Is Post Human Fashion Having Socially Stable or Problem Free Relation with Society?

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The Post humanism is theory which focus on transgressing and erasing the hierarchical boundaries between the humans, animals , technology, machinery or organic or non organic (Vanska, 2018).This post humanism has found its way in today’s fashion world, and has led to massive transformations. But there are some fashion scholars and analysts who believes that post humanist fashion is not having socially stable or problem free relationship with the society and on the other hand, some leading fashion brands such as Gucci has argued that it is a Post human era and post humanism in fashion connects with the society and can communicate very important messages to the world. In this regard, the underlying report is aimed at incorporating various supportive and contradictory perspectives as well as analysis of visual material to reach a conclusive opinion.

The post humanism challenges the classical humanist anthropocentrism and its hierarchies and criticize that human is not the crown of creation. In simple words post humanism return the humans on midst of natural world or other species and argued that human nature is not center of this world (Vanska, 2018). This notion of post humanism has been innovatively utilized by modern day fashion brands but these attempts have been criticized by many fashion scholars. Here the argument of Edelkroot (2015) can be incorporated who has argued that post human fashion has never exhibited a socially stable or culturally adaptive or problem free relationship with the societal values (Edelkoort, 2015). This argument can be strengthened by some other studies that have argued that post humanism in fashion is destroying the compliance with social values and cultures and it is turning into the vulgar commerce where brands are focusing on branding themselves instead of well made clothes (Barnard, 2007; Lipovetsky, 1994).

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In contrast to these fashion scholars who have argued against the post humanism in fashion, there are many fashion practitioners who have argued that post human fashion is related to the new societal values and is capable of making contribution to the growth of society and cultures by conveying useful messages. Here, example of Gucci can be taken into consideration. Gucci has gained substantial global attention by its most unique fashion show in the post human history. (Marriott, 2018)

Alessandro Michele has shared in an interview that Gucci has attempted to incorporate post humanism in fashion and has negated the identity politics and the concept that people have to fit within their predefined cultures. This brand and its representatives have negated the arguments of the previously discussed studies by Edelkoort, Barnard and Lipovetsky by arguing that post human fashion is all about making people accept their selves is a way to communicate with this society that it is important to look after ones’ head and thoughts as model is holding his head full of thoughts in his hand (Andrews, 2018). But according to some critics above mentioned image of a boy holding head in his hand is also conveying a sense of society of genderless people and all gender roles annihilated which is not consistent with any of the culture or society and it is clearly vulgar commerce has argued by writer Lipovetsky’s study (Andrews, 2018).

On the other hand, arguments of the Alessandro Michele can be backed by the scolars who have favored the post human fashion such as Vänskä (2014) who has argued that post humanism is a new and capturing approach to convey the useful messages to the world (Vänskä, 2014). But despite the explanation and justification of the brand and other writers, it is evident that Post humanism in fashion still lacks any alliance or problem free relationship with the culture and society.

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