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Many Westerners are unaware that the yoga classes they attend, the martial arts they practice, and even the yin-yang to which they refer are derived from traditions set forth by the early Indo religion-philosophy, Daoism. Although this system has had a profound impact on Chinese culture, its impact has also transcended and established its influence internationally. Though the philosophy may...
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Some of the oldest philosophical ideas can be traced back to Asia, thousands of years ago. Lifestyle and how you are supposed to fit in society are key parts to these philosophies. Asia is home to one of the largest and oldest cultures on Earth, so there is no surprise that their beliefs are the ones we look back at...
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Introduction to the Rich Cultures of China and Japan China and Japan share beautiful cultures and they are both well known for their many tourist attractions. Through they are very well known for their hundreds of attractions, not many people are aware of the beautiful background of the two countries. China became a country on October 1st of 1949 under...
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There are many areas to Chinese culture, and the three paths of faith have played a large role leaving a great impact on their traditions, culture and society. Buddhism, Confucianism and Taoism have all brought beautiful paintings, art, sculptures and pottery. Many styles of Architecture were introduced including pagoda houses that have been designed from the influence of Buddhism. Buddhism...
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The meaning of religion changes throughout the world. A neighbor, an associate, a voyager, a student abroad would give a wide range of various perspectives and suppositions on what religion is to them. It very well may be troublesome to identify different religions and provide accurate information that has no inclination and ultimately exhibits religion. Yet, it is imperative to...
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There are three ideologies under religious which are reveal and preserve, reveal but interpolated and not reveal but based on human wisdom. However, there are many ideologies under non-religious. For example, scientism, rationalism, humanism, agnosticism, atheism, materialism and etc. RELIGIOUS IDEOLOGIES “Religion usually describes the belief in a superhuman controlling power involving God or gods; it entails a system of...
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