Essay on Cesar Chavez and Martin Luther King

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Disagreement and dissent have been defined as synonyms of one another by numerous amount of Americans; however, Daniel J. Boorstin, the author of The Decline of Radicalism, believes that these two words should not be associated with each other. Boorstin is convinced that disagreement is the “lifeblood of democracy” while dissent is “cancer[ous]” to society, which is completely absurd because many individuals have come together and have made the country become more prosperous.

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Within the nation's society, people come together as one in order to restore the justice that they believe has been broken. Their actions construct America to be the most secure and powerful in comparison to other countries. Boorstin has an antipathy towards these acts and considers them to be foolish since they go against his beliefs of the liberal government values in the country. Dissension has occurred in many historical events including the present day. One prime example of these “consequence[s]” would be Martin Luther King Jr., an African-American activist during the Civil Rights movement, whose central focus was to gain equality for other races by protesting with civil disobedience. Soon Martin Luther King Jr. became the leader of this movement and was able to induce others to join this united front with his whimsical speeches that addressed his incisive expectations for the future of the nation. During King’s March on Washington, he delivered his most well-known speech “I Have a Dream” exhorting his country a depiction of what he hoped they would become and this impacted millions of Americans to express their beliefs. The nation’s people began to flourish with new ideals of equality which led the nation to the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the Voting Rights Act of 1965. The actions of King influenced society and guided them to the country they are today and will continue for other generations of Americans. As of right now, there are many different races representing the American people such as federal government officials, senators, and even a president.

As time passes, the United States continues to grow and develop, allowing Americans to discover new possibilities for what the nation could become. Boorstin is convinced that their beliefs are dangerous to society by bestowing them as “cancer[ous]” to the government's liberal values and should remit those irrational thoughts. Yet, these actions that are committed by the people allow America to thrive and advance as a country. Such as the initiatives Cesar Chavez, a Latino-American civil rights activist in the 1960s, had the ambition to improve the working conditions and pay for farm workers in the United States. Chavez started protests against these industries in order to encourage others to join his organization, which was later called the United Farm Workers Union. Americans began to be inspired by what these activists' actions were changing throughout the nation. Chavez was capable of leading the government to treat these individuals as equal not separate. New legislation was passed to

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