chicano history. This movement occurred during the 1960’s and 1970’s, and it has made a significant difference in Chicano culture and how people view Hispanics and Latinos. Their main motive to create this organization was the discrimination against Chicanos. ‘La Raza’ organization had photographers who put thought into the portrayal of the events that occurred. These photos painted a...
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Racism in Raza Studies

History is always told from the side of the victors; as a result, US history textbooks are usually written with a European bias. The founding fathers are glorified and their wrongdoings are glossed over through the rewriting of history. The stories of enslavement, racism, and internment camps are all censored to protect the reputations of our white forefathers. In 2007 Tom Horne, the superintendent of Tucson Public Schools, began the creation of a ban towards Chicano studies in all Arizona...
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Critical Analysis of Salt of the Earth: Portrayal of the Struggles of Mexican American Miners

Throughout American history, countless immigrants have struggled to fit into the ideal standards of U.S. society in order to create a better life for themselves and their families. The violence and unfair treatment that immigrants were faced with, ultimately led them to change their identities and stray away from their traditional culture to assimilate to societal expectations. Salt of the Earth (1954) is a film that portrays the struggles of Mexican American miners and their families in Zinc Town, New...
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Chicano Movement and Extension of the Mexican-American Civil Rights Movement: Analytical Overview

This article will assess information from a variety of sources to expand the knowledge on the impact of the Chicano movement in the 21st century. To begin there is some insight required to have a basic understanding of Jorge Mariscal’s “FOREWORD: THE CHICANO MOVEMENT Does Anyone Care about What Happened 45 Years Ago?” (Mariscal xi). The first thing being defining what exactly the Chicanx movement really was/is, the movement having roots going back as early as 1846. The 20th century...
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Achievements of the Chicano Movement

American citizens suffered from discrimation due to their background. The Chicano Movement began in the 1960s when they generation was tired of being discriminated and decided it was time to fight for their rights. During the movement, there were goals that people wanted to do. For example, demand their rights to fair treatment and equal access to education, and as well the right to claim an ethinc community without prejudice. Even until this day, Mexican Americans are still getting targeted...
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The Concept of Culture and Its Main Aspects

Culture is the characteristic of a certain group of people that defined things such as what language they speak, the type of religion they are, or the type of lifestyle they have and many other things. When it comes to cultures it’s very different for people in different societies, not everyone has the same culture and especially they do not share the same one. Culture varies in different things such as the foods they eat, again the religion they have...
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Impact of Depression Based on Ethnic and Socioeconomic Identities: Issues of Mexican Americans

Introduction Depression is one of many health risk factors that has developed in people from all ethnic and cultural backgrounds. In the present day, a person’s identities have become a source from which depression has been able to feed itself from and become a major influencing factor to their lifestyle. Hispanics are one of the largest ethnic minority groups in the United States, ranking at 15% of the population ( By carrying a major role in America’s society, it is...
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Impact of Great Depression on Mexican Americans: Analytical Essay

During the Great Depression, Mexican Americans were deeply affected. In contrast to the employment crisis and food shortages facing all U.S. citizens, Mexicans and Mexican Americans are faced with an additional threat: deportation. When poverty ravaged the U.S., hostility to immigrant workers grew, and a campaign to repatriate immigrants to Mexico was initiated by the government. Immigrants were offered free train rides to Mexico, and some accepted, but many were either fooled or coerced into repatriation, and some U.S. citizens...
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Segregation and Discrimination of Mexican Americans in the United States: Analytical Essay

Brownness as a Flaw Mexican Americans have encountered segregation and discrimination of their civil rights in the United States in the 19th century. At that time, whiteness was a huge social structure that meant more than the color of skin, and white people had the upper hand to be rewarded, through American citizenship, a packaged system of privileges and opportunities. However, this social construction was challenged and proved otherwise, with a series of court cases – verifying the efficacy of...
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I Am Not Your Perfect American Daughter: Fragmentation of Family in 2nd Generation Mexican-Americans

Second-generation Mexican-Americans are among the fastest-growing populations in the United States representing over 59% of the Latino population and are loosening cultural ties the family dynamic begins to fall apart even with strong maternal figures encouraging youth to accommodate both cultures, (U.S. Bureau of Census, 2001, 2004). “Several authors suggest that challenges created by this dual cultural adaptation process represent a substantial risk for Mexican American (and other minority) youths and may lead to negative mental health outcomes, low self-esteem,...
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What Is It Like to Be a Chicano

The story of ‘How To Tame A Wild Tongue’ by Gloria Anzaldua is a tale about how she researches the opposing view towards the Chicano methods for talking and the appalling impact of this pessimistic disposition on the Chicano individuals where they live in the border. Gloria begins the story by utilizing an analogy and recollecting a dental specialist who grumbled about her tongue and that it was excessively solid and obstinate. She got disappointed and needed to realize how...
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Mexican American War Essay

The struggles of being a soldier, all the hard work and pain they had to go through on a daily basis, the traumatizing events and effects of the war on these poor humans, and all of the deaths and tragic issues faced with war. James M. McCaffrey evaluates all these events and what the soldiers really go through as they fought for power for their country. The Mexican-American war was a fight over land to see who would gain Texas...
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Reflective Essay on My Cultural Identity as Mexican-American

I am a first-generation Mexican-American living in Los Angeles, California. I identify as being Mexican, an American, and being an Angeleno in other terms I identify as a Latinx Angeleno. Each piece of culture takes part in my cultural identity as a whole. As wonderful as that sounds it was not always easy. There are plenty of times when it feels as if I have to live a double life when it comes to my Cultural Identity. There are places...
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The Journey of Finding Identity in a ‘Melting Pot’ Boiling with Stereotypes and Injustice

America is often addressed as a melting pot of several cultures, cultures that are embraced and accepted by those of natural citizenship. The latter is a statement of fact, to a certain extent. It’s difficult for many people to identify themselves. If I was born in America does that mean I am solely American? In cases like this, people find themselves torn between two worlds and two cultures – the one they were born into and the one they were...
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What Is It Like to Be an American

My father used to tell me all the time that he believed history was the easiest subject to learn because history never changes. I would always think this was in fact true, until reading the required readings for the week. History is very important when it comes to each and every person’s identity. History makes us as individuals who we are and who we believe to be. History can be changed depending on the individual. In the eyes of people...
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