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Concept and Categories of Ghosts: Opinion Essay

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It is a matter of time when I was 18 years old. I went out camping with my friends and we went to the Bhangarh Fort, one of the most haunted places in India because we all friends liked to do adventurous activities. People are not allowed to visit the fort after the sunset, so we all stayed in a hut at night to sleep and the hut was situated near the Bhangarh Fort. During midnight, I woke up suddenly and I heard some sounds of screaming coming from the fort as someone was seeking for help. I went to the Hut's owner room and told him about it. He told me that these are the screaming of princess Ratnavati whose spirit is captured by a wizard named N.K. Sinha. The owner told me that the wizard was in love with the princess Ratnavati, the princess of Bhangarh fort. He sent a magical perfume to the princess to subdue her, but accidentally the perfume fell on a rock from the princess. As a result, the rock rolled down towards the wizard and killed him. That's why the wizard cursed the Bhangarh, killed the princess Ratnavati and captured her soul. I was shocked because I didn't know about the reason behind this cursed place. When I went back to my room, I saw from my window that a lady was roaming in the Fort's balcony and a man was following her. I could not believe my eyes because of what I saw. I was so scared so that I closed the window, hide inside the blanket and sleep. Now, the question is what was that? Was that a Ghost? If yes, What is a Ghost? Basically, It is believed that Ghosts are the inhabitant of the unseen world that can be seen sometimes for some specific reasons, but this can lead to harmful activities. Even though this world is full of beauty and positivity, there is still negative energy exist as the form of ghosts and spirits. Ghosts can be described into two categories as Non-violent Ghosts, the ones who don't harm humans and Violent Ghosts, the ones who harm humans. Both categories have different types that illustrate them. Non-violent Ghosts have The Interactive Personality, Funnel Ghosts, Inanimate Ghost, and orbs while the Violent Ghosts have The poltergeist, Lemur, and Demons.

The first category of Ghosts is Violent Ghosts. Violent Ghosts are the Evil spirits who harm people. This kind of ghosts don't show mercy to people and can easily kill humans. Usually, they are cursed spirits and suffer all their life. It is believed that the Non-violent Ghosts are spirits of those people who were corrupted and greedy during their previous life or the ones who could not complete their ambitions and died in an accident. That's why now their soul wanders and bothers the human beings. They are so furious that it is almost negligible to save human beings from their clutches. Based on their aggressions, Non-Violent Ghosts have their different types. The poltergeist, The Demons, and Lemur are the three main type of Violent Ghosts who are cruel and Evil based on their different classifications.

The first type of Violent Ghosts is The Poltergeist Ghosts. The Poltergeist Ghosts are responsible for making annoying noises, screams, slams doors, and destroying the objects. Overall, they are the type of Ghosts that cause a physical disturbance. They are a type of crazy ghost. They can easily pinch, bite or hit people. This is a kind of entertainment thing for them, and they don’t care about people getting hurt. The example of the Poltergeist Ghost is Peeves. Peeves is a Ghost from the Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowling. Peeves was famous for his annoying activities at Hogwarts and was known as the pet of every Hogwarts caretaker. All the time, he disrupts the people by breaking objects like vases, doors, and items of furniture. Everyone tried to escape from him. In the book, Harry Potter And The Prisoner of Azkaban Rowling mentions, This shows that how Harry and Hermione are trying to avoid him because of his weird and hazardous activities. Thus the Poltergeist ghosts can be harmful to the human being.

The second type of Violent Ghosts is Demon. Demons are considered as the most powerful and dangerous supernatural spirits. Demons are capable to transform into any shape because of their energy. They give physical and mental torture to human beings. The obvious thing is that multiple demons can exist at the same spot, and if you see a black figure standing in front of your doorways in the night, that might be the Demon. It is really hard to compete with these Demons because they are violent enough to kill people. The example of one of the most powerful Demon is 'Preta'. Pretas are Indian Demons, but they are popular in so many other religions like Jainism, Buddhism, and Chinese. People also considered them as a Hungry Ghost. Pretas have their different meaning in different cultures but the meaning of word Preta in Sanskrit is a dead person. According to Hindu mythology, These are one of the most dangerous Demons. Usually, we are not able to see pretas but in some conditions, some people can see them. They are cursed to not satisfy their hunger that is why they always suffer from extreme level hunger. Pretas have their different stages in the desert based on their past Karma. Some Pretas are capable to find a little food for them while some always suffer. It is believed that Pretas are usually hungry for human corpses. Thus, they always look for people to kill and eat their cadaver.

The third type of Violent Ghost is the 'Lemur'. Lemurs are the deviate angry ghosts who wander on the haunted places. it is believed that these ghosts didn't get proper burial or died during their short-age and they couldn't complete their ambitions. That is the main reason that Lemurs are connected to the misfortune and darkness. If a person mistakenly goes to their haunted place, there are no chances for him to return alive from there. The Bhangarh Fort that I mentioned in my introduction is the haunted spot of Lemurs. The spirit of the wizard N.K. Sinha is an example of a Lemur Ghost. He is a Lemur Ghost because he couldn't fulfill his craving to get the princess. That is why his soul is still wandering in the Bhangarh Fort, and he captured princess Ratnavati's soul as he doesn't want her to be free. This shows us how dangerous the Lemur Ghosts are that they don't even show mercy on the spirits too. People in the Bhangarh believe that the princess Ratnavati will reborn and will come to Bhangarh to fight with that evil spirit of the wizard to free the castle.

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The second category of ghosts is the Non-Violent Ghost. Non-Violent ghosts are the human-friendly ghosts. They don't harm people aimlessly and like to hide from the real world than being captured and noticed by humans. Usually, Non-Violent Ghosts exist as different kinds of shapes and forms of energy like blue or white translucent light balls (Orbs), mist masks, objects, and shadows. These kinds of ghosts don't dominate the places, instead of that, they often travel as the form of energy at different places. Sometimes, Non-Violent Ghosts like to visit their loving ones and try to make them realize about their appearance in the house or try to communicate with them to give them a message. Based on their different form, shapes, and qualities, Non-Violent Ghosts have three main types, The Interactive Personality Ghosts, Funnel Ghosts, and The Inanimate Ghost.

The first type of Non-Violent Ghost is the Interactive Personalty ghosts. The Interactive Personality Ghosts are considered as the most common types of Ghosts. Usually, these ghosts are the spirits of your loving once who returns to give you a message for something that they think you need to know or to bring comfort for you. To realize their presence or to conversate with you, these ghosts make noise or emit the perfume fragrance. These ghosts maintain the same kind of personality and emotions that they had during their life as a human being. When you need their help, they are always ready to help you. The example of the Interactive personalty ghost is Moaning Myrtle from the Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowling. Moaning Myrtle is a lady ghost from Harry Potter And The Chamber of Secrets movie. You can find her crying in girls lavatories. Moaning Myrtle is not a dangerous ghost, and she doesn’t harm anyone. Most of the student at Hogwarts School used to bother her a lot but she didn’t respond to them violently. She also helped Harry Potter, Ron, and Hermione several times when they need her. That’s why she belongs to the interactive personality ghosts because she was there just to make the other people realize about her presence at Hogwarts, but she never harmed someone. She used to cry because people don’t respect her and always try to trouble her.

The second type of the Non-Violent Ghost is the 'Funnel Ghosts'. Funnel ghosts are pretty similar to the Interactive personality Ghosts. These are also the spirits of those people who return to visit their areas. You can easily spot them at old historical places like castles or at the homes where they lived. Funnel Ghosts ghosts are connected to the cold spot and they have a shape of swirling funnel. Sometimes, you can spot them in pictures and the places where they lived before. The example of the Funnel ghost is Major Charles Burton. It is believed that Major Charles Burton's ghost lives in Brij Raj Bhavan Palace in Kota (India). ' You can sport Major Burton ghost walking in the palace's corridors, but he doesn't harm or bother anyone.

'Thus, it shows us how funnel ghosts are friendly with humans.

The third type of Non-Violent Ghosts is the Inanimate Ghost. Inanimate Ghosts are in the form of objects rather than the energy forms or a human figure. These ghosts can convert themselves into the shape of ships, cars, crashed planes, or lamps, but you can not conversate with these ghosts. You can only see them as a flashback of those incidents that happened in the past. This is the main reason that these ghosts are not dangerous at all because you are not seeing an actual ghost, it is just a part of the leftover negative energy source that is left. The example of the Inanimate Ghost is 'The Caleuche'. It is believed that this is a haunted ship that carries the soul of all people who drowned in the sea. The Caleuche is a mysteriously beautiful and bright ship that always contain the sound of party music and laughter. The Caleuche appears every night near the Chiloe island, but it appears only for a while and then mysteriously disappears under the water. Thus The Caleuche ship is a perfect example of the Inanimate Ghost.

As a conclusion, ghosts are one of the mysterious creatures on the earth, and it is really hard to define them in just one word because they exist in many variants. All different types of ghost are the forms of negative energy which affects human life in different ways, but they are not furious all the time. Their behavior depends on their types as they are different from each other. Some can exist as objects or as a visible source of energy like Haunted ships and Orbs while some can exist as rampant evil spirits like Demon. People of different culture have their different mythological consideration about the ghosts, but the mystery of ghosts in unclear. Science is developing more advanced technology and gadgets to observe paranormal activities and hopefully one day we will be able to solve this mystery.

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