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Sound Design in Ghost Stories: Analytical Essay

Sound Design in Ghost Stories “Genres that aim to initiate strong and intense emotional and bodily effects in the viewer (such as horror films or thrillers) produce complex audiovisual metaphors that elucidate affective and physical experiences.”(Fahlenbrach, 2008) Sound design has the incredible ability to evoke emotional and physical responses from audiences, which is profoundly noticeable in the horror genre. Sound is “greatly involved in the production of dread”(Heimerdinger, 2012) and offers a much more inclusive experience than visuals alone, allowing...
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Introduction of Ghost Plots in Tragedy Genre of Shakespeare

In late 16th century English drama vengeful ghosts, adapted from a Senecan drama, became a common occurrence. William Shakespeare, a well revered writer, “is unique in the fact that he is the only author who fully participates in the popular vogue for presenting ghosts onstage”. According to Stephen Greenblatt, “Shakespeare, more than anyone of his age, grasped that there were powerful links between his art and the haunting of spirits”. In two of Shakespeare’s works, Julius Caesar and Hamlet, the...
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Reflection on Area 51 and Ghost: Critical Analysis

Everyone has thought about Area 51 and ghost is real, but these topics don’t just come to be true, lies are always exposed. Area 51 and ghosts are just in people’s minds. The belief behind them is considered to be for attention. Therefore, area 51 and ghosts are just a myth, regardless of people’s proof on social media, the evidence is still false. Firstly, Area 51 is a raid that sources say happened on September 20, 2019. About 100 space...
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The Canterville Ghost: A Ghost Story Which Is Not Scary

The book I chose is “The Canterville Ghost” written by famous English author Oscar Wilde. He was an Irish poet and playwright. It is a short story written in the form of novella about the mansion haunted by a ghost. Its genre is Gothic fiction. The title itself reveals that it is a scary ghost story. But when I read it, I found out that it is a horror-comic. Hiram B. Otis, a well off American, buys Canterville Chase, an...
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Ghosts In Literature and Media: Game of Imagination

To say ghosts do not exist would be ignorant because there have been many sightings of them and have been spotted in multiple countries. This idea is based on the ancient tale of a person’s spirit existing separately from their body and continue until death. A ghost could appear in any form but in the same reincarnation of a person. Ghost could appear at any time but in stories and some cultures they are said to come only when they...
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Elaborating Ghost Genre In The Mystery of the Faded Girl

The inspiration of the story “The Mystery of the Faded Girl”, emerged from a book by Jeffrey Archer which I had read and had a similar plot. In this essay, I explored the genre of ghost story. I presented a gripping event in the beginning and built on it to engage with the reader but avoiding to wrap it up a neatly. The structure is made up of some few basic elements in ghost stories within a mundane scene, for...
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Ghost Genre of Elizabethan Literature: The Ghosts of Shakespeare and Lion King

Elizabethan literature covers the written works throughout the reign of Queen Elizabeth I from 1558 until her death in 1603 (The Editors of Encyclopaedia Britannica 1998). William Shakespeare published Hamlet in 1602, however, he likely wrote Hamlet in 1601 as Act II Scene 2 makes reference to an event in London that occurred that same year. In addition to drawing inspiration from 1601, he drew inspiration from the popularity of ghosts seeking revenge during the late 1580s and 1590s (Dates...
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representation of Ghosts in the Novel of Maxine Hong Kingston; Analytical Essay

Maxine Hong Kingston, born to chinese immigrants, was born and raised in Stockton, California. In The Woman Warrior we get to see up close the experiences she had growing up as a first generation Chinese-American girl and how both cultures shaped her. Kingston uses ghost throughout her novel to tie both supernatural elements and reality together .Ghost that are depicted through Kingston’s novel stray far away from the typical gothic ghost depicted in horror movies. Kingston’s ghost are depicted as...
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From Gold Town to Ghost Town: Reflective Essay

In many areas in the world, some towns and cities got deserted after the cease of gold rush or the depletion of materials. Natural or human activity plays an important part in its forming. This paper will try to find out what ghost towns are, how they were formed, and possible solutions to help revive these towns. The turn of gold town into ghost town occur often rapidly and quickly, as fast as the way it gets popular. In the...
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Narrative Techniques Used in Ghost Story Genre: Cases of Alice Marshall and Adam Wingard Works

Compare the ways in which author Kate Alice Marshall (Rules For Vanishing) and director Adam Wingard (The Blair Witch) employ a wide variety of techniques to explore the genre of horror/thriller and the sense of mystery within their texts. Ghost stories have long been a part of every culture, in every corner of the globe; usually adopted to educate and generate fear, keeping people in line, morally aware, and away from danger, for centuries. However, it can be argued that...
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The Macabre Ghost: Critical Analysis

Are the apparitions real? Is the signal-man insane? Is it only a coincidence? These are the questions we are left with at the end of Charles Dickens’ short horror story “The Signal-Man.” A person with the immense responsibility of signaling trains outside a tunnel is being haunted by a ghost that waves in warning before horrific events occur. This story is most likely a product of Dickens working through his trauma after experiencing the Clayton Tunnel crash five years prior....
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Impact of Ghost Genre in Japanese Literature on Modern Filmography

The origins of Japanese horror can be prominently traced back to the 17th century, which in Japan was the time of the Edo period (1603-1868) where under a more unified rule, arts and culture began to prosper. Known as Kaidan in Japanese, the word directly translates into “talks of the strange”. These are folklore that were often passed down from family and friends as a way to describe their own encounters of the incomprehensible, such as ghost sightings, natural disasters...
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Ghost Genre as a Tool to Symbolize Capitalism Critique in The Signalman of Dickens

Charles Dickens (1812-1870) was an eminent writer, journalist and social critic of Victorian era. He was brought up by middle class family in destitute poverty during British industrial revolution. These things had everlasting impact upon his memory. He is one of the literary canons who wrote a magnanimous amount of literature on varied topics. He wrote blatantly about social and economic disparities and stratification. He pinned menace and drawbacks of industrial revolution. Sigmund Freud has been a celebrated neurologist and...
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Cultural Significance of The Ghost Dance: Analytical Essay

History has been known to be full of nothing but traumatic events that took place when our ancestors pronounced that the white color was superior, and every other race was inferior to them. Blood was spilled whenever something was done that did not satisfy the expectations of those who dominated the lands, the race that was granted with the brutal ways of all races would be the Indigenous people. Their once strong ancestral roots were torn from the ground and...
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Ghost Story Genre in Works of Arthur Miller

Arthur Miller was a renowned playwright who lived from October 17th, 1915, to February 10th, 2005. His literary career began when he was a student at the University of Michigan. He was the recipient of multiple Tony Awards, a Pulitzer Prize, and the Praemium Imperiale Prize (“Arthur Miller”). Miller was also briefly married to Marilyn Monroe and was furthermore notorious for not “naming names” during the Red Scare, despite the repercussions (“Arthur Miller”). Arthur Miller worked hard to “[combine] social...
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Critical Analysis of The Canterville Ghost

Actually, when I was first introduced to the book by my teacher I look at the title and had the very first thought that is was a very scary one, I assume that for anyone who will be reading this book will find it the same way, but let me tell you something I can assure you that it’s really not scary at all rather, I would describe it as more of a comedy and clever satire created by Wilde....
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Concept and Categories of Ghosts: Opinion Essay

It is a matter of time when I was 18 years old. I went out camping with my friends and we went to the Bhangarh Fort, one of the most haunted places in India because we all friends liked to do adventurous activities. People are not allowed to visit the fort after the sunset, so we all stayed in a hut at night to sleep and the hut was situated near the Bhangarh Fort. During midnight, I woke up suddenly...
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