Reflection on Area 51 and Ghost: Critical Analysis

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Everyone has thought about Area 51 and ghost is real, but these topics don’t just come to be true, lies are always exposed. Area 51 and ghosts are just in people’s minds. The belief behind them is considered to be for attention. Therefore, area 51 and ghosts are just a myth, regardless of people’s proof on social media, the evidence is still false.

Firstly, Area 51 is a raid that sources say happened on September 20, 2019. About 100 space fans came together at the gate of Area 51. What was so-called to follow the original storm that was planned didn’t end up happening with officers blocking the gate. All believers think it’s real because of the spaceships they think they saw. There were pictures that were posted on social media of a whole bunch of people waiting to argue about what they see. The article stated that “…the area and testimony from a retired Army colonel who says he was given access to extraterrestrial materials gathered from an alien spacecraft that crashed in Roswell.” There wasn’t really a spacecraft crash they used this as information to get more people to believe this is true.

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Although Area 51 was a problem, Ghost is a problem in the world too. Ghost is a sign to people that they can see someone’s soul that had passed away. It’s just the way the human brain functions and it is weird. We need to know why things happen or what's causing us to see these things. When it comes to unexplainable, mysterious happenings, the only logical explanation is often the presence of something supernatural. What else could explain sudden cold spots, voices and footsteps, floating spheres appearing in photographs and the feeling that someone is touching your shoulder when no one is there? Nothing, really nothing could explain any of those things cause theirs no evidence it’s a ghost. For example, I would like to share something personal on my side. I don’t believe in ghosts, but I do believe in spirits. You might think well aren’t they the same thing…no it isn’t. I was just about 15 when I felt my great-grandma present and it was a feeling that made me start to cry. Understanding these types of situations is unbelievable but I see it too.

Lastly, people try to prove that Area 51 is true with the pictures and edits they “have”. In my opinion, I do not believe in anything that revolves around Area 51, it’s fake news, but when it comes to ghosts you may think, Is there life after death? Many people not only believe there's life after death, but they also believe that humans have led past lives. Your spirit lives the afterlife and it’s so crazy to think about. It’s a common belief among many cultures and religions. This belief gives many people comfort when they lose a loved one or are faced with their inability to live forever. So, for those who believe in the time after death, it only makes sense that spirits are staying around, but these things that you hear or see is all in your head.

To conclude, Area 51 is all a joke, but spirits have a small part that makes me wonder to this day. The proof people give us is not revealing enough; that we know they are just myths. Area 51 and ghosts are just in people’s minds. The belief behind them is considered to be for attention. In the same way, people are drawn to scary movies and terrifying roller coasters, believing that there are spirits of the dead looming around is just plain thrilling. Ghost hunters will tell you that they not only believe in ghosts, but they will do everything to try to prove they are. Same with Area 51 no matter what there is no proof of a real alien and probably never will be.

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