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Overview of the Documentary 'La Raza'

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In the documentary ‘La Raza’, the history of East LA and the Chicano movement is portrayed as an important part of Chicano history. This movement occurred during the 1960’s and 1970’s, and it has made a significant difference in Chicano culture and how people view Hispanics and Latinos. Their main motive to create this organization was the discrimination against Chicanos. ‘La Raza’ organization had photographers who put thought into the portrayal of the events that occurred. These photos painted a picture through photography, art, and political satire. In addition to this, these photos tell a story of what were the conditions at the time; it showed how the police brutally beat Chicanos simply because they were nonviolently protesting for anti racism, anti police brutality, immigration, and a better education for the community. This educational documentary provides a historical perspective to younger children so that generation can understand that the issues occurring can be addressed. In addition, throughout the film, important figures were brought into the movement who emphasized for a better future for them and upcoming generations. These community activists, who provided a voice to Chicano rights, had a mindset of social change; they wanted to address the issues of social injustice and encouraged Mexican Americans to stand up for their rights. Their primary goal was to hide behind the first amendment which in this case they protested for freedom of speech. These community activists interpreted the meaning of “La Raza” as “La Familia” so that meant that everyone had to stick together and fight for what was right.

Framing is a big part of social movements because it has a strong influence on how people can build and exert power. In addition, framing can change how the general public views and understands the issue. For example, Cesar Chavez was part of La Raza Unida Party and him along with other important figures held their first National Convention in 1972. In this convention, they went through a period of reorganizing and in order to involve people in it they used framing. And till this day we celebrate “Cesar Chavez Day” because of what he has done for the Hispanic culture. These patterns in the data are similar to each other because photographers and individuals who took part in this movement wanted change; they wanted change for the better of their future and for upcoming generations. Our society is like this because there are people in this world who actually take the initiative to produce change. If we see something that needs to change then we spread awareness and fight for what is right, by doing this we not only make a difference for ourselves but for the general public as well.

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Back then Chicanos were getting brutally beaten simply because they were protesting for the better; furthermore, people were not very wealthy especially because of the conditions at the time so the only way these photographers would spread awareness for this movement were through pictures that told a story. And through these pictures is where it all began. It did not matter if there was no money but a difference needed to be made as soon as possible.

The political and legal system also contribute to the patterns that are shown in the data. This is shown by these individuals advocating for social change. In addition, culture also helps explain the patterns seen in the data. Our values, beliefs, and norms play a huge role as part of culture. Our norms protect and express our values and beliefs. In this case, norms were being violated therefore it made Chicanos bond and get together so they created this social movement. They were tired of seeing that Chicanos were being treated unjust so they stood up for their rights and addressed these issues.

I learned many things from this film, one of them being that the first school to ever walk out is about five minutes away from me. I grew up in Los Angeles and I did not know about any of this until I saw the film, ‘La Raza’. To see how all of the Chicanos got together and protested was so mesmerizing to me and I am very happy to be a proud Chicana. The pictures from this ‘La Raza’ helped impact other social movements because they inspired other individuals to stand up for what is right and take the initiative to advocate for social change. La Raza Unida is committed to rescuing Hispanic culture and raising our consciousness so this film has inspired me to stand up for my rights and the rights of others as well. I know that one person can produce change but a whole crowd can really make a difference.

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