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Pacifism Essays

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Critical Review of Interview with Adams: Issues of War and Pacifism

Interviews are one of the best methods that one can have a better understanding of the opinions and viewpoints of an individual on a variety of issues. Many people find it enjoyable to take part in an interview especially if they have an opinion and perceived knowledge regarding a particular topic. I decided to interview my father, John Adams since he has significant viewpoints regarding the topic of war. He is a son of a war veteran and has grown...
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Analyzing Aspects of Mysticism in Rumi's Works: Rumi’s Thoughts on Pacifism

Abstract This paper explores mysticism in Sufism, and the works of one of the greatest Sufi poets, Jalaluddin Rumi. Three poems by Rumi: ‘Masnavi Manavi’, ‘How Very Close’ and ‘The Song of Reed’ are discussed and analyzed, while answering two main questions: How has Jalaluddin Rumi’s past affected his mystical journey and his poems? How is mystical experience represented in ‘Masnavi Manavi’, ‘How Very Close’ and ‘The Song of Reed”? The first question has been answered by looking into Rumi’s...
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Just War Theory Versus Pacifism, Amoral Realism, Holy War: Analytical Essay

Just War Theory Jus in Bello The Jus in Bello aspect of the Just War Theory addresses how nations and states that initiate military intervention should act while in war. The Jus in Bello piece of the theory regulates and provides an ethical framework for judging whether actions whilst in war are ethical or unethical. One of the fundamental aspects of the Jus in Bello theory is that the actions taken by the state initiating the war must be “proportional”...
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Importance of Pacifism and Peacemaking: Analytical Essay

The two events I attended were From Just War to Peacebuilding: Lessons for US Racial Justice lecture by ethicist Lisa Sowle Cahill and Someone’s Gotta Tell the Freakin Truth! Writing about ‘Fundamentalism’ in the Age of Trump. A discussion between Brandon Ambrosino, journalist, and David Harrington Watt, the author of Antifundamentalism in Modern America. Mrs. Cahill discusses the importance of pacifism and peacemaking to combat the ongoing trend of war and violent activities in the world. Thus, with proper research...
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The Future of Pacifism

There is no paradox in the fact that the American people are profoundly pacifist and yet highly impatient of the present activities of many professed or professional pacifists. The disposition to call the latter pro-German and to move for their suppression is an easy way of expressing a sense of the untimely character of their moves at the present juncture. But the war will pass, and the future of the profound American desire for peace, for amity, for unhampered and...
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Concept of Pacifism In Moral Man and Immoral Society: Analytical Essay

In Moral Man and Immoral Society, Niebuhr discusses the conflict between individual morality and social justice and acknowledges the difficulty in resolving the conflict. Despite the difficulty, he argues that in order to change the world for good, a person needs to simultaneously pursue individual morality and justice for society, and have the illusion that perfect justice is attainable. I argue that Niebuhr’s argument is very convincing since it takes into account human nature and the reality of our world....
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Critical Analysis of Dorothy Day’s Position on Pacifism

Dorothy Day was a journalist who eventually became an advocate for pacifism which resulted in the founding of the Catholic Worker Movement. Her claim to fame was the fact that she did everything in her possible power to help out the poor. She dedicated every single second of her life to helping out the less fortunate iregardds to the economic system meanwhile she also vouched for pacifism. Day wanted complete peace worldwide; she was dedicated wholeheartedly. She wanted everyone to...
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The Rise and Decline of Japanese Pacifism

The Japanese pacifist constitution, unparalleled in its idealistic vision for the renunciation of war as an instrument of the state, has been the battleground of competing political forces in Japan ever since its conception in 1946. The conservatives’ creative interpretation of the constitution largely evaded the spirit of absolute pacifism embedded in the renowned Article IX. The Japanese people have exhibited an admirable allegiance to the ideals of Article IX throughout the post-war period: the conservatives’ agenda for outright constitutional...
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Pacifism in the Early Church

The early church understood the meaning of peace in the New Testament as a positive and creative force — the fruit of love. Its peacemaking was not based on a specifically political opposition to an unjust state, on the abhorrence of idolatry, or on apocalyptic expectations, but on the gospel command to make peace that was the basis for all these attitudes. From the early second century, when the New Testament was being completed, to the end of the Constantinian...
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