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The Concept of Culture and Its Main Aspects

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Culture is the characteristic of a certain group of people that defined things such as what language they speak, the type of religion they are, or the type of lifestyle they have and many other things. When it comes to cultures it’s very different for people in different societies, not everyone has the same culture and especially they do not share the same one. Culture varies in different things such as the foods they eat, again the religion they have and either if they are strict with it or often celebrate it and many others. Culture is the type of identity that a group of people lived. Such as a specific place, people are born and raised in certain cultured based upon what they were taught. But as they get older and move out they themselves start building their own cultures and it starts with the place they live, how they want to decorate it. And they begin to sketch their own life and stay to follow that, and move on to their kids, beginning a newer culture.

First of all, the language will be one of the important aspects of cultures as it is the most probably different in every culture and set everything in place to make things differently. Language is what defines you what makes you different, you might be similar to someone who is from Spain, might speak Spanish but the language is similar but words have a different meaning, different accent, different way to say it. Language makes you unique from other places around the world as is a way of communication that you know not everyone has that privilege to know certain languages. Now talking about this is very special, for the people that are bilingual and they are able to learn a different language and also get to know a different culture. Something I can talk about is about a person, who was bilingual, and was in way force to learned a culture that maybe in those day wasn’t the best but this person is Cesar Chavez, ”Born in Yuma, Arizona, to a Mexican American family, Chavez began his working life as a manual laborer before spending two years in the United States Navy’. Cesar Chavez was born and raised speaking Spanish but yet later on learning English was one of the most important thing that set him to start the Chicago movement. One aspect of the Chicano movement was the rights of workers (farmers). Cesar Chavez was willing to sacrifice his own life so that the union would continue and that violence was not used. Cesar did a lot for a move and a lot for Culture that he wanted justice, farmers being one already define you, who you are and what you like, what you live for. This defines how you live, what your passion is for.

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Material culture is something that defines culture, as it has a major significance for people. Aspects or objects of a culture which can include types of house that one might have as they might have a significant value, the cities, areas. For example people from Pakistan wear Shalwar Kameez, they consume a lot of spicy food, and pray as it part of their religion. For example as well in Mexico, there are certain traditions that people celebrate that in other countries they wouldn’t at all which. The day of the dead were people celebrate the souls of their deceased relatives for a brief reunion that includes food, drink. In some places in the world there are places were certain rules have to be follow either to what time you are suppose to get home either if you are a girl or a bo. Also in some aspects in tradition the father choose who their daughter might marry, what rule they are going to follow the religio.

Another source of culture is the type geography around the world people always talk about certain states and the values that they have. Well but nobody ever talks about the history of it being like, for example, the people who were there first, the land that was there before, the people who used to live there, those were different cultures back then, different languages, different types of religion. In ‘Indigenous migration Pilgrimage trails and sacred geography’, we can see many things that are said and describe tradition and origins. ‘They are about the creation and identity of a people and how they came to be in their place around the world”. This goes for any tradition and how it well developed throughout people, for example Native american culture they are not well respected, throughout from what I know they are very judge and very misunderstood. The culture is packed with many different things from religion, traditions. Native American is well developed through art is made up of many different forms and techniques. Their culture plays an important role in what makes up native American culture and tradition, some of which is still around today. In Native American’s daily life was simply not possible without the arts that they would brings, hand made things that they would make, there are many different types and forms, some common types include painting, they do good meaningful painting, basket weaving, and wood carving are things that they might do for work to be able to earn some money. Art is considered a symbol in Native American heritage. It has been a major part of their lives for many years and these arts are many of these things have been progressed today and are displayed in museums and created over again by new generations that they continue over and over. Throughout the year art is use to express many things, a lot of people use to it symbolize objects, and through many culture it has always being used.

Now on these day we see new stuff not a lot people understand the meaning of Chicano/a, they use it wrong and in my opinion it will continue to be like this. Chicano/a have a big strong community but yet never heard off to the world in the proper way they should. This new generation that has come upon have change many things people refer to themselves different now these days and it’s based from where your family might generate from or where you have were born. I think one lesson we as people have learn is that this new generation things have changed, we have change even ours cultures.

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