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The Problem of Resistance and Personal Obsession in Charles Dickens' 'Bleak House'

Obsession is something that everyone goes through at some point but destroys those who take it to the extreme. Richard Carstone is an example of how obsession can consume an individual. In ‘Bleak House’, Richard is an orphan who comes into contact with the Jarndyce case. The Jarndyce case is the major plot point that goes on throughout the entire novel and affects every character. The Chancery Court System, the court that houses the Jarndyce case, deals with noncriminal cases,...
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Jane Austen, Charles Dickens And Sir Walter Scott: Evolution Of Romantic Novels

In the late eighteenth century a moment in art and literature started known as romanticism. Towards the end of the period, prose writing gained momentum especially the novels. Moreover, from 1837 to 1901 novel became the most distinctive and lasting literary achievement of Victorian literature. The rise of the novel in this era was mainly associated with Ian Watt’s influential study “The rise of the Novel” which focused on the rise of fictional realism and it distinguished prose narratives from...
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Charles Dickens’s Interpretation of the Workhouse Life in Oliver Twist

During the late eighteenth and mid nineteenth century oversaw the birth and fast-paced growth of the Industrial Revolution in Britain. (Baker, 2019) Factories overtook the role of previously played by agriculture in the economy and the working-class citizen quickly made his way out of the village and into the workhouse. (Barrow, 2013) Though the economy was thriving, there was a sense of mourning noted amongst the general public which witnessed the increasing mechanisation of the world. The clash between the...
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Comparative Analysis Of Charles Dickens' Oliver Twist And Mark Twain's The Adventures Of Huckleberry Finn

As one looks at past authors in British and American literature, two authors stand out among the others. These two authors are Charles Dickens and Mark Twain. Both of the authors lived during the Victorian Era (Lane 1). Their writings are very interesting and entertaining to readers because of the themes and writing styles that these authors used to convey their thoughts. Charles Dicken’s childhood which consisted of poverty and poor working conditions had a great impact on Dickens’ writing....
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Scrooge as an Outsider in Charles Dickens' 'A Christmas Carol': Character Analysis

This essay explores ideas on how Scrooge is presented as an outsider throughout the novella and will identify and analyze techniques used by Dickens. Dickens presents Scrooge as an outsider through his initial description of the character. “External heat had little influence on Scrooge”. The use of pathetic fallacy emphasizes the idea of Scrooge being a cold and heartless individual. By addressing to the reader that the weather has “little influence”, Dickens amplifies the fact that Scrooge is unaffected by...
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Urban Poverty and Social Inequality in Charles Dickens' Novel 'Bleak House'

“It is a small room, nearly black with soot, and grease, and dirt. In the rusty skeleton of a grate, pinched in the middle as if poverty had gripped it, a red coke fire burns low… In another corner a ragged old portmanteau on one of the two chairs serves for cabinet or wardrobe; no larger one is needed, for it collapses like the cheeks of a starved man… No curtain veils the darkness of the night, but the discolored...
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Gender Inequality In Emma By Jane Austen And Great Expectations By Charles Dickens

The roles of Pip (Great Expectations, Charles Dickens) and Emma ( Emma, Jane Austen) are both developed through the influences of social class, money, and the people around them. In the Novels, Emma by Jane Austen, and Great Expectations by Charles Dickens, the authors maintain a theme of limitations within gender equality, mostly the role of women in society at their times, both took place in the 19th century. In the earlier century a woman’s place in society was not...
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Essay on Charles Dickens' Style: Analysis of Use of Various Language Features to Create Themes and Shape the Meaning

The author uses allusions to allow the reader to indulge themselves into the story without explaining a lot of the action in a given scene. In the first paragraph of the extract, the narrator uses the words ‘shy of’ when describing Mrs. Tibbs to add emphasis on how small she felt around the people in her presence due to an incident that had happened earlier. Furthermore, Charles uses ‘lords of creation’ to illustrate the class of people seated at the...
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Annotated Bibliography on Charles Dickens

Allen, M. (2013). Robert Gottlieb. Great Expectations: the Sons and Daughters of Charles Dickens. Dickens Quarterly, 30(1), 69-72. The journal explores the resentment that Charles Dickens felt as a result of the conflict he had with how he was raised in a Victorian household and the interactions he had with actual people. The text will be of great essence in exploring the social world of Charles Dickens as it entails the theme, setting, and characters based on events and family...
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Ghost Genre as a Tool to Symbolize Capitalism Critique in The Signalman of Dickens

Charles Dickens (1812-1870) was an eminent writer, journalist and social critic of Victorian era. He was brought up by middle class family in destitute poverty during British industrial revolution. These things had everlasting impact upon his memory. He is one of the literary canons who wrote a magnanimous amount of literature on varied topics. He wrote blatantly about social and economic disparities and stratification. He pinned menace and drawbacks of industrial revolution. Sigmund Freud has been a celebrated neurologist and...
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