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Concept of Liberty

With the movement of time, the major idea of opportunity or freedom has changed hugely. In old occasions, freedom was considered as the autonomy from the mistreatment of a degenerate or unjustifiable ruler. In any case, with the triumph of the majority rules system, the job of ruler changed from ruler to the hireling of the country and subsequently, society transformed into the one thing everybody required freedom from. For example, the minorities in a general public consistently get their...
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Restrictions on Freedom of Public Speech

The question of public speech and its regulation presents itself as an enduring question for philosophical thinkers. To understand the nature of speech, and the extent to which it should be limited, this essay will take numerous steps. First, examining the reasons that freedom of speech is defended by philosopher John Stuart Mill in his work ‘On Liberty’. Second, analyzing the implications of Mill basing his theory in certain assumptions about reason and developing a new theory of speech immune...
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John Stuart Mill's Concept of Liberty

What does liberty mean, and what it’s like to be a liberal. The word ‘liberal’ originated from the Latin dictionary and it means free. Our nation’s First Amendment in the Constitution of the United States of America and in the Bill of Rights, is freedom of speech and in the First Amendment American citizens have the freedom to choose what religion they wish to practice, they have the freedom to speak their opinion without fear, and the press have their...
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Differences In Kant and Mill's Views On Lying

Throughout the course we have discussed many types of ethics and views on morals. However, one of the biggest differentiating facts between these types of ethics is their view on lying, whether it be right or not and if so when lying would be ethically correct. However, one of the biggest debates is between Kant and Mills. Kant made the argument that lying is never okay, no matter what situation or what motive, and Mills, who is known for utilitarianism...
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Friedrich Nietzsche And John Stuart Mill Views on Happiness

Friedrich Nietzsche and John Stuart Mill were two ancient philosophers. Their theories led to two of the greatest philosophical views in society. Nietzsche’s theory focuses on human well-being and the good life. He believes that each individual should live their life by accepting the idea that we should not be afraid to live our lives. In his theory, he emphasizes that humans do what they do because they seek survival, power, and meaning. Nietzsche believed the morality of an action...
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Feminist Theory Vision of John Stuart Mill and Mary Wollstonecraft

Introduction Mary Wollstonecraft and John Stuart Mill are two different feminist political philosophers. One of them is liberal feminist and the other is radical one. Each of them developedtheir own political theory and have different vision of feminism, but both of them understand the importance of equality and friendship between the two sexes. I will try to analyze both theories and find the similarities and differences between both. Main Body John Stuart Mill was one of the important British philosophers...
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Hume vs. Mill On Women Chastity

While Hume directly references and considers the status of women only once in his Treatise on Human Nature he makes various implicit references to the differences of the sexes throughout the work. In Book III Hume lays out his argument that moral judgement is derived from mental impressions, emotions that attach to particular ideas, and not rational distinctions as we like to believe. Reason, Hume holds, is has no meaningful footing in discussions of morality. The way things ought to...
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John Stuart Mill And Immanuel Kant Under Utilitarianism And Categorical Imperative

Philippa Foot in his publication “Killing and Letting Die,” formulated a thought experiment that incorporated two situations. Despite the two different scenarios yielding the exact same consequences in the end, the different methods employed in arriving at those similar outcomes raise questions revolving morally permissibility. In the first scenario which we shall call Rescue I, a person is in a situation where he must drive swiftly in order to rescue five individuals from an imminent ocean tide. Along the way...
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The Views of Marx, Mill, and Nietzsche on Slave Morality

Neither Marx, nor Mill, nor Nietzsche find the present condition of society to be advantageous to human flourishing. For each, the present condition of human affairs reduces human beings to something less than fully human. This essay will discuss three different interpretations of the source of this development from Karl Marx, John Stuart Mill and Fredrich Nietzsche. Marx explains this demise of human flourishing as ‘alienation’, Mill as; ‘conformity’, and Nietzsche as; ‘slave morality’. The first part of this essay...
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