Strategies And Approaches Of Martin Luther King

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Table of contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Nonviolence strategy
  3. The inside and outside strategy
  4. Love as politics
  5. The beloved community
  6. The revolution and revolutionary strategy
  8. Reference


Martin Luther king was a leader of civil right movement so that people can get freedom and be treated equally. He also fought racism against African- American ,violence and also showing love as politics. The methods or techniques is to show people the picture of a better future and were all humans are equal. What he used to show his strategies was explaining nonviolence strategy, the inside and outside strategy, revolution values strategy, love as politics, the beloved community, corporate power and empower.

Martin’s aim was to search about universal value and strategic understanding of appropriate for all regardless of religious, belief and identity or political difference. As an African American he learned many sources that was teaching about black history and Christianity and also the the revolution and also revolutionary strategy that was first accomplished in India. He was the biggest follower of Mahat Ghandi he learned a lot from him about non violence and bringing peace to the nation. He was learning a lot from all the other countries from Ireland to South Africa and that gave strength to empower and show a picture that shows peace and nonviolence to his people of the civil right movement and that increased hi strength into the creativity. Out of this king fashioned a political strategy or technique based on nonviolence, love, the beloved community and etc.

Nonviolence strategy

Martin Luther king and the civil right movement came up with the primary strategic approach and that was nonviolence strategy. The action was to seek to create such crisis and establish such creative tension that community refused to negotiate so that they can confront the issue of violence around the community and people .The constructive of nonviolence was necessarily for growth in the community and the purpose was to make violence to stop in the US because thousands of people ended up in jail and some into graves. Martin Luther king placed the plan of this into inside/ outside strategy , the nature of this plan was more about negotiations and also being able to work together with the white brothers.

The inside and outside strategy

The inside and outside strategy it was a way of coming up with the strategy that will set the civil movement and some political positions to negotiate about the things that the African American didn’t completely agree with. It was a way to resolve confusion and false choice that divide the nation and waste energy into fighting without clear reasons. Martin Luther created it for people to know how to negotiate and settle the problem down and come to a solution. The inside and outside strategy was it was a way to come to an understanding that how disparate current of the labour and social movement could converge making the whole greater than the sum of the other part. In particular the inside and outside movement appreciate that negotiations of power holders are weak without direct pressure. The inside and outside was useful when the was mass movements, big tent political parties and revolutions. The civil right movement strategy was made to bring peace and it will not be based on anger, outrage or criticism but it would be based upon love and nonviolence. The civil right movement was about helping to connect disruptive and militant action with universal values of love. Martin Luther king stated and said “The purpose of direct-action program is to path that will open door to negotiation.

Love as politics

Martin Luther king introduced love as politics because he wanted to tell the whites that they must understand that nonviolence is a weapon full of love, it is a sword that heals. The nonviolent program has it’s object are not about to create tension but the surfacing of tension, it does not mean the feelings people associate with friendship or romance and certainly does not mean your enemy . The love that motivated the movement was creative , good will to all people. According to Martin Luther king’s understanding and approach it was understanding of solidarity enlighten and self interest based on mutuality. In martin Luther king’s view he would picture it as one injury to one is an injury to all. The civil rights movement gave love to its enemies in the non violent force. Marches , Boycotts , strikes was a way of showing love because it is non violent in he service of freedom and democracy.

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The beloved community

The community was made to archive economic and social justice by reaching love and nonviolence it was not created for conflict. It was a rhetorical evoked world based on community values of mutual aid and based on cooperation , the recognition of independence, shared responsibilities and respect freely and give. This was created to show human kind to people and what is human kind the strategy it is even used even this day the African American still live up to it .

The revolution and revolutionary strategy

Martin Luther king succeeded in creating the popular revolutionary strategy or vision while so many others failed to because he was awake to the revolution and revolutionary practice. He survived this because he was true to his words and promising his people that peace will come and everything will fall into place. This came as a form of Christian love and ghandhian non violence struggle, the civil right movement made nonviolence to emerge as the technique of the movement while love while love stood up as the regulating ideal . martin Luther king considered nonviolence as the a powerful and as superior strategy because it was able to transform people and their relationship with each other and it was able to transform individual and group consciousness as difficult as it is but was able to work for people to be able to negotiate and come to an understanding, organising project and community meeting was also rebuilding the community and also motivating people new leaders in to play.

It is evident that African American still up Martin Luther king’s technique or strategies of civil rights movement, because they still live up to celebrate his day after his death they still put him in posters and some of the street in USA are named after him to show that he did an impact in America he played a big role in trying to fight for freedom but in a more civil way by bringing peace and showing his people and congregation his technique that that violence is not a solution but negotiation and the non violence is the way out. He taught his people that doing strikes and boycotts cannot mean harm but to show love to the enemies in order to get freedom.

Martin Luther king day the 20th January is the day to honour king and what he did for African American. Most of the pictures and ideas that he used are still used today there are plenty of organisations that are open just to honour and celebrate his work and the civil right movement and most of the they send a message to people by teaching them about human kind and also showing them human kind that he has spoken about in the 1960 this people are trying to tell the present and the future generation about martin Luther king’s wisdom about showing love and also his teaching about nonviolence.

In the streets of America there are billboards showing martin Luther king and some of his quotes they are trying to show people that king was fighting for their freedom and was trying to tell that nothing can be solved through violence but what it can bring it will be pain and sorrow to the nation and most of his pictures show that if you work together as nation you have the power to conquer and win the battle that you are facing regardless of what you are doing don’t do it with violence but try to negotiate so that you can bring about peace. Martin Luther king groomed and made the future leaders of today even though he died early but many of them are looking up to him including the known former president of the USA president Barack Obama they still up to his words and his doings and teachings. Many people in MLK day volunteer to participate in any programme, this day was started by Harris Wafford and Atlanta men John Robert Lewis who was one of the members in civil right movement and the made the day to turn into a holiday and people to participate.


All over the world they know about martin luther king and alla the leaders are looking up to him even though he is no longer here but they are strill trying to live up to his strategies and also trying to live up to him because they are searching his techniques to rule the nation.


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